I honestly have no idea. Another Paramore song, Breathe. I got inspired, so sue me.

B r e a t h e for love tomorrow,

Sora, what's that?

Bitter thoughts called in to check up on her state of mind, making any cheerful ones still hanging around scuttle away with their tails between their legs. She hated it; hated the way it made her blood roar and her stomach twist. She felt better when they left. The island whispered to her with its wind and sea and trees. Something felt different, though…

But - what do you think it is?

It was obvious, of course.

Something(one) was missing. She knew about Riku. Wondered where he was and how he was doing and when the hell was he going to come back? Yeah, this girl had faith.

She didn't know it was what was tearing her heart apart.

I don't know. That's why I'm asking, goon.

She whispered back to their island from the shores of the other, whispered just for something to do and something to make her feel that bit closer to who wasn't there.

She whispered, "I climb, I slip, I fall."

She smiled into the sun-soaked atmosphere.

Smiled because she was falling and she didn't think she'd be able to stop.

Smiled because hey, you know what? That was okay.

Because –

- So –

- what? So what if she fell? She never questioned –

What happened?

She just knows she's destined to go down and there's only one thing(person) that could catch her.

"Reaching for your hand…" across the sea and the stars and the sky? Doesn't matter. Never mattered at all.

Wasn't here. Whoever's hand it was wasn't here.

No fanta fruit twist. Sorry.

But you said you would!

She stamped her foot, staring at him indignantly with her hands balled into fists.

You promised!

"But it wasn't there," Kairi murmured his answer to no one. "I said I was sorry."

Oh, well, that's just FINE then.

She flung herself onto the sand. Glaring at her namesake with her chin on her knees, refusing to react when he came down beside her and held up the bottle to her line of vision. All she did was blink.

Its wine, he muttered suddenly, slightly surprised. Huh.

She started, turning. Wine?

Mhm... Red wine. I saw red and took it, you know? Only just before I realised it wasn't what I thought it was. Tastes awful.

Can I try?

He gazed at her steadily, then brought out a penknife and stabbed at the top, creating a hole for the wine to flow out of. She reached for the bottle, and for a second she thought he was giving it to her, but then he upended the bottle and the wine blossomed from its tip. It splashed to the ground, spreading seeds of crimson as it went. She watched silently as this happened, until the bottle was empty and the wine on the sand looked like, like…


She glanced at him. His sky blue orbs shimmered, reflecting red.

Looks like blood.

Kairi stared at the bottle in her hand, paper twisted tight inside, then at the ground, and for a fleeting second she thought she saw a flash of red-stained sand. Red on yellow. The only indication that the abyss before her was water, the moonlight highlighting the waves as they danced to their blessed deaths. She saw yellow orbs in that writhing mass. She saw yellow and black and redredred…

Kairi saw blood.

Her knuckles were ivory white as she threw the bottle and watched it fall.

"But I lay here all alone," she whispered. "Sweating all your blood."

'Cause there's no hope
t o d a y.