A/N: Procrastinating while packing for La Push. This is story is at the request of ozzie13 but was also the winner of my profile poll. I was gonna make it really rough and raw but I'm saving that for a Blackwater scene I really want to write so instead, here ya go. Hope it's ok bb :D

There are the beginnings of tears in her eyes as she storms into her room, slamming the door behind her. The wood splinters at her powerful fingers and she hears it as it hits the ground. She rolls her eyes, of course it can't be how it's supposed to be, of course she can't even slam a door to make her point.

"Fuuuuuuuuuuck!" She screams, as a release for some of the frustration inside. She turns to face him with his smug smile and hands folded annoyingly across his chest. His eyebrow is raised at her as if he is watching a child have a tantrum and the corner of his mouth is lifted into a smirk that makes her want to break his nose.

"Overreacting a little aren't we?"

She is at the broken doorway in a second, lifting the useless piece of wood and placing it in its now too wide frame. It falls forward again and he quickly moves out of its way. With a frustrated grunt she gives up, going back to pull the suitcase out from her wardrobe and grabbing armfuls of clothing as she goes.

"You really should..." He starts, before she cut him off.

"...You know what Paul? You're the last person I want to talk to right now. You're the last person I everwant to talk to."

"But clearly you do want to talk Leah or you wouldn't be putting on such a performance for me."

She stops and turns her head towards him slowly.

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me Princess. You always have a stick up your ass about something but instead of 'suffering in silence' you make sure we all feel your pain. WE GET IT, YOU'RE HURTING. You're not the only person dealing with stuff, you know? We don't need you forcing your hate of the world onto us whenever Sam allows himself to be happy for a rare second."

Her body begins to tremble more and more with each stinging word. It would be so much easier to tear through her skin and let the animal that controlled her take care of him. She only hesitates due to the inconvenience of burying his body as she is trying to make a stealthy getaway.

"No one asked you Paul- no one ever asks you because no one gives a shit about what you have to say. You're the pathetic one, the one who got rejected by Rachel. Rejected by your own imprint! The universe couldn't even help you keep a woman."

He stood tall but she saw him wince at the mention of Rachel's name. She needed him gone but the only way she could force him to leave- short of violence- was to get personal. It was to say the things that could only be said between siblings, the things that were unforgivable if said by anyone without their history.

"I let her go Leah. I let her go because she wanted it and I needed to do it for my own sanity. I didn't want to end up like you."

She dropped the clothes in her arms and was standing in front of him in a second. Her palm connected with his cheek and made crashing sound like thunder as his whole body twisted with the force of her slap. His head snapped back in place as he cracked his neck and flared his nostrils.

At least she had removed that smirk.

"Look, I know today is rough but you had to know that announcement was coming soon. They've been married for, what? A year now? And Emily is pregnant- yeah, it's a bitch- but it's just how it is. You need to get the fuck over yourself and deal with it."

"You need to not be giving me advice and to get out of my GODDAMN HOUSE!"

"I'm not leaving so you can do something stupid. I'll be the last person that see's you and I'm not taking the blame for your actions."

"I'm not going to do anything stupid."

"Packing up and running off without a word counts as stupid you know."

"I'll leave a note."

He threw his hands up in the air, clearly frustrated.

"I'm not letting you leave Leah! End of story. I'll handcuff us together if I need to but you're not leaving this house."

"Fine- I don't need a suitcase anyway..." She said, as she turned to bolt out the open doorframe. He was already standing in her way and she ran into his arms.


He picked her up and threw her on the bed, pinning her below him as she struggled against his grip.

"I told you, you're not going anywhere. I'll sit like this all night if I have to."

His hands held her wrists over her head and she suddenly became very aware of his body being on top of hers. He seemed notice at the same time as his skin turned a deeper shade of burgundy than her own. And yet, he didn't budge. There was something in his touch though, something that made her breath hitch clumsily as she forced whatever her brain could come up with out of her mouth.

"Why do you care if I go or not? You hate me! We can't even say two words to one another without it turning into a fight."

"I don't care if you go- I just don't want to get blamed for your leaving."


"Why else would I care? You're stubborn and impossible to reason with and you get a kick out of making others feel your pain."

"I do not."

"Bullshit you don't. You know you do. Especially Sam, you just love to make him feel your misery."

"And what about you? You were a jackass before and now you're twenty times worse. You mope around, pining for Rachel, wondering what she's doing and who she's doing it with, all the while pretending you're this big hard-arse without a heart. It's pathetic. At least I'm honest with myself"

His weight shifted uncomfortably above her as his tone became serious.

