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~Chapter Five~

When Sam pulled back, dragging on Holly's full lower lip with his teeth, he smiled down at her and noted how her soft blue eyes had gone dark and deep. He bent forward again and set his lips to nibbling on the side of her neck, lightly sucking on the scented curves. She smelled so good...and Sam groaned softly. He licked a damp stripe up her neck and around the shell of her ear, making her shiver.

"Hol—" he whispered, pulling her closer. "I want you."

Holly leaned her head to the side, giving him more access to her neck. "I want you too, Sam," she replied, grasping his shoulders tightly. Her voice soft, but sure, she added, "I want to make love with you."

Sam gave her another kiss, then stepping back, took her hand in his and led her to the bed. "I want to make it good for you, Hol. I do, but..."

"You're nervous. I know. I am too. You'll be fine, Sam. Whatever you do, we'll be fine. We have time." Holly cupped his face and gave him a sweet smile, and Sam felt some of his nerves fade away. So what if he'd never made love before? She was right. Whatever they did, whatever they had together, it would be awesome because they loved each other.

He released her hand and lifted his to begin slowly slipping the buttons of her blouse from their holes, gradually revealing the lightly freckled skin of her chest to his gaze. Her subtle musky perfume filled his senses; she smelled so good, so sweet, it only added to everything else that made his desire for her grow. When her blouse was undone, the lacy confines of her breasts filled his gaze. "You're so beautiful, Hol," Sam whispered as he leaned down to bury his nose into her cleavage. He kissed one curve of her breast, and gave it a small wet swipe of his tongue.

Holly leaned her head back, and cupping the back of his head, her fingers threaded through his hair, she tugged him close. "Sam..." she moaned softly.

When he felt her begin to slide down, as if the strength in her legs were giving out, he guided her down to lie on the bed, and followed her down, covering her with his own body. He held himself above her, and looked down into her eyes. "You ok, baby?"

Holly smiled back up at him, and nodded. "Yeah. Are you?" She spread her legs open a little wider, shifting her hips, allowing Sam to rest between her thighs, and she reached around him, cupping his ass with her hands and pressing him down. She grinned wider and said, "Oh yeah...you're good!"

Sam blushed slightly. He knew what she meant. He had no doubt she could feel his hard on pressing against her through his clothes and her own. "Yeah, I, um—"he couldn't resist flexing his hips forward, rubbing himself against her. "Yeah."

"Sam, it's ok. You feel good against me. I want it. I want you." She caressed his butt, cupping the curves of his ass cheeks a time or two before letting her fingers run over his waistband and under, teasing at his heated skin. "Can I—can I touch you?"

Sam nodded. "Yeah. Yeah, please," he wanted to beg. "I want your hands on me, over me." He let his eyes close briefly; the feel of her skin next to his felt so fucking good, and she was barely touching him. "I wanna touch you too."

Holly nodded her agreement. For the next several minutes, they caressed each other, through clothing, and gradually, as they began to disrobe each other, with skin on skin. Sam helped her remove her blouse, then his shirt, and for long sweet moments, they explored each other, hands and lips charting new territory.

Sam reached between them to deftly unfasten the front hook closure of her brassiere. He commented dryly, "It had to be a man who designed these things."

Holly giggled. "Why is that?"

Sam grinned. "Ease of access. It gets a guy right where he wants to be with a flick of a finger." He demonstrated. "See?" He gazed down at the perfection of her bare breasts, their youthful fullness beautiful to him. He cupped one of them and lifted the mound a little higher to wrap his lips around the nipple. He drew on it, and ran his tongue over and around the areola and the sentient bud. "Mmmm," he hummed around her.

Holly sighed and held him close. Her voice was breathy when she asked, "And you know this from your vast amount of experience?"

Sam lifted up and, looking down into her laughing eyes, admitted, "No...but I'm a quick study." He gave her a dimpled grin then bent back down and resumed his feasting on the silken skin of her breasts.

Holly sighed as he continued making love to her with his lips and mouth, tongue and hands. After several minutes, when Sam left her breasts to begin moving down her body, leaving a warm damp trail down her stomach, she shifted impatiently. "Sam...I need – please. I need more," she pleaded softly.

He looked up at her. "What do you need, Hol? Tell me." He ran a hand downward, blindly searching for the fastening of her jeans. Finding it unerringly, he slipped the metal button from the hole and slid the zipper down then slowly, teasingly, ran his hand under the fabric of her silky panties to cup her.

Holly gasped at his touch. "Sa—Sam..." She reached down and impatiently tugged at the waistband of her jeans. "Off. Get these off me, please." She lifted her hips and pushed at the coarse fabric binding her and hiding her from Sam's touch.

