NCIS: Rekindling an Old love with a new beginning…and an unexpected surprise

"Here, Kate, You might want these…Size seven, right?"

"Tony, How did you know my shoe size...We just met?" Kate took the box containing the combat style steel toed boots that the other agents were wearing.

"I'm a crime-scene sketcher, Kate. It's my job." As Kate bent over to change out of her heels and into the combat boots, she had a feeling that she never had felt when she was near a guy. She couldn't believe herself. She actually found her self feeling a small attraction to Tony. Not her usual type, but cute.

"OW!" She turned around to see Tony rubbing the back of his head.

'Hehe', Kate thought. Gibbs slapped him for staring at my butt. Serves him right. I wonder how many times that happens in one typical day?

"17 times, "Gibbs said as he put an NCIS ball cap on his head.

"Wh…Whoa. How did you know what I was thinking?" Gibbs didn't answer her, just walked away carrying his cup of coffee, as was usual for him. She watched him walk away and was utterly confused by his behavior.

"You'll get used to his behavior my dear, the longer you are around him. Ducky, the team ME, said as he knelt beside the body of a missing Petty Officer.

"Petty Officer Andrew Long." He served to years in Iraq, and was recently assigned to Quantico. Ducky estimated TOD to be between 0900 and 1300 hours yesterday. He believes our Petty Officer died of blunt force trauma to the back of the head." Kate stood at the plasma flicking through crime scene photos and the Petty Officers SRB, filling in Tony and Gibbs on everything.

"Was there any objects at the crime scene that could be possible murder weapons, Kate? Gibbs asked as he walked up to the plasma, drinking coffee as usual.

"All we found in the home that could even come close to the possible murder weapon was a weapon was a ladle… not exactly ideal for snapping someone's neck boss." Tony said as he held up the large evidence bag containing a ladle.


"I'm sending it down to Abby since there wasn't any visible blood on it."

"Good work Dinozzo." Gibbs turned and patted Tony's back.

"By the way, The Director wants to see you in her office Boss. Kate said as she came walking back into the desk area carrying an evidence box with the Petty Officers Personal Effects.

"Did she say why?"

"No, But there a young women up there with her. I think she may have something to do with it."

"Ya think, Kate?" Gibbs walked by her and head slapped her, which was kind of his way of showing affection. He then went up the stairs two at a time as he went up to the Directors office, which was the second floor, right beside MTAC.

"Go on in Agent Gibbs." Cynthia, the Directors receptionist told him as he walked by her.

Gibbs entered to find the Director sitting at her desk and a gorgeous 5'6" young woman with long red hair that was thick and wavy. She only looked to be 16 or 17, and really familiar, but he couldn't place her.

"You wanted to see me Jen?" Gibbs said as he closed the door to her office.

"Jethro, you better set down for this." Jenny got up out of her seat and came around to stand beside the young woman.

"Jethro, I'm sure you remember back to when we were agents together in Paris. Being undercover during the day, Making wonderful, passionate love at night…and I am sure you also remember the night we split up."

"You made that choice Jen."

"I had to do what was best for me Jethro. You know that." She took a deep breath and continued. "When we split, I thought that that was the end to all sexual and emotional connections I had to you. What I did not know, was about Rebekah." Jenny put her arm around Rebekah's waist.

"Jethro, I would like you to meet my daughter, Rebekah Shepard."

"Were you pregnant with her when we split?" Jethro was trying to figure out how Rebekah was connected to him.

"Yes but I didn't find out till a week after we spilt. And that's why I wanted to see you." She swallowed and looked at Rebekah, who had tears in her eyes. "Rebekah, I would like you to meet your father, Leroy Jethro Gibbs." She glanced at Jethro, whose face went blank and his jaw dropped a little. His only words at first were, "Are you serious Jen?"

"Yes. She's your daughter. I even had Abby run a DNA test in case you were the least bit skeptical." Jen looked from Rebekah to Jethro. Gibbs stood up, with tears in his eyes, and said, "Oh my god." He walked up to Rebekah with open arms, who instinctively jumped in them, embracing her father for the first time. Tears spilled over her lashes and down her cheeks, messing up her make up. But she didn't care. All that she could think about was finally meeting her father for the first time. Jenny stood beside them, crying, thankful that the secret she had kept from Gibbs for 16 years was finally out in the open. Gibbs finally let go of Rebekah and took Jenny into an embrace that so amazingly familiar to her. It was affection and relief that caused her to cry even harder. She pulled away from Jethro and pulled Rebekah into the embrace. Time seemed to stop in its tracks as they all embraced each other as a family for the first time. Now that Gibbs knew about Rebekah, He knew what he had to do to make things right. He wanted to marry Jenny. Make things right between them.

That night, as Kate got ready to leave for the day, she noticed Gibbs was quiet, and just sitting at his desk, staring into space with a happy look on his face. It was unusual for him, so Kate became concerned.

"Anything wrong, Gibbs?" Kate asked as she walked up to his desk.

