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A/N: Heavy spoilers for the end of The Sins of the Father. Bit of Merlin and Uther thought process going on. This is probably going to be one of several oneshots related to that scene.

"Arthur! Don't," Merlin burst through the doors, seeing Arthur with a look of blind rage staring down at his father, sword tip pressing against the fragile cloth and leather of Uther's jerkin. One thrust would end the King's life. "I know you don't want to do this!"

"My mother is dead, because of him." Arthur's sword although not yet having administered the death blow lay unwavering over Uther's chest.

I could let him die. It would be so much easier if he just died. "Killing your father won't bring her back. You've lost one parent…" He had lost a parent, his father, Arthur shouldn't lose his. Not even for… for the good of the kingdom. Merlin's safety meant nothing to Arthur's peace of mind. Wasn't this why he had always fought the Dragon and countless others to prevent Uther's death. "Do you really want to lose another?"

Uther resolutely preventing himself from shaking in fear – he was famed for it, he would not allow it to defeat him now – backed Merlin up. Seeing immediately the boy's influence upon his master. The mere entrance of the manservant had caused Arthur to stop and listen. His son was looking for a way out; maybe the boy could provide it.

Merlin continued to plead with Arthur, inside though he doubted the very words he spoke. Uther had committed crimes greater than were imaginable, and now Arthur knew, he could sort it. When he was on the throne of Camelot… it's not his time yet. This is what Margawse wants, she wants Uther to die. Her intentions may not have been to harm Arthur physically but to bring about Uther's death, but she would be the cause of a lifetime of anguish to Arthur if he was allowed to carry out the challenge she had laid out to him.

"You heard what my mother said. After everything he has done! You believe he deserves to live?" Arthur bellowed, not taking his eyes from his father's face as he continued.

No, I don't. But you are better than that. Margawse tricked you, you fool, she wants this to happen- "Margawse… is lying to you." Merlin's voice was hoarse as he pushed the words from his mouth. The filthy, lying words, that were his only option. "She's an enchantress…" I say it like it's a bad thing; there are enchantresses under these very roofs, who mean no harm. "She tricked you. That was not your mother you saw. That was an illusion. Everything… everything your mother said to you," This is killing him, these words are killing him. He had a part of her back, and I'm killing her again for him. "Those were Margawse's words… this has been her plan all along. And if - if you kill him, the kingdom will be destroyed. This is what she wants!"

Merlin stopped, convinced he could not continue. Uther took over from him, coming as close as he ever did to begging for his life. Then the inevitable hit the King, Arthur, his son, a night, asked him to swear, to give his word, the most sacred thing he had second only to the one holding a weapon at his chest; swear that he had not caused Igraine's death.

Uther looked at him, knowing that even if he broke his word, he could not lie to the boy's face. Not under these circumstances. Like Merlin he knew that this could be not only the death of himself but the ruin of Arthur's soul.

"I swear on my life, I loved your mother. There isn't a day passes I don't wish she were still alive," he spoke only the truth, his voice wavering with the thought of Igraine, her blue eyes and pale blonde hair still clear in his mind. Always clear in his mind. "I could never have done anything to hurt her." And I never imagined I would.

As soon as Uther had said this, every man in the room saw before he had made the move that the sword was to fall to the ground, untainted…

Merlin walked in to clear up Arthur's armour, wishing he could be somewhere else, but overcome by the desperate need to check on the prince. Arthur stood leaning gently against the wall as he stared out the window, looking over what would someday be his kingdom.

Without looking at his manservant he spoke, although his tone concealed the underlying bitterness; denial covered it so the note was barely visible to Merlin, Arthur himself did not see it.

"I am indebted to you, Merlin. I became confused… It is once again clear to me that those who practice magic are evil and dangerous… and that is thanks to you."

No! Not… I did this, I created a monster. Another Uther to persecute and kill people who did nothing. I tried to save him, but he still lost a part of himself. He doesn't even sound human…

Merlin forced a smile onto his face, holding back tears as he replied.

"Glad I could help."

Always… I'm here to help.

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