people have all ways write different stories about the mystery of simba's son kopa so i decided to give it a try

A nice cool afternoon breeze blew in the pridelands. on the tip of Pride rock a lion was breathing in the cool air, his main swished in the wind, you may say it's just the wind but to the lion he felt like a gental touch from his father.

" Dad a young cub voice called from behind. a little boy cub came out of the cave, he sat next to his father. to the lion the cub look just like him when he was a cub except the hair turf on his head.

" Yes Kopa" the lion responded to his son

" Dad I wanna play today" the cub said, he pressed his little head against his fathers front left leg " Please" with his teeth clutched

" ok" his father said " just be careful. Little Kopa happily leaped from rock to rock until he was on the grassy lands, then he made a dash for one of the trees. The lion shook his head, his son is exactly like him.

" Simba" the lion heard a female voice, turning his head a lionnes walked up to him sitting right next to him " did you let Kopa go off to play?" she asked

" yes" he told her " is that bad?" he asked her

" oh no" she said " he been pestering me to let him go and play" she said

" I see" Simba said, he gave his mate a sly look

" what" she said

" oh nothing" Simba said he walked passed her going into the cave, his mate followed him

"tell me" she demanded, Simba dashed into the cave, she ran after him, she pinned him to the ground " tell me buster of I wont let you get up"

" oh fine" he said " i was just thinking how beautiful you are Nala" he said. Nala got up letting him get off the ground

" oh Simba" she nuzzed him, he nuzzed her back.

Meanwhile little Kopa was following a bug he tried to mimic the movements of it, until he ponced on it, lifting up his paw he looked in disgust at the dead creature on his paw. bug blood all over his paw. Kopa trotted over to a nearby stream to wash his paw off. after dealing with that he spotted something just behind a rock. Kopa went to envisage, he leaped up into the rock, looking below he saw another cub just his age, the cub's fur was dark color he had a little turf of hair only to be tangled on his head

" Hi" Kopa said. the cub got started by Kopa's voice, the cubed look up at the prince then turned away Kopa looked puzzled, why wouldn't the cub say anything to him

" what you doing?" he asked, the cub turned again

" I'm by my self" the cub said

" well" Kopa though for a second " wanna play a game" seeing if this got the cub's attention, the cub turn back to Kopa

" what kind of game?" he asked. Kopa leaped down to the cub

"hide and seek or tag" he said. the cub just sat there, " or" the cub got down to a poncing stance " we can wrestle" the other cub mimicked his stance

" your on" he said. the two tackled each other, Kopa bit the cub's right ear, the cub bit Kopa's tail. the two wrestled until the sun started to to down.

" uh-oh" Kopa said looking up at the sky. he got off of the cub " i'm sorry but i got to go home"

" where is your home?" the cub asked

" pride rock" he said " my dad is king Simba" he said with pride, then he remembered something " oh my name is Kopa".

" I'm Nuka" the other cub said he started to head in the opposite direction " I gotta go I'll see you tomorrow" he said running off

" see yah" Koppa called to him, then he headed back in the direction of Pride rock.

yeah so Kopa is the the same age as Nuka so no Vitani/Kopa parring here..