Title: It Takes Two to Tango
Author: Maja Elisabeth
Summary: It wasn't entirely Mac's fault, but most of it was actually.
Pairing: Smacked – Stella/Mac
Rating: K+
Genre: Romance/General
Disclaimer: Own nothing but the idea.
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Stella let her hand graze over her bulging baby mound which seemed to be enormous from her point of view. Already for four days ago the baby had positioned itself in a birthing position, with the head downwards, ready to be born. But it hadn't been, not even a small contraction had rushed through her body, that could hint about a labor, yet.

She was two days over due, the doctor said that the baby would probably be born on 16:th of November, but here she was – November the 18:th, fat, uncomfortable, tired, and fed up. Quite annoyed over the situation she was in she sighed and threw two pop-corns into her mouth and chewed carefully.

The last five nights she hadn't been able to sleep through the whole night, almost every hour she had to get up to use the bathroom, it was a real pain to have somebody fighting over the space near her bladder 24/7.

Stella could still remember the look on Mac's face when she'd told him the news; after a half year of trying, when they'd almost given up then the two blue lines appeared on the stick. He had beamed, yes, the Mac Taylor had beamed, his whole face had lit up and he'd given her one of the brightest smiles she'd ever seen.

When she'd passed seven months Mac said that he rather wanted her to be home than in the lab, of course it was something they both disagreed on. Stella thought that she actually could work until the very minute her water broke, but Mac would want her to say at home. But later Stella agreed to just being around his office and do some paperwork.

But now she was happy that she decided not to argue about if she would go to work or not today, he would say that she absolutely not should even think about putting her foot down in his lab, and just because he would say no, she would therefore annoy him and do the complete opposite. She yawned and twisted one of her honey colored curls between her thumb and forefinger.

The police drama she were watching on the TV was now replaced by a blond haired woman who tried to convince her to buy a new brand of shampoo. Stella shot a glance at the clock on the wall, it was pretty late, Mac had promised to be home early, and bring some Chinese food with him. Just the thought of food made her stomach create odd sounds.

Mac knew she was asleep when he entered the door to their apartment. If she'd been awake, he would have heard it. Either would the TV be on, maybe the radio or something else that would indicate that she was awake. The pregnancy had been tiring for her, but he also knew that she was determined to show him that she could do as much now as she could do before she got pregnant. She didn't need to be monitored the whole time, Stella had said dryly once when he'd insisted that she could sit in his office and do her paperwork.

He put the luke-warm Chinese food on the kitchen counter, and walked out to the living room to find her half lying on her back on the leather couch with a bag of pop-corns dropped on the floor and pop-corns sprinkled over the living room floor and all over her too. Her mouth was half opened and she snored lightly. Stella wore one of his old T-shirt, one of those which had gotten soft from repeatedly washing, and a pair of over sized sweat pants. Even though the T-shirt was too big for her over her shoulders and chest, it was tight over her swollen stomach. It looked like she was ready to burst at any time now. And he knew it could be a minute from now or a week, but he hoped that he wouldn't have to wait a week to meet the new life he and Stella had created together.

Without knowing it, he'd gotten one of those happy-silly smiles planted on his lips. She was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. His wife with her curly hair pointing out in all the directions of the compass, wearing his old clothes, heavy carrying their first child.

"I know you are watching" she murmured and opened her eyes.

Mac smiled and sat down beside her on the couch. "How are you?"

"My back hurts, my own clothes doesn't fit, and I can't even see my feet" Stella mock whined and looked at him with eyes that hinted about that she wanted him to do something about it. "Look what you did to me Taylor!"

"What did I do?" He took both of her feet and rubbed them gently.

"You did this to me!" Stella pointed to her protruding belly.

"No, no Stell," Mac smirked and started to knead her feet a little bit harder, and just the way she loved it. "it takes two to tango, you know"

"Hmmm..." Her eyelids fluttered, she was still quite tried. Okay it wasn't entirely Mac's fault, but most of it was, however she was willing to let it be, only if he was planning to massage her feet like that for the rest of the evening.

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