Sam pulled his hand free and assisted her in peeling her jeans off. As he pulled, he took her panties with them, leaving her bared to him, but for her open bra and blouse still beneath her. Within minutes, she was completely nude and lay before him, like a feast to a starving man.

"Now you," Holly ordered as she worked to rid him of his own clothing. Together, they unfastened the pants, and, once Sam shifted his position between her legs, he pulled the jeans and his boxers down his hips and thighs, all the way, until he was free of them and tossed to the floor. Only then, once they were skin to skin, nothing hiding them from each other, did Sam move back between her legs.

Holly rubbed herself against his erection. "Can I...can I touch you?" she asked, her normally pale blue eyes now dark with passion and need.

Sam nodded. "Yeah. Yeah, I want you to." He felt her hand slip between them, and when she took his hardness in her small hand, he sighed loudly. Finally, to feel himself in her grasp, Sam struggled to hold back. He didn't want to blow his wad before they'd even begun. Closing his eyes, he concentrated and fought to regain control, and was relieved when, after a long minute, he found it. He opened his eyes once more and met her gaze with his own.

Holly's pale eyes glistened with amusement. "What's wrong, Sam?" She gave his erection a firm tug and smiled when he groaned. "Feel good?"

Sam nodded his head then rested his forehead in the curve of her neck. "Yeah. Yeah, it feels amazing." He swallowed loudly, then found himself nearly pleading, "Don't… don't stop." He felt the grip of her hand around him gentle as it moved downward until she cupped his balls in in her palm, and lightly rolling and caressing them with her fingers and thumb. Sam knew if she kept going, he'd definitely lose it.

"Gotta—" he sputtered as he gripped her arm, forcing her to cease her efforts. "Stop. I need a minute."

"Sam? Are you ok?" Holly asked, concern now filling her voice. She looked up at him, her eyes having grown damp. "Did I—"

"I'm ok," Sam promised her with a soft smile. "I just want to make you feel good. Let me—" he asked as he began moving down her body. As he did so, he looked into her eyes. "Let me taste you. I loved it last time we did this."

When Holly grinned and nodded in reply, her pale locks spread out across the pillow, Sam chuckled. "Just lay back and enjoy. I've decided this is something I like doing."

"Lucky me," Holly sighed happily.

Sam picked up where he left off. As he moved down her body, delighting in the warm musky aroma of her, he blazed a damp trail over the smooth skin of her abdomen, slipping the tip of his tongue around and inside the divot of her belly button, making her giggle. When she quieted, he moved down a little further, shifting position between her spread thighs. He lowered his head and felt the brush of her pubes tickle his chin. He took a deep breath and breathed in the scented warmth of her.

"Sam," Holly sighed. "I need—"

"What?" Sam asked. "What do you need?" He reached up, his forearms brushing the inside of her thighs, and ran fingers of both hands through her dark curls.

"Your tongue on me," Holly managed to gasp as Sam parted her folds.

"Where?" he asked as he flicked the tip of his tongue over the moist rim. "Here? Or how about here?" he said as he slipped his tongue inside and teased the nub of her clit. Her soft cry in response clearly told him he'd hit bulls-eye.

As he worked her with fingers and tongue, Sam licked up her spicy juices and realized how much he loved the flavor of her. He could spend hours like this, cradled between her legs, giving her pleasure even as he found it in the giving.

Before he was ready for it to end, Sam felt her body tremble with her approaching orgasm. Her thighs gripped his shoulders, her heels locking with one another around his back, and the ragged cry she released as she came gave him all the confidence he'd been lacking less than an hour earlier. He pressed a long kiss to the warm inner curve of her thighs, one then the other, before rising up and looking into her eyes.


Once she found breath again, Holly replied, "Yeah?"

"You ok?"

"Oh, yeah. I feel awesome!"

Sam chuckled. "So I did ok?"

Holly giggled. "Yeah, you did, but you don't think we're finished yet, do you?" Running her fingers through his hair, she gripped the sides of his head and held him. "I think it's your turn."

"Me?" Sam didn't have to think long about it. "Yeah. That'd be perfect!"

Tugging on his hair, Holly said with a smirk. "Then come up here."

Wondering what she had in mind, but hoping for something in particular, Sam crawled back up her body thinking she'd roll him over and give him his first blowjob. Not so much. As soon as his hard on brushed her wet pubes, Holly wrapped her legs around him, holding him in place.


"Inside me, Sam. Please."

Dean's words flooded Sam's brain. "No glove, no love, Sammy. No chick is worth being trapped and in trouble over. Our lives are for shit much of the time, but there's no way you need to be creating babies or getting diseases just for a few minutes of getting off. Use your head, and I don't mean the little one between your legs." He loved Holly but he knew his brother's advice, course though it was worded, was correct.

"I gotta—" Sam shifted from her body and off the bed. As he reached for his discarded jeans, he explained, "Condom. I need to protect you."

