Hello! This is my first go at this fandom so it's rough around the edges. This is a first chapter in what I hope will be a multi chapter project….we'll see how it goes. My stuff is unbeta'd unless otherwise stated so if something jumps out at you as totally wrong please let me know! To V., hopefully this won't disappoint! I know it's short but I will be working on it later this coming week! Basic disclaimers apply…I own nothing and I am a college student so you'd get nothing out of me if you tried ;P*


Those eyes, those piercing ice blue eyes, he could feel them, the hot gaze locked on the back of his head as he listed to Tommy tell the lasted word on the street. He barely listened, simply going through the expected motions. His face may have been facing Tommy but all his attention was focused on the tale blonde. Always watching him, scrutinizing every move he made. Those predatory eyes devoured him, absorbing his soul. It was if those eyes saw thru him, saw thru the bravado the suave, to the very cells of his being. As if the man was memorizing the very make up of his body.

Why? He had a few ideas. Lust, admiration, jealousy, all fit.

He would feel those eyes and look back at their owner. Normally when Freddie looked at you, you showed fear and respect. But not this man. Sure there was respect, but respect and something else, something else that sent shivers down his spine. The man never blinked, never flinched when he looked at him, as if made from stone.

Even now he felt the shivers, knowing that he had the blonde's full and unwavering attention. He shifted slightly in his stance. Why did this man have the power to make him nervous? No one had that power, no one. At least no one that was still living. For not the first time, Freddie found himself wondering on his decision to bring the man into his inner circle.

Sure he had no reason to mistrust him, no concrete evidence that the man was anything but loyal. In fact the blond did everything in his power to come off as a perfect man for Freddie, more than willing to kill if a man so much as sneezed in his general direction. Maybe that's what unsettled him the most, the man's devotion. The man hung on his every word, his orders were taken as God's word. Normally that's what Freddie wanted in his men, unflinching loyalty. But this man, it all came back to those blue eyes.

Freddie finally grew tired of ignoring the eyes glued to him and turned his gaze back at the blonde, ignoring Tommy caring on. His eyes met the blonds and held their gaze. Neither man flinched, simply stared back, challenging each other to break off first. A smile began to form on the blonde's face, lips curling up at the corner of his lips.


Freddie tore his eyes from the blond, sending a glare at Tommy. He noticed the rest of the boys looking at him expectantly. He mentally cursed himself for getting distracted. He could not let that men do this to him.

"All right." Freddie said, his hands going to his tie, making sure it was straight. "Let's head out gents."