A/N: I got this idea after watching G.I. Joe Resolute the other day and the plot stuck with me all day long, so I thought I would give it a shot. This will have elements from the cartoon, movie, and comics; therefore, really it's just a verse of my own design. I hope you enjoy it and please leave me feedback so I know whether to trash this or keep going with it. Enjoy. R&R please!

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Every street in this city
Is the same to me

Everyone's got a place to be
But there's no room for me

Am I to blame?

When the guilt and the shame hang over me
Like a dark cloud,
That chases you down in the pouring rain.

It's so hard to find someone
Who cares about you

Someone Who Cares by Three Days Grace

'She chose him'

Snake sighed reaching up and tugging the black mask from his face. Shaggy locks of blond hair waved about with each passing wind gust as their owner started off into the white abyss. Snow was falling around him in heavy clouds now, but he refused to acknowledge their existence.

His clothing did nothing to keep the bitter winter at bay as it torn at his well toned chest. It would have brought a lesser man to his knees, but still the ninja kept going, pushing himself to his limits and beyond. Anything, everything to distract his mind and heart from the bitter heartbreak he had endured.

'I loved her and she chose him….'

He could still see…hear the scene replaying over and over in his head tormenting his very existence. It seemed like only yesterday really….


Duke grimaced as he pulled the small parchment from the inside of the deceased Bazooka's mouth. The blond man already knew the meaning behind it before he even opened it summoning the black clad ninja forward before slowly sliding it open.

"The symbol of the Arashikage clan, your clan, if I'm not mistaken."

Snake-eyes reached taking the small damp paper with his gloved hand while reaching with his free for a special flashlight. He too knew what his 'brother' was after, but in his heart could not come to grips with the truth of it.

"I won't stop you. Go. Do what you have to do, but be ready incase we need you."

They stared each other down for a few silent moments before Snake nodded turning briskly heading towards the door unaware his entire world was about to change….

Duke leaned over placing his hands upon the medical gurney housing Bazooka's for support. He licked his lips wetting them before starting the conversation that would forever change Joe history. Forever change friendships making them something more or something hurtful.

"You can go with him, or you can stay with me."

Scarlett blinked her green eyes for a moment in confusion before turning to face one of the two men holding her heart. She knew exactly what he was meaning, and what answer he was hoping for....

"You mean go with him or stay with the platoon."

Duke shook his head turning so that he could face her staring eye to eye. He was asking, telling her to make her choice now. She wasn't being fair to either of them, dragging them along like small puppies.

A sigh escaped her as she reached lifting a few strands of red hair from her face.

"I'm staying with you."

Confidence radiated in her voice as she swallowed standing tall repeating herself to build confidence in her decision.

"I'm staying with you…"

A small smile spread across Duke's face as the couple conversation turned else were and back to matter concerning Cobra and saving the world. Just beyond the door frame, Snake closed his eyes fighting back the pain which now seemed to follow from every pore on his skin.

She had made her choice …and it wasn't him. Hanging his head, the ninja slowly started back on his journey, angry and sorrow weighing down his better judgment.

End Flashback

In the distant, Snake could make out the tiny shape of a wooden log cabin. A place he had called a home and refugee over the last few years of his life. It would not again play that part while he put the necessary distance between himself and his fellow Joes. He just couldn't face them…face her. Not anymore. Maybe not ever again.

A single howl broke out over the loud gushing of wind as the cabin's guardian awoke running to greet his friend with welcoming 'arms'. At least he wasn't completely alone….

Timber had been his friend since his first adventure into the mountains and had remained an ever loyal companion. Suddenly the saying 'Dogs are man's best friend' had some merit to him. The wolf was the only thing he had left in his world now…..