Eye's To Be Opened

The exploding agony in my head wasn't too bad, only something I faced everyday. I'm mean when your a vampire hunter, it is kind of expected. Besides its good training.

Tonights vampire was on the "strong" side though, that being an understatement. He was a good size with buff arms and as tall as ummm, well as tall as something tall. He was wearing all black and had on a cloak. The scary kind of cloak not the 'I'm trying to look like Dracula" crap. The only thing of his face I could see under the hood of the cloak were his eyes, a menacing silver. Menacing enough to make grown adults take a double duce in there pants.

It didn't affect me though, and I being only 17years of age. Then again I had been through more than any freaking person on this stupid thing called earth, the stupid thing I will stay on for a million freaking years, and more! Yea, you got it right I'm a vampire, lamia too. Yet, I don't even know my real parents. I was taken away from them a few weeks after I was born, then at age two the person who took me let me go, by dropping me off. In the middle of the highway.

It wasn't fun, just for the people who are stupid enough to think so. I'd never forget what the man who dropped me there looked like, he had red crazy hair and gold eyes, never would I forget him.... Anyways I think someone took me to a shelter, but a human one of course. My appetite didn't quite fit theirs. I never got in trouble for biting anybody though, I fed at night, somehow even at an early age I was smart enough not to let the humans find out. Then again I couldn't figure out how to stop feeding, I ended up killing a lot of kids. Still haunting me to this day, and I have nightmares with their screams echoing in every corner. For every foster home I got to, kids died. Everyone thought I was and demon child, and they didn't even know I really was the reason they were dead and they didn't know how right they were with the nick name.

Eventually no foster home would except me, so I was left out on the streets, 11years on my own. I made it though, as a vampire hunter,to pay back for all the kids I killed and for the unkindness for the vampires that dumped me. I'm good at what I do, I've killed an endless amount of vampires, not like people expect little miss me to hurt a fly. I'm 5ft6 and have ash blond hair that waves just below my shoulders, but not quite hitting my elbows. My eyes are blue....... and green.... and brown...... and well any color you could think of, because they change color. Whatever the color my eyes are thats the color of the tips of my hair, how they both change color I do not know, but I like it.

Anyways back to the present, ummmmmm, oh yeah!! My head was aching!! That good for nothing, son of a bad word just struck me with wood across the head. Didn't his mother ever teach him not to hit a girl? I struck back, normally they would be died by now -why today was different, I didn't know. My blow too his knee sent him to the ground, quickly I jumped on top of him and positioned to strike. I stared into his eyes, they looked shocked when they met mine, probably because they were changing color.

"ASH?!" He shouted in rage. Who was Ash? Okay weird, I got to kill this guy now!!"GET THE HELL OFF OF ME NOW!! WHAT THE FREAK ARE YOU DOING HERE? OH AND BY THE WAY YOU HIT LIKE A GIRL!!" He jumped right out from under me, which scared me.

"I'm a girl& my name isn't Ash." I forced myself to say, still ready for an attack.

"What? Impossible. What your name?"

I didn't say a word.

"Thats it your coming with me."

"Wait, what?! NO!" I held my wood stake up,it was a mixture of a light brown and a cherry brown. The vampire looked like he couldn't believe this whole situation. I couldn't either, what was going on?!

"Okay I don't know you, but there is something about you, your eyes, and the way you talk, and move..." He looked stunned "you remind me of someone."

"So, get a life. And I'm not going with you, you stupid bloodsucker." I snacked back with a hint of mockery, I could never control.

He laughed, how could he? Wait, at what was he laughing at?

"I see you have his intolerance and smartassness also, I'm taking you to be questioned." He came closer, I held my ground. "NO."

"Your like Ash in girl form, weird." Those were the last things I heard, because then I knocked out, falling into the hands a a stranger as he wrapped me in his cloak and carried me off like a lost child, which in fact...... I was.

A/N I haven't given up on my other stories, just have writes block, on ALL of them.