He is a Phantom,

Here to protect us from ghosts.

Tries to do good things.

In the night he sleeps.

Until woken by a ghost.

Not a peaceful night.

There is a Ghost Zone,

Inside there are many ghosts.

They are good and bad.

The Phantom has friends.

Their names are Sam and Tucker.

They help him a lot.

Enemies are made,

When Phantom stops the attack.

The people are saved.

Not Inviso-Bill,

His name is Danny Phantom.

I call him hero.

Not all like his help.

Some people think he is bad.

They don't know the truth.

There was a bright flash.

A halfa was created.

He is the Phantom.

Parents are hunters,

Ghost hunters to be correct.

They like to hunt ghosts.

Soaring through the air.

The joys of flying up high.

The feeling is great.

Battles are painful,

Cuts and bruises all over.

Need to remain strong.

The Fenton Thermos,

A very useful object.

Can suck the ghosts up.

Most inventions stink,

They all have names that are weird.

Made by the Fenton's.

Protector of all,

Including the innocent.

Phantom will save you.

A sister named Jazz.

Overprotective and smart,

Tries to help you out.

School is very hard.

You can't study, there are ghosts.

They have to be caught.

There is a fruit loop,

His name is Vlad Plasmius,

Also Vlad Masters.

Vlad is a halfa.

Uses his powers for bad.

Can the Phantom win?

Time goes back and forth.

Alternate Universes,

Evil lurks around.

There are many girls.

Who is the one for Phantom?

We may never know.

Is it Paulina?

Or is it the Red Huntress?

Maybe it is Sam.

If you had a chance,

Would you give a second chance?

Tick. Tock. Like Clockwork.

A new power came.

First it was a ghostly wail.

Now it is ice beams.

Controlling is hard.

If you have new ghost powers.

Random ghost powers.

I hope you enjoyed it. The next chapter will be focused on limericks.