Anonymity - Chapter #1: The First Letter

Hey there! Well, I'm attempting at my first Harry Potter fic here! (Hope it's ok!)

Please take note: This is set in the aftermath of DH. Those who skipped seventh year (Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dean and so on.) went back to school to make up for that year which was missed. McGonagall's headmistress, there's a new DADA professor and Slughorn remains Potions master.

Oh yeah,and the text that are in italic are the thoughts of the character that is being focused on.

Disclaimer: Well, the characters and everything that relates to the Harry Potter books all belong to J. K. Rowling. (I only own this plot!! And the made-up book title. xP)

Okay, on with the story!

Hermione shifted in her seat beside the common room fire. Placed right in front of her was a huge tome entitled, "Alchemists: How They Do It". The common room was somewhat deserted; it was nearly past midnight; quite unusual for a Friday night. Her eyes darted across the page continuously and she was so engrossed in her book that she didn't even notice the painting swing open.


"Wha- oh, hey,"

Ginny smiled. Hermione returned it and quickly diverted her attention back to the dusty old tome. "Honestly, alchemy?" Ginny asked as she peered at the title of the book. "Don't you get bored or something?" Hermione looked up from the book and shook her head. "Look Ginny, it's interesting! See, alchemists-" "Okay. I get it." Ginny replied hastily. "Did you see the Hogsmeade notice that was put up today? The first one's two weeks from now." Hermione nodded.

Although it was really cold at that time of year, Hogsmeade was still lovely; Butterbeer tastes exceptionally good as well. She put down the thick book and looked up at Ginny.

"Anyway, it's past midnight already; where were you?" Judging by the sudden tint of red on Ginny's cheeks as Hermione mentioned that, Hermione guessed that she was with Harry. "Um, library," Ginny mumbled. Hermione raised her eyebrow. "But you're not the book-ish type," she pointed out. Ginny shrugged. "I... needed to finish that Charms essay." "Luna said Professor Flitwick didn't give any homework."

Ginny scowled at the smirk on Hermione's face.

Hermione put down the book in her hands. "Well... I'm off to bed. You?"

Ginny nodded with a little smile replacing the scowl. Both girls headed to their respective dormitories to turn in for the night.

Hermione was walking down the seventh floor corridor. The corridor was deserted; the only thing the brunette could hear was her own footsteps. Glancing around, Hermione paced back and forth the corridor.

I have to enter. I have to see him.

A door handle appeared out of nowhere on the wall not far away. Elation and anxiety spread through Hermione as her hand closed in on the door handle. Turning it, Hermione pushed the door open only to see someone with his back turned towards her. That 'someone' turned around at the sound of the door opening and Hermione was shocked to discover that he was actually-

Hermione was jolted awake from the dream as the alarm clock went off at that precise moment that 'someone' turned around. She was sure he was someone in this school; he seemed familiar... Cursing slightly under her breath, her curiosity continued to build up. Who was he? Why did she have to meet him? Sighing, Hermione got out of her bed and approached the bathroom. (A/N: Assuming there's one in the dormitory.)She looked into her own reflection in the mirror.

It's only a dream... It isn't real.

That was what she thought.

Many heads in the Great Hall looked up at a handsome, snow white owl (which, was not Hedwig) soar into the room through the window. He was clutching a red rose in his beak and a shimmering silver envelope was tied to his leg. He soared around the whole Hall, his golden-yellow eyes searching for the recipient.

Finally, the owl seemed to have sought out the recipient as he suddenly swerved downwards towards a certain student. Most of the other students in the Hall craned their necks to see who it was, and some even stood up to take a better look. Hermione joined the other students and peered around to see which Gryffindor the recipient was as the owl glided smoothly towards the Gryffindor house table. To Hermione's (and some of the other students') surprise, the owl landed right in front of her.

Glancing furtively around herself as she felt numerous pairs of eyes on her, she hastily untied the envelope from the owl's leg and relieved him of the rose in his beak. He hooted appreciatively, unfolded his wings, and took off. Hermione raised an eyebrow as she looked at the silver envelope. It was sparkling very brightly. Some students were still watching curiously; others went back to their breakfast. Hermione glanced at Ron and Harry.

"That looks real confidential," Ron said as he picked up the envelope from the table. Hermione wondered if there was a hint of sarcasm in his voice. On the outside (in neat writing), it read, 'Hermione Jean Granger, Gryffindor Table, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry'. "You know, you really shouldn't open it here." Harry added, gesturing towards the students who were staring. Hermione nodded and stuffed the envelope into her bag. Her attention was diverted back to the red rose.

It was her favourite flower. How did the sender know? What did it mean? Red roses typically represent love...

Shaking her long mane of hair, Hermione put the envelope and the rose back into her bag.

With her eyelids feeling as heavy as lead after completing a whole pile of essays, Hermione realised it was already way past midnight. Sighing as she glanced at the neon green numbers on her clock, which shone '01:54', Hermione plopped down on her comfy four-poster bed, careful not to wake any of the others up. Thoughts of the silver envelope made its way into her mind; Hermione immediately sat up on her bed. She was far too preoccupied with school and work to the extent that she even forgot about that envelope!

Mentally slapping herself for being so forgetful, Hermione dug out the envelope and the red rose. The silver envelope was still sparkling as vibrantly as it was before. Taking a deep breath and forcing herself to stay more awake, Hermione opened up the envelope. Inside, there was only a piece of parchment which read:


Meet me in the Room of Requirement on Sunday, at 9 o' clock. Be there.


Hermione was stunned – who could this be? Was this related to the dream she just had? She re-read the piece of parchment over and over again for a few more times. Whoever he/she was, he/she is definitely trying to get me into trouble, Hermione thought. If I get caught by Filch, I'm toast...

What should I do?

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