Time has passed in the pride lands, Nala gave birth to a girl, they named her Kiara, sadly Sarabi never lived to see her grand daughter, the death of her grandson and betrayal of her best friend was to much for her, she ended up passing away a few days after Kopa's funeral.

one day Simba and Nala were taking a walk with there daughter

" Kiara don't go to far" Simba called to her. Kiara wasn't what you expect, she was adventurous, she began to climb up a rock, Simba quickly ran over and pulled her off

" Daddy" Kiara squeaked

" Kiara you could of hurt your self" Simba scolded, Nala came up to the two

" relax Simba" she said " she won't hurt her self". Simba wasn't going to make the mistake of losing another cub, ever since Kiara was born he made sure Timon and Pumbaa or Zazu were with her. Kiara ran over to a water hole with a rock sticking out

" Daddy can I go swimming?" she asked, Simba was about to tell her no but she did those innocent eyes " Please" Simba remembered that face, he use to do that with his mother when he was her age

" alright" he said " but don't go beyond your neck and stay close to the shore. Kiara dove right into the water, the King and Queen rested under the tree that was near the water hole, they watched ther daughter splash around, Kiara got out and climbed up the rock, she jumped off into the water

" wee" she cried, making a splash, unknown to them two sets of eye were watching them

" that him" a voice said " that's the one mother said was evil"

" let me see" another said, she was a female cub with bangs over her eye, blowing them out of her way she poke her head out from the tall grass, she cocked her head with confusion " I don't get it?" she asked, she saw Simba playing with Kiara in the water " he doesn't look like a killer"

" don't be fooled Vitani" the first voice said, he poked his head out from the grass, he was and lion in his adolescent stage but he looked like he could use a bath

" Nuka didn't mother say he killed his only cub?" Vitani asked her brother

" yes" Nuka replied " why?"

" then who's that?" she pointed out. Nuka looked in the direction his sister pointed to, he couldn't believe that Simba has another cub

" Kopa?" he whispered, Vitani looked at him confused

" who?" she asked. Nuka shook his head

" never mind, lets go back to mother". the two sibling ducked back in the tall grass and headed to thrie home.


in the out lands Zira was growing furious with one of her cubs.

" Kovu" she called " don't let it go" she took the bug the young cub set free and killed it her self, she leaped down from her perch

" what the matter with you" she scolded

" but mother he wasn't hurting any one" Kovu told her

" there is no room for weakness my son" Zira continued to lecture him, then she sat down next to him " remember " reaching out she drew the cub closer to her " Scar took you in and accepted you as his own son"

" but he wasn't my father" kovu stated

" no" Zira agreed " but he chose you to be the next king, when you rule" Zira let go of the cub she walked over to a termite mound " we no longer have to live, dry barren, disgusting" she swiped the dirt " Termite-ed infested Outlands" she Swiped the mound breaking it, Kovu knew his mother was having her fits and kept silent until she was done.

" Mother" Nuka called

" Mother" Vitani raced ahead of Nuka

" we were there" Nuka reported reaching Zira first

" We saw every thing" Vitani manage to say before Nuka shoved her aside

" we saw the whole thing" Nuka continued

" We saw Simba's cub" the two said together

" What?" Zira asked, she was shocked to hear this, Simba having another cub, this could throw her plans off " Vitani what did you see?" she asked her daughter, knowing her oldest son was useless

" Simba's cub is a girl" Vitani said

" A girl" Zira repeated, then she laughed, her day just couldn't get any better " Scar my beloved did you hear that, this couldn't be more perfect"

" who's she talking to?" Nuka asked his sister think his mother have gone crazy

" shh" Vitani replied " Scar"

" what?" Nuka now alert " where, where" Vitani rolled her eyes

" Scars dead genues" she said angrly

" yes because of Simba" Zira agreed " if it weren't for him Scar would be king" then she took Kovu by her side again " and I Zira his loving devoted Queen"

" you know" Nuka decided to speak " speaking of Kings" he was getting an idea in his head " since I am the oldest maybe I should be king?"

" Don't be a fool Nuka" Zira scolded him, Nuka turned away laughing

" just a though" he sheepishly said

" Kovu is the chosen one" Nuka was now on his back surrendering to his mother " we must fulfill Scar's dying wish and train Kovu to be come King" Zira told him

" oh, yeah, oh yeah I can do that" Nuka quickly agreed with her. Zira climbed up a rock, she looked on the other members of the out lands

" Look... at the Pride Lands, my pets. So green... so inviting. That is our home... that is where we belong. And soon, my beloved Scar... we shall reclaim your kingdom." she chuckled to her self. she just couldn't wait to make Simba suffer again


and that how the story ends, when I was watching the deleted scene of the movie the way Zira reacts to the news of Simba's cub it's was like she never knew about it.

well I hope you liked it, I don't know what my Next Lion king story will be about but look forward to it