The First Time – Ch. 6

As Sam expected, Dean was waiting for him when he stepped into the apartment. Prepared for another round of questions, Sam was surprised when Dean remained quiet, instead only holding out a hand for the keys to the car. With a soft "Thanks, Dean," Sam placed the keys into his brother's hand, then stood, waiting for the interrogation.

Which didn't happen.

Rounding the couch, Sam threw himself down beside his brother, sitting sideways facing Dean, one leg folded in front of him. "What? You're not gonna ask me how things went?"

Dean turned to give Sam a long, steady look before replying, "I didn't think you'd kiss and tell."

Sam huffed and shook his head. "Not normally, no, but I know you have to be curious."

"I am, Sammy. I mean, I set you up with a room and gave you my baby for the day," Dean shrugged. "Yeah, I wanna hear all the deets, but this is your business. It's up to you what you tell me."

Gobsmacked, Sam didn't know what to think. "Who are you and what did you do with my brother?" Before Dean had a chance to respond with a comeback, Sam added, soto voce, "Christo."

Dean reached out and whapped Sam on the back of the head. "Smart ass."

Sam swatted back at him. "Seriously, Dean, what gives? After all the advice you laid on me, I figured you'd expect a blow-by-blow accounting of the day."

Dean grinned, "Blow-by-blow, Sammy? Did she blow you?"

This was the brother Sam was prepared for, but even so, it didn't keep him from blushing at the question. When Dean guffawed, Sam reached out and popped Dean hard on the shoulder. "Asshole."

Which led to a bout of brotherly scuffling that ended up with both of them on the floor, sweaty and breathing hard. After a few moments, Dean turned his head and gazed over at Sam. "Seriously, Sammy, I wanna know what happened. Did everything work out for you two? Did you protect her?"

Sam looked back at his brother, and after a moment, nodded. "Yeah, I did. It was good, Dean. Really good!" He couldn't hold back the Cheshire grin that split his face, his dimples popping out.

Dean grinned back. "So you're not the Scarlet V anymore?"

Sam shook his head and snorted. "Nope."

Dean nodded happily. "That's my boy."


Worried that he and Holly wouldn't have another chance to be alone, to be able to make love again, Sam was thrilled when Holly shared with him a few days later, between classes at school, "Mom and Dad are going to be out of town overnight on Friday. Dad has a meeting for work, and Mom's going along to spend a few hours with an old friend."

"So you're saying—"

"We'll have the house to ourselves that night, if you want to come over, that is." Holly's soft grin made it clear to Sam she was teasing him.

"Of course, I want to spend the night with you!" Sam grinned back before he pulled her into his arms and kissed her, not caring in the least that anyone could see them, or that blatant PDA was against school rules. He pulled back reluctantly, only to whisper softly a heartfelt, "God, Hol…I love you so much."

"I love you too, Sam," Holly whispered back, wrapping her arms up and around his neck.

After another kiss to her lips, Sam asked, "How long will they be gone? When will they be back? How much time will we have?"

Holly frowned. "Not long enough, I'm afraid. Probably just until Saturday afternoon, so as soon as we get up, we'll have to make sure we're downstairs and nothing is obvious that you spent the night. I don't feel like being grounded for the rest of my life, or sent to a convent. I don't think I'd look good in a wimple."

Sam snorted. "Yeah, let's try to avoid that."

Sam could barely contain himself the rest of the day. It was already Wednesday, only a couple days away from when he'd have Holly to himself once more, and he knew there would be no way he could concentrate on his studies, or even care what his teachers had to say. In fact, his Calculus teacher, Ms. Ferris, had to get his attention to answer a question, and he had no idea what she'd asked him.

The rest of his classes that day were no better.

By the time the school day was over, Sam felt as if he'd popped a handful of uppers. He was antsy, jittery, and all he wanted was to take Holly by the hand and hide out with her in some private place where they could lay in each other's arms, and make love for hours until they were both sated and comatose.

Instead, he had to trudge home, alone. Holly's mom met her at school, leaving Sam despondent and lonely.

When he stepped inside the apartment, and called out, "Dean? You here?" and getting no response, Sam sighed. "Great. Fucking great."

Now in a bad mood, he stomped to his room, slapped the door behind him, and after throwing himself on his bed, proceeded to indulge in what he considered a well-deserved pity party.

He was still moping when, a few hours later, he heard the door to the apartment shut and Dean called out, "Sammy? You here? I brought dinner."

Sighing loudly, Sam pushed himself off the bed and out of his room, finding Dean at the kitchenette table pulling wrapped burgers and greasy sleeves of fries out of paper bags.

"Hey, Dean," Sam said grumpily as he slumped into one of the chairs.

Dean glared at him before asking, "What crawled up your ass to make you such a moody bitch?"

Sam didn't bother replying. Instead, he gave his brother a middle finger salute before reaching for one of the burgers to unwrap it.

Dean snatched it back. "Not so fast, Sam. What gives?"

Sam gave him a classic bitchface. "Nothin'. Just in a bad mood. Can I have my dinner, please?"

Dean studied him a moment longer before thrusting the burger back into Sam's hands. "Something happened." Sitting and reaching for his own dinner, Dean asked, "C'mon, spill."

Sighing, Sam toyed with the burger that lay on the greasy waxed paper in front of him, and glared at it before shrugging. "I just—"

"Just what, Sam?" Dean urged as he took a huge bite from his sandwich.

"I wanted to spend time with Holly tonight, but her mom picked her up. Said they had plans."

Dean grinned. "So…you're horny and missing your girl. Yeah, that'd be enough to turn me into a grumpy bear too."

Sam stared at Dean, and watched as his brother demolished his dinner, then sighing once more, lifted his own burger and took a bite.

He was still chewing when Dean asked, "So, when will you see her again? I mean, besides at school? You have to have something planned."

Sam nodded. "Yeah, we do. Hol's parents are going out of town Friday night, so she and I will have their house to ourselves overnight."

Dean gaped at him. "So what's the fucking deal, then? Why the bitchface? You should be thrilled instead of moping like a five-year-old who had his toy taken away."

Sam shrugged again. "Yeah, I know. Sorry. It's just—"

"You want her now, not later," Dean agreed. "Sammy, I hear you. You've got it bad for this girl. I get that."

"It's more than that," Sam shook his head. "I love her, Dean."

"As in In Love with her?" Dean asked, studying Sam for a long moment. "Sammy—"

"Don't, Dean. Ok? Just don't. I know what you're gonna say. We have to leave soon and I'm only hurting myself by getting so deep into her, but it's too late, alright? Too fucking late." Sam pushed his dinner away from himself and, crossing his arms on the table, buried his face in them.

He heard Dean blow out a long breath before he felt a hand rest on his shoulder. "I'm sorry, Sam. I really am. If I could fix this for you, I would, but I can't. I've already done everything I could. Dad would flip his shit even worse than he has already if we defied him again."

His voice muffled, Sam acknowledged, "I know."