For my darling Nush as a welcome back present from war (aka exams D:) This is my first time trying an exploration of the black dog and his angel. I hope I didn't totally massacred their characters DX I don't own DOGS or its characters, they all solely belong to the amazing Shirou Miwa.


A Flutter For A Growl


Nill wants to ask.

The words all gather at her throat.

And she can't make them leave.

This frustrates her a great deal, far greater than she has once expected.

Her fingers trace the elaborate details at the edge of her dress and the lace tickles her skin. Locks of yellow sways into her sight and she shakes her entire frame to get them out.

The door of the church slams open. She hears his boots on the cracked grimy tiles and the blood drips a trail on the ground. There is no surprise, just the beating of butterfly wings from deep within her and she flutters to him with a blossoming smile despite feeling the pain that he cannot feel.

He narrows his eyes and picks her out from the dim shadows of the church. Heine's lips tilts upwards crookedly in his best attempt at a smile. He reaches out, with hesitation, and ruffles her blonde hair lightly.

Nill reaches up, blue eyes twinkling with a spark and takes his hand into hers.


She sees blood and he sees it too.

There is reluctance and no sincerity but Nill forgives him because she knows that this one word apology is so much more than what the world gets from him. She wraps her fingers around his bloody hand and pulls him along, retreating back into the safe haven they can find in this underground world.

Nill sits him down on a stray chair and gives him a thin scowl as a reminder to 'stay still.' And he grunts in response, almost as though he hears the words she cannot say.

Nill flurries in and out of the backroom like a snowflake with lace, ruffles and an angelic smile of a thank you she cannot let out. Towels on the first run, bandages on the second, sewing kit, disinfectant, and then fresh clothes. Nill lingers in a corner of the room until Heine reaches to take his blood drenched clothes off. Then she gathers the bullets despite his frown and rushes out. The door closes with a faint click behind her and Nill has not voiced out her question for him.

There are bullets in her palms and blood in her hair. Nill does not ask Heine. She can endure the frustration of the lump of words in her throat because she never wants to know whether he would have left her to die if she had no wings.

She washes her hands and cleans the trace of Heine's blood from her yellow hair.

Nill wets her lips and swallows everything back down to the butterflies that cease to fly in her stomach.

XXX Kuro

Not really a celebrational fic but I still love them like heck XD