I have decided to end this collection of poems with three haiku's, limericks, repetition, and ballads. Enjoy!


Sleeping is vital,
Something I lack usually.
Ghost fights are the cause.

Falling is not fun,
Mainly on the solid ground.
Don't forget crashing.

There is a bounty,
Hanging over my white hair,
Wanted for ghost jail.


Pariah Dark used to be the ghost king,
With the crown of fire and a ring,
No one could defeat him,
Things were looking very grim,
Until the ancients did, it was a sure thing.

Vlad is a fruit loop and a cheese head,
Oh, he is also half dead,
He creates lots of schemes,
But what he really wants will only be in his dreams,
You can almost hear him curse, "Cheese spread!"

There was an explosion of Nasty Sauce,
Will Danny ever be able to cope with his loss,
Instead he went forwards and backward through time,
He met his evil future, who has the personality of slime,
Danny sure showed his future self who's boss.



Sports star

Red Huntress


Paulina - Phantom

Phantom has a crush on me.
Our town's ghost superhero Danny Phantom has a crush on me!
This is the best moment of my life!
Paulina Phantom, it is a wonderful and perfect name.
Just for perfect me!
Even though this is only a daydream inside my head.
Phantom is mine, Phantom is for me.
Paulina Phantom!

Technus - Technology

Technology is hip and funky fresh!
All shall cower before my sweet technological powers.
The Internet will be mine to control.
Don't forget all of those awesome electrical appliances.
Nothing is better than my sweet technology.

Lunch Lady - Meat

Meat is full of protein and builds strong bones.
Why won't that blasted veggie eating girl eat meat?
Meat is good and healthy and will help her smile.
If she won't eat it willingly I will have to do it by force.
Once she has eaten this wonderful food she will feel better at once.
No doubt she will ask for more of my precious meat.
And I will simply hand it over, smiling that I have succeeded in her defeat.
Now? I think I will change the menu back to nutritious meat.


Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.
The continuous noise of a clock,
But I am used to that know,
You may ask how.

Introductions? Fine, I am Clockwork the master of time,
I know everything that has happened and will happen, even down to this little rhyme,
You can say that my actions are questionable at best,
Well, I just like putting everyone to the test.

You see, I am not supposed to meddle with the time stream,
Not even if I hear someone scream,
I watch as everything changes around me,
Right down to the last little flea.

There are many heroes that reside on Earth,
Now, I am witnessing one of them's birth,
I guess I shouldn't be telling you this,
You could screw up the time stream, and all of this would cease to exist.

Yes, I see this little boy turning into a man,
Vanquishing his evil self that goes by the name of Dan,
He will fall under hard times, but, I know he will prevail,
And that will conclude my miniature tale.


Having two identities can be tough,
At times it can be extremely rough,
Sometimes I am a black haired blue eyed teen,
Then I could have white hair and eyes that are bright green.

Keeping your other identity can be hard,
You must always be on your guard,
Hopefully they won't realize that public enemy number one,
Is also the local Fenton family ghost hunter's son.

You still have to be cautious,
But some of the guesses make me nauseous,
I mean seriously, I am not Kwan,
Or the other suspect, some weird kid at my school named Juan.

Although you still you have to be on your toes,
Will they ever find out? Who knows?
For now I will just sit here and relax,
Darn! Those ghosts stole all of my snacks.


Emotions are like a roller coaster ride,
You feel sadness, anger, happiness, even pride,
Actually, my emotions are harder to contain than most,
Although, that may be due to the fact that I am half ghost.

Still, I must be calm and keep a level head,
If I let my emotions run wild, I will be dead,
I must refrain from crying,
Maybe I will feel better if I went flying.

It is getting harder and harder every day,
To keep all of my emotions at bay,
One second I am happy the next I feel like I will never survive,
Even though these emotions torture me, at least I know that I am still alive.