"You know, there are something's I don't want to share with the pack. Something's I prefer to keep to myself Leah."

"Impossible. It is impossible to keep anything from the pack."

"No it's not."

"Bullshit it's not! Name one thing about you that you think I don't know. I'm telling you, I will already know it."

"You have no idea how much you don't know about me."

"Like I said- name one thing."

He lifted himself off of her and moved to stand over by her wall.

"I'm not playing this game."

She had struck a nerve and could now see victory in sight. A small part of her felt some sort of guilt at seeing his pain and she almost laughed at the idea as she stood before him.

"Got some secrets you don't want to share huh? I'm sure I can guess. Hmm...let's see. Every Thursday night you head over to a seedy Seattle club as you take the stage name of Paula wearing an unflattering dress and singing every song from the musical 'Mamma Mia!'."

She burst out laughing at just the thought only to look back and see a sadness in his face. She could handle almost any of the emotions she was used to from him- frustration, anger, hate, annoyance- but this, this feeling of pity she had for him...this was hard.

"Why do I bother? Honestly." He said.

"Why do you bother? No one asked you to. I'm asking you to leave. None of the others would give a shit if I left. What's keeping you here?"

"Are you clueless or just thick?"

"What?" she seethed.

"Why do you think I'm the only one who came running after you Leah? The only one who came to make sure you wouldn't do anything stupid."

"Because you're an idiot?"

"Why do you think I was able to let go of Rachel as easily as I was? Yeah, it hurt, but she was my imprint. It was meant to be harder."

He was walking into her now and she was taking a step back the closer he got.

"I...I don't know." She stuttered.

"Yes you do."

She felt the bed behind her and realised she could go no further. He moved into her, his stomach pressed against hers, as he spoke with his mouth just a few inches from her ears.

"Why do you think I fight with you so much? Why I try to distance myself from you? This is wrong, what you do to me...it's wrong. It was wrong when you were Sam's girl and it's just as wrong now."

It was as if her brain had shut down and left her body to deal with the six feet of lean muscle that was pressed into her.

"I was never Sam's girl." She managed.

"You're never anyone's girl Leah."

His fingers ran up her arm, from her wrist to the strap on her shoulder. She realised that this was the first time he had ever touched her, reallytouched her. They had known each other since birth and yet she had never felt the connection that she was feeling with him right now.

She had never allowed herself to before.

"So, what?" She whispered into his ear "You think you can take me on, do you?"

He laughed, ending it with that infuriatingly delicious smirk once again.

"I know that I can, but can you handle me?"

She placed her hands on his back and span him around, forcing him off of his feet and onto the bed below her. She mounted him this time, straddling his waist as he lay below her.

"The bigger they are the harder they fall, huh?"

He ran his hands up her thighs and onto the waistband of her shorts. There was something about his touch that made her lose herself. Sure, it had been a while, but this was something different...some sort of energy she had never experienced before.

She leant in to kiss him but burst out laughing instead. She rolled off of him, falling on to the other side of her bed as she attempted to get her herself under control.

"What are we doing?" she finally managed to get out, her laughter lighter now but still too strong for her to control it. She was sure it was a combination of nerves and, oddly enough, possibly lust.

"Fuck this. I should've known not to waste my time." He got to his feet as he left to walk out the door.

"Wait!" She called after him.

"For what? For you to laugh in my face? No thanks."

She jumped off the bed and pulled him back to her.

"This is just...it's weird Paul. I've never even thought about you like this before and now..."

"I've thought about you like this Leah. I thought about you like this every day when you would turn up at school with Sam on your arm. It nearly killed me then but it was nowhere near as bad as having you start laughing in my face."

He was pissed and he had every right to be. She put her hand on the back of his neck, holding it until his eyes finally met with hers once again. Slowly, she pulled him towards her lips, as his face sat just above hers. She turned, their cheeks connecting as his eyelashes brushed themselves across her cheekbone. She was still unsure if this was really what she wanted but there was some kind of pull between them and she wasn't prepared to walk away from it now.

She moved her lips back to his and almost fell apart. There was something in the kiss, a connection of some sort that coursed its way through her veins and spread down to her core. There was heat, fire, and something raw that had her so lost she didn't even realise when he pulled away.

"What the- what the hell was?...." he asked.