When Holly's eyes began to glisten, Sam moved back to the bed and lay down beside her, wrapping an arm around her. "Baby, what is it?"

Holly buried her face against his chest, and Sam could feel the moisture of her tears on his skin. "Talk to me. What's wrong?"

"When Brian and I—"

"He was the asshole you told me about?" Sam asked, hating the name she revealed in her admission.

She nodded, then continued. "He didn't use a condom when he – it hurt, and I worried about, well, you know."

Sam was enraged, but he didn't want to worry or scare her. "I won't do that to you, Hol. I love you." He leaned down and kissed her, soft and gentle at first, then when he felt her respond and open her mouth to him, slipped his tongue inside and shared the taste of her that still lingered there with her.

They kissed for several long minutes until, finally, Sam pulled away and, cupping her face in his large hands, promised her, "I'm going to protect you, and make it good. It'll be good for both of us."

"Thanks," Holly said, then asked shyly, "Can I help you put it on?"

"What? The rubber?" Sam asked, his eyebrows lifting in confusion.

"Uh, huh. I want to."

Sam nodded. "Ok. Here." He handed her the small foil wrapper then rolled over to face her.

Nervously ripping into the package, Holly admitted, "I've never done this before. Have you?"

Sam shook his head. Ignoring Dean's advice, he made an admission of his own. Taking a deep breath, he said, his voice low, "No. Hol, I've never… never had, um, had sex. You're, um, my first."

Holly gaped at him. "Really? Never? But you're… you so good at it!"

Sam felt a scarlet blush paint his cheeks. "Yeah, I, uh… well, my dad and brother and I move around a lot. We're never in one place long enough for me to meet girls. You're my first, Holly, and if I make it good for you, it's because I think about you all the time and I want… I want to make it good for you. I love you," he said again.

Holly leaned in and kissed him then said, her voice soft and sure, "I love you, too."

As Sam watched, Holly pulled the condom from its wrapper then, slowly, pinching the reservoir tip between her finger and thumb, rolled the latex down his rigid cock. He sighed, the sensation of her hands on him felt so fucking good.

Once the rubber was in place, Holly lay back down and drew Sam along with her. "I'm ready, Sam. I need you."

The moment he'd been waiting forever for was at hand, and Sam felt his nerves return in full force. He let loose a sharp sigh, and admitted, "I'm nervous."

Holly cupped his cheeks. "Don't be. It's be amazing, for both of us." Parting her legs, she tugged him over her then reached down and pressed her palms over each curve of his ass, until Sam felt her curls against his sheathed dick.

Reaching between them with a trembling hand, Sam grasped himself and rubbed against her, up and down her slit, moistening himself with the slick that still painted her entrance. "Ready?"

Nodding, Holly said, "I have been, for weeks!"

Grinning, Sam admitted, "Me too," then with a smooth slide, slipped inside her. Just an inch or so, giving himself time to get used to the idea that, yes! Finally! It was happening. Thrusting once more, Sam went deeper, deeper, until finally he was balls deep inside her, right where he felt he belonged.

It felt so fucking amazing; he never wanted to leave this moment. When Holly wrapped her legs tighter around his waist, Sam buried his face in her neck and breathed deeply of her heated scent – the spiciness of her sweat, the tang of her juices that were even now making his entry smooth, the lingering aroma of her perfume – and became lost in her. He thrust inside, again and again and again, trembling as he felt the beginnings of release begin to tickle at the base of his spine.

Holly's soft moans grew into sharp cries and heated gasps as her own orgasm rushed over her, and knowing that she was finding pleasure from his efforts brought Sam to his own fierce release. He grunted her name as he came, then gasped for breath as he collapsed over her, covering her slender body with his own lanky one.

After a few minutes, Holly shifted under him. "Sam? Can you move off me? I can't breathe."

Embarrassed, Sam apologized. "I'm sorry." He rolled over then wrapped himself around her. "You ok?"

Holly managed a chuckle. "I'm most definitely ok. You?" She ran a hand over his chest, tweaking a nipple with her thumb.

Sam grunted. "Stop it. It tickles." As soon as he said it, though, he rested a hand over it, and twined his fingers with hers. "I'm awesome!"

Holly giggled then rising up on an elbow, looked down at him. "Yes, Sam Winchester, you are!"

"I didn't mean it like that!" Sam exclaimed, embarrassed.

"I did."

The resulting playful tussle they engaged in led to another awesome bout of lovemaking – an afternoon's worth, actually – and by the time Sam finally returned Holly to her waiting parents, the two of them had left a nice dent in the supply of condoms Dean had provided.

As Sam drove the Impala back to the apartment where he was sure Dean would be waiting – anxiously at that – for his car, he couldn't wipe the grin off his face. He was young, in love, and his despised virginity was no more.