He was just a innocent little person who wanted money but had no idea what he was getting into. As he walked into the building he was prepared for the worse.
"Are you the new one?" A medium height guy asked. "Umm yes?" The guy took him to a room and told him to wait. He thought to himself why he was here again.
He remembered it was only for temporary. He waited about 45minutes when a guy came in half white and half black. "Why did I do this? I'm going to kill Sasori and Deidara!" "Umm hi my names Tobi I'm a good boy." "Hmm oh well, *sigh* my names Zetzu." "Oh hi Zetzu." Zetzu just looked at him and walked over to Tobi. "Why do you wear that mask Tobi?" Tobi didn't know what to say. "Well?" He just looked at him for a bit. "Do you think I should take it off Zetzu?" Zetzu just looked at him." Well ya for what you have to do." Tobi grabbed his mask and took it off. Zetzu stared and gasped. "What's wrong Zetzu?" "Tobi you are so cute!" of course his left side that." "He isn't cute he is sexy." said his black side. Tobi slightly blushed as he was complimented on. "We might as well get this over with."
Zetzu leaned over and kissed him lightly on the lips. Tobi was shocked at how warm his lips were and jerked back. "Is something wrong Tobi?" "N-No Zetzu it's just that your lips are so warm like well I don't know." Zetzu grinned at this and leaned over again but this time waiting for Tobi. Tobi realized what Zetzu was waiting on then leaned over and kissed him lightly. To him it felt like Heaven and he wanted to get rougher so he did. Tobi started kissing Zetzu roughly. Zetzu licked on Tobi's bottom lip wanting entrance but Tobi wanted to tease him so he didn't let him in. Zetzu wanted in so bad so he threw Tobi on the ground and he got what he wanted roaming every corner of Tobi's mouth. Tobi wanted a little revenge for being thrown so he flipped Zetzu over and took of his shirt and licked Zetzu's neck but Zetzu had enough so he put Tobi under him and took of his shirt and licked him from his neck down to his collar bone but for some reason he wanted more so he licked him down to his chest while he was licking Tobi's stomach Tobi started to moan which made Zetzu smile. Tobi was feeling like he was well actually really getting feelings for him, as in love. "Zetzu?" Zetzu paused and lifted up and looked at Tobi. "What is it Tobi?" Tobi looked at Zetzu and wondered if he should tell him. "I well. . . I like you Zetzu." Zetzu said nothing for a bit."Heh heh is that it?" Tobi looked up at him puzzled. "Yes why?" Zetzu began to laugh well more like snicker but then stopped and look into Tobi's gentle eyes and smiled sweetly. "I like you to Tobi but as a friend." Although Zetzu said that he didn't know if he meant it or not. Tobi smiled. "Yay Tobi got a friend!" At that Zetzu smiled and got off of Tobi and helped him up. Once the put there shirts back on Zetzu turned around and looked at Tobi and walked over to him and smiled and kissed him on the lips. Which caused Tobi to smile. "Don't worry Tobi you'll see me again." Then he walked out the door leaving Tobi alone to put his mask back on. Tobi's feelings were all confused. As a friend? Or his love? Tobi didn't know all he knew was that he had a friend in this world someone who cares. So he sat there and finally got up and walked out the door to wonder if he will ever see Zetzu again.