"You'll have to talk to him again. Eventually.", there they stood, just outside the building, the cold wind tugging on both their coats, the clouds threateningly darkening the already shying away sun more and more, making it not all too hard to guess it proboply would start raining sometime tonight.
"He'll also have to start talking to me again. Eventually. I think I will wait until then.", Stacy sighed, her head turning towards the building's door and then the window to it's left, light burning inside of the groundlevel appartment right next to it, obviously somebody was at home.

Wilson didn't return anything. He merely watched her, his head tilting slightly, when her attention returned to him. His gaze filling with true sympathy, whenever he found her eyes growing glassy and definatly not becouse of the wind still violently rushing up and down the street, almost like it intended to chase everyone off the street personally.
"Is he right? Did I ruin his life?", she finally said in a hushed tone, her hand going up to lightly whip over her cheek just below her eye, like to prevent any tears from falling with this action. She didn't want to sob at Wilson's shoulder. Not again. She had done it often enough these last couple of weeks.

"I . . .", Wilson began, but stopped, biting his lips, while he reached out to squeeze her shoulder in a comforting gesture,
"Stacy. You safed his life."
"Yeah, awesome. But what kind of life? He's still in so mu . . .", her voice was starting to topple over, making her swallow down the bubbling up tears, when Wilson thankfully enough interrupted her.
"Give him time. Time for everthing, okay? You know him. You broke his trust and you know how he is about that. You lied to him, betrayed him, least, that's how he's seeing it. Just give him the time to realice he proboply would've done the same, would it have been you. You did it out of love and he might not know that now, but he eventually will. Okay?", he tried forcing a bit of a smile onto his face, while the same time he knew that it was now him who was telling lies. He didn't know if his friend would ever forgive her. He didn't know if he would've done the same. Or if he would've respected her wish until the end. God. The stubborn idiot proboply would and if just to prove he loved and respected her in those twisted ways of his. Still, Stacy didn't need to know. Not now.

"I'm sorry, James. You're such a good friend and all I've been doing is sobbing. I don't even want to know what you must be thinking of me.", Stacy finally answered, also managing a bittersweet little chuckle, while reaching down to pick up the sportsbag that had been standing at her feet.
"I'll be with my sister. You know her number, don't you?"
Wilson just nodded, while Stacy heaved a sigh,
"Please. Have an eye on him, okay? I just . . . I c-can't . . . I don't want to make it even worse for him."
"It's okay. And don't worry, I'm used to babysitting the crotchety child.", he tilted his head a bit, while smiling slightly, relieved to see her also give a little smile.

She had been through so much. First her boyfriend nearly died to an extreamly rare infarction, then she had to ignore his wishes & use his own idea of being put in a coma to her advantage, saving his life like that. But what was the reward? As soon as he was back to his senses he accused her of being responsible for ruining his life. For putting him into misery on purpose. And how he knew to make her feel guilty. How he knew to make her suffer.
Truth be told, Wilson understood his anger. To some point. Still, he was taking it all a bit far, as usual. Not having talked to Stacy for over a week at the hospital & afterwards, just accusing her again and again, in these piercing ways of his.
Maybe it really was best for Stacy to leave for a little while. He was out of the worst, already at home for over a week. Now only time could tell where this rocky road would lead him. Would lead all of them.

One thing was sure, though. Wilson would go with him. The best he could. Like he always had. And that was also why he was here. Well, Stacey's desperate call of having been verbally thrown out proboply also playing a role in why he was here right now.
The two of them just looked at eachother for another long moment, like talking without words, until both finally gave a little nod. Stacy turning & heading for her car.
Wilson watching her go for another little moment, then he turned himself, walking up the few steps leading to the building's entrance, once inside turning to the left and eventhough he saw the door wasn't in it's lock, but just leaned close he knocked. No respone. Not that he would've expected one.
He so just heaved a deep breath, before slowly stepping inside, looking about a bit, with a careful,