Thank you everyone for your reviews. To those who had issues with the ending, I kind of agree. I didn't like it either, but my pencil refused to write anything else. Nothing sounded right. But to those who did like it: THANK YOU! It was great to see that someone enjoyed what I considered blah work.


Alright, everyone, it's down to the nitty gritty. The sequel, Five Sexy Jews is well on it's way (a.k.a I have about two paragraphs written), but I am horrible at coming up with names. That's why I need your help!


Rachel is going to have identical twin girls and a boy. So, I need two girl names and a boy name. I loved all of the suggestions I've gotten as well as came up with some of my own (With the help of my friend Sophie). Oh, and don't worry, Puckerman IS the last name. I'm listing my favorite ones here and you all get to pick! XD

Thanks for your help!!!!



Micah Dane

Eli Heath

Eric Neal

Richard "Dick" Anthony


Abigail Lily

Sara Caroline

Esther Leigh

Victoria Dawn

Arella Rose

Laura Marie

Elizabeth Rose

Lucy Lynn

Megara Selene