All twelve Akatsuki members stepped into the abandoned Uchiha village. It was Quiet so they decided to use it as a base of operations during the attack on Konoha.

Deidara stepped in front of the group, opening his hand which released a chunk of white clay. He then moulded it into the shape of a bird, which grew to an abnormally large size. He then jumped on the birds back and said, "I'll be back later!" as he flew off.

"We wait here for Deidara's return…" Orochimaru hissed between gritted teeth. Everybody agreed to this and set down their weapons on the rough ground.

That night…

Itachi lay awake that night. He was the only Akatsuki member rendered sleepless.

It was that one night…That one ghostly night that kept him awake.

"My dream…" He whispered, careful not to wake Tobi who was sleeping near Itachi's feet.

*I dreamt I was missing,

You were so scared

But no-one would listen,

Because no one else cared…*

He stood up and began to wander around the villager. As he moved, he came across a house that he recognized.

"My home…" He told himself as Deidara flew above him.

*After my dreaming,

I woke with this fear

What am I leaving?

When I'm done here?*

"I'm sorry…Please forgive my sins…" He said, pressing his forehead against the wall of the house.

*So if you're asking me

I want you to know…*

Stepping inside the house, he noted that it looked the exact same as when he left…Down to the same curtains that lined the windows…Only that it was empty…No mother, no father, no Sasuke…

He ignored this feat and moved into the bedroom he used to share with Sasuke and sat on his brother's bed.

*when my time comes

Forget the wrong that I've done

Help me leave behind some

Reason to be missed…*

He looked over at Sasuke's end-table and saw a picture frame. It was a picture of Himself giving his brother a piggy-back-ride. Both boys were smiling and having fun…

*Don't resent me

And when you're feeling empty

Leave me in your memory

And leave out all the rest…*

The only thing that Itachi knew was that what he had done made Sasuke want him dead, and he could not stand that.

*I'm strong on the surface

Not all the way through

I've never been perfect,

But neither have you…*

Itachi had to leave…It was hurting him too much. He ran out of the room and back into the main family room. Sasuke used to sit and read in the far corner of this room to escape the arguments between his brother and father. He had to go…NOW!

Itachi continued to run out the door, eventually running straight into Tobi and Kisame.

*Forgetting the hurt inside.

You've learned to hide it so well…*

"Tobi knew we could find Itachi here!" Tobi laughed to himself. Itachi tried to look away from his childish partner, but Kisame's nasty shark grin caught him.

"So…What were you doing here, Itachi?" Kisame growled.

"I used to live here so I came to kiss it good-bye for good…" Itachi lied to the others. Tobi removed his mask so suddenly and whispered, "To ditch Itachi's past?"

*When my time comes

Forget the wrong that I've done

Help me leave behind some

Reasons to be missed…*

Itachi shrugged this off.

"Deidara return yet?" He asked. Tobi nodded insanely as he put his mask on again.

"Uh…let's go then…" Itachi told them, trying to desperately hide his pain.

*Don't resent me

When you're feeling empty

Keep me in your memory

And leave out all the rest…*

Kisame and Tobi agreed and began to walk away. Itachi stayed, waiting for them to be out of hearing range before he whispered, "Don't resent me, brother…I can't be who you are…"