"What would make you think that, Kate?" Gibbs looked up at Kate with a twinkle in his eye, which she hadn't seen in a really long time.

"You being quiet and staring into space with a small grin on your face, Gibbs. Something's up."

"Yeah, something up alright, but I'm not going to tell you what."

Gibbs gave Kate one of his famous stares, which she was used to by now.

"We are having a meeting in the Directors Office tomorrow. Be there, and you'll find out."

"Meeting? We didn't get a memo…"

"No, because I called it, not the Director, and I only called it an hour ago." Gibbs got up and walked around to stand in front of Kate. "This meeting is nothing to do with cases. It's more personal than that." Gibbs patted Kate on the back and sauntered over to the elevator whistling. He hadn't whistled since Kelly was born. He just hoped Jenny said yes.

"He's exactly how you described him to me mom." Rebekah sat down on the couch in her mom's home office. "He's just as handsome and tall…he's exactly how I pictured him."

"I'm glad you like him. He surprised me with his reaction. He usually doesn't show emotions, and he didn't even doubt it for one second."

"I think it was because he knew that he was the only man you had ever truly loved…and the only one that you were with at the time. And because he's a Marine. They don't show emotions." Rebekah crossed her legs, wondering if there was something her mom wasn't telling her. Something that had to do with the split.

"Mom, why did you split up with Dad?"

"I broke things off with your father because there was another woman. Your Fathers first wife…He's had four. He started dating her just before we split. I knew he was in love with her. I could see it in his eyes. There was something special between them that wasn't there with us.

"We were co-workers. One of your fathers many rules is 'Never date a co-worker'. If we stayed together, our emotions would come between our work, and we wouldn't have made it." Rebekah turned and lay down on the couch. "You're co-workers now though. What's different?"

"I'm his boss. Kate and Tony are co-workers." Jenny got up and walked over to the window.

"Has your relationship changed with dad since you became director?"

"Our relationship as Boss and employee, or our outside-the-office one?" Jenny turned around to face Rebekah.

"Out of office. Have you been able to rekindle some of the spark you once had?" She sat up and crossed her arms in front of her, mirroring the way her mother did.

"Some. But, I think up till now Jethro has tried to keep it strictly professional."

"And you?"

"I've tried as well, but a part of me still wants it to be more. I sometimes try to imagine what might have been. Marriage? Children? Would I have still become Director of NCIS? I often find myself trying to see Jethro the way he was when we were together."

"What was her name? My stepmothers, I mean. I guess I could call her that."

"Shannon. She was a gorgeous woman. Beautiful, long, silky red hair. Jethro always did have a thing for red heads. She was level-headed, cheerful, lighthearted, knew how to get what she wanted…often reminds me of you.

"Did they, Shannon and Dad, ever…"

"Have any children?" Jenny finished her daughter's sentence, as she did often. "They had only one. A daughter. Her name was Kelly. Shannon and Kelly were killed with their driver in a car accident when she was only eight."

"I had a sister? How old would she be?" Rebekah stood up and began walking around, trying to get her legs woke up.

"She would be 17. Only a year older than you." Jenny walked over to her desk and sat down on the edge.

"Wow. Do I look like her? Rebekah tried to read her moms facial expression and try to communicate with her eyes.

"She looked a lot like Gibbs, but I could see Shannon. You don't look much like your father. You look more like me. But, there's a small resemblance."

"I wish I could have met them. I'm sure they were wonderful."

"I'm sure you would have liked them. I had met Shannon a few days before they were married. She would have liked you." Jenny stood and walked over to Rebekah, who was standing beside the window, watching the rain fall in thick sheets. She took her in her arms.

"I'm glad you finally met your dad. I was skeptical when you came to me, wanting to meet him. But I knew you deserved to know him. If I wouldn't have let you meet him, I was nervous you might resent me for that. I wanted you to know him. Every girl needs her daddy."

"Yeah, they do. I would have felt bad about not knowing him. Him not being there for all of the big moments in my life…prom, dates, graduation, my wedding… Rebekah pulled out of the hug, and looked out the window. "I often think, that, when it rains, and something good has happened, that its grandma or grandpa crying, wishing they could be here to share the moment with us."

Jenny smiled, knowing what she meant.

"I miss them too. I wish they were here now." Jenny yawned and looked at her watch. "You better head to bed. Tomorrow you begin your week of TOD with your dad and the team."

"Rebekah's jaw dropped. "Are you serious?!?!? Oh my goodness! Thank you thank you thank you! Wait…I can't do that. Ill only turning 17 in two days." Rebekah was confused and happy all at the same time.

"You'll do your week of TOD, and then, when you're 17 and a half, I can put your name in for hire." Jenny smiled at her daughter, glad that she wanted to do it.

"I'll do it. This is my dream. It came true! EEEE! I'm so happy!" Rebekah gave her mom a huge hug. "I can't wait. Good night mom, I'll see you in the morning!" She took off upstairs, ever-so-eager for tomorrow to come.