Sly Cooper fanfic9


Set after Dead Men Tell No Tales, and before the Cooper Vault Job(BCVJ). The adventures that were never told...

Sequel to Melancholy and Repent...

Untold Chronicles...


Outside, as many of the ex-servants of the Palace left, able to finally return to their homes, the Gang were assembled within the Team Van, preparing to leave as Murray had his final talk with Methysia.

"Once again, I thank you Murray," the cobra said, bowing her head to him.

The hippo nodded and gave her a weak grin, which she could read easily.

"Is something wrong?"

"Well, to tell you the truth, I thought, back when you were hexed, that the reason you invited me and my friends to your Palace was because you liked me and wanted me here," he explained, "but I guess you only wanted me here was so..."

"I could eat you," she finished, "Yes, I am terribly sorry if your feelings are hurt."

"It's okay," Murray said, his head low.

Methysia grinned as she came closer to whisper into his ear, "You know, the headpiece is practically like a cell phone, and I can still link my mind to it to talk to you," she explained, "Whenever you want to speak to me, just link it to one of your fem friends."

With that information, it told him that the key was not only still active in mind control capabilities, it was also a way he talk to Methysia whenever he wanted. Like a cell phone. Considering she had given him this information, she was practically giving him a phone number and saying "Call me" like a girl tells a boy, which meant that she did and, still does, like him.

As he watched the cobra slither away, she glanced at him with her realeyes and blew a kiss to him, which to Murray, was a good sign. After the doors closed to Methysia's Palace, he felt better than before. Much better.

When he hopped into the Team Van, before driving off, he turned back to the others, "Sly?"

"Yeah pal?" The raccoon replied.

"I just wanna say I'm sorry for what I said before, I believed too much that a girl actually liked me that I couldn't believe it was a lie. I should have taken your side instead of a girl I just met yesterday."

"It's okay, buddy. I don't blame you all that much," Sly replied, "I would have said the same things if I were seduced that deeply. Also, we wouldn't have given up on you no matter what you said. You and Bentley, you're more than my best friends, you're like brothers to me."

"Murray Cooper?" The Sergeant said, testing the pieced together names, "Not a bad ring to it."

The hippo chuckled, as he began to drive. After they passed the gates, he reviewed what they had achieved after the semi-ordeal. They had gotten the key, to who knows what, which was also a mystical communication jewel for him to talk to his new pen-pal, Sly had a new picture to admire his favorite police woman, Neyla, as she claimed, had gotten a new outfit, and Charlie Brown had gotten another rock. Good grief.

As Murray drove the Team Van through the town, Wilson had directed him to go another way, as in to make one more stop. The hippo nodded and took the route, drawing attention to the others.

"Hey, what gives?" Adams asked, "Aren't the docks the other way?"

"Yes, but don't you have a paycheck to collect?" The Sergeant asked.

With that, the doberman, as well as Fitz and Freddy, took notice of this an sighed, after a long night, they had forgotten the paycheck that was given after the job. Perhaps some cash would add a little more to their achievements.

Upon return to the Deli, the three members of Red Team hopped out of the vehicle and went straight to the Manager.

"Okay Boss, we're done for the day," Adams remarked, "How about our paychecks?"

"Paychecks? You're not getting paid, you are all fired," O'Dolph told them.

Their jaws dropped to the floor as their eyes widened completely, "What? Why?"

"You put hot sauce in everyone's drinks," the monkey pointed out, "You think we all just forgot about that? There were dozens of complaints, refunds, and et cetera!- and I know it was you three who were responsible. So I will not pay you for your foolishness, in fact, I say you owe me for all of the trouble you caused. three-hundred dollars is said to even things."

"Yeah, about that," with that, Adams made a break for the door, followed by the coyote and the possum. They hopped back onto the van, as the angry Manager burst through the doors, "Murray, drive!"

With that, the hippo stomped on the peddle, and drove at nearly top speed. He drove over a puddle, which flinged mud all over the Manager, who cursed.

"Well Wilson, I just have to let you know that I was having hell while working at that Deli," Adams explained, "Alone with these two is torture enough, it's hard to concentrate while having to deal with a couple of jackasses."

"That's good," the Sergeant replied, "Because now you'll know how I feel whenever I'm stuck with the three of you jackasses. You think I have the time to relax and mess around while I'm having to take charge of the Team? I don't, I'm one of the only serious ones on the ship. Cooper and his friends are busy deciding our next move, the Panda King's only on kitchen duty, and Reign is not here. So when you see me giving orders on that ship, remember that I have it harder on our SWAT team days then you do now."

He was silent, the Sergeant was right, apparently. All this time, whenever he acted like a jerk, it was because he has the harder work done. It was clear that he was really trying to teach Adams a lesson, to discipline him, to transform him into a responsible soldier.

Not gonna happen, he thought, grinning. And as the Van headed back to the Gallantry, another thing was gained in the achievements. Not a paycheck, but a lesson well learned, sort of.

Meanwhile, sitting on the curb in front of the Deli, the troubled Manager held his head in his palms, now that the destructive foolishness of those incompetent delinquents had destroyed his business, what was he to do now.

"Honey?" called a voice, a familiar voice. O'Dolph looked up to meet another monkey, which was one of the ex-servants of the Palace. To his surprise, the woman was his wife.

"My love?" he called, standing up, unable to believe his eyes. I had been months since he had last seen her, when she had disappeared, and he was beginning to believe that she had died.

He approached and wrapped her arms around her. They hugged and kissed as the sun rose, casting its orange light over the world. And just like that, with the return of his wife, O'Dolph's bad days were relinquished.


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