"I don't know." She replied, hungrily staring at his lips. It was intense and unexpected and incredible but she didn't want to sit down and fucking discuss it. She pulled herself into him again as he scooped her up in his arms and placed her on the bed. It was almost torture being so close to him and still not having his lips on hers. He seemed to know that as he slipped his leg between her thighs and leant into her mouth once again. She opened hers eagerly this time as his tongue slid inside and sent a current through her body that made her moan into his open mouth.

His knee was pressed against her as he rubbed it into the zip on her shorts. She was losing it already and they were both still fully clothed. His hand moved up her stomach, along her waist, and sat on her breast. He ran it over the material of her top and she realised the electricity wasn't as strong as his skin on her skin. Reluctantly, she pried herself away from him as she pulled her top off and freed herself from the bra that had separated them. His eyes were filled with both lust and awe as he pulled his own shirt off, almost tearing it from his body.

She lay back down as he began to kiss her jaw, moving his way down her neck and stopping at her collarbone. Every kiss he placed sent a shiver over her body but she was too lost in his touch to be ashamed of the way her body was reacting. She could tell her felt the same way as she ran her hand along his tight, muscular chest and along waistband of his jeans. She trailed her hand down to his hard-on and he let out a choking sound as he struggled for air.

His lips forced their way along her breast and she arched her back in reaction, moaning as his hand worked the other one. She wanted him, all of him. As much as his kiss was doing to her body, to her mind, she needed him inside of her.

"Are you sure you want this Leah?"

"I need this," She replied, unsure if he knew how much she meant it. "I need you."

He smiled a genuine smile as his hands moved down her back and he pulled her shorts off in a single movement. He was rougher than Sam but also more experienced as the fumbling and the awkwardness wasn't there. Every part of him was a man that wanted, demanded, to be inside of her- and she found it incredibly sexy.

He kissed her once again as their naked bodies were now pressed against one another. Flesh against flesh, Warmth against warmth. The heat from his lips travelled straight down to her core and she found the word "please" escape her lips on an exhale. He lifted himself up as her hand moved downwards, wrapping itself around his now freed shaft and moving up and down ever so slightly. His arm gave out, causing his body to crash against her. It was beautiful how she had complete control over him, the way her lightest touch would send his skin trembling. He had the very same power over her but she didn't care. She trusted him with it.

They both knew what they wanted and without waiting for a moment longer he entered her completely in one long, slow, torturous movement. It was almost enough to end her right then. The electricity of their kiss was nothing when matched with the friction of him entering her. They each groaned at the same time, confused and elated. Neither able to question the sensation as they were both completely lost to one another. He withdrew and entered her again and the same heat pushed its way through her hips, through her stomach, through her lungs, through her breasts, all the way through to her face and every individual follicle on her head.

He continued on, moving faster than before. She wrapped her legs around his hips and arched her back as her body begged for him to continue to fill her. He stopped for a moment as he leant in to her mouth to kiss her again. He was in her completely as their tongues moved against one another and his thumb found its way to her clit.


Her body was screaming, the feeling was too much. It was too good, too perfect, too amazing for her to be prepared for and she never wanted it to end- but it would. She could feel how close she was to it ending and although she wanted it to continue on she was ready.

He lay her back down as he withdrew again, entering once more and faster than he had before. She squeezed herself around him and he let a "Fuck" escape his mouth as his eyes fell closed. He pulled her hips into him in a way that had him hitting the one spot that made her howl in delight. He hit it again and again and she was lost. Her hips jerked violently as her orgasm filled her, releasing from her throat in a cry that had come from the depths of her stomach. How he was still able to continue she had no idea as only moments later she felt a second wave fill her, her head flying back as another moan tore its way through her throat.

She thought she heard him find his own release at some point, probably when her body had been on fire and all of her senses were attacked by the intensity of her orgasms. When she was in control of herself once again she could see he had rolled to her side and was struggling for air.

"What the- how did that...why was it?" She got out, also realising she too was struggling just as much.

"I don't know." He replied. "I just...that was incredible. You're, you're amazing Leah."

"And you!" She said, between each breath. "Just full of surprises. If I had known it would be that good I think I would've jumped you ages ago."

"But...it was too good. Was it ever that way with you and Sam?"

"Ha!" She laughed "Compared with what just happened, sex with Sam was like playing scrabble."

"Same with Rachel- it makes no sense."

"Maybe it's a wolf on wolf thing?" She said, her hand running down his smooth chest.

"It's gotta be." He answered as he covered her hand with his own.

"We should research this you know. We are the first of our kind to be able to 'practice' this."

She moved to lay her body on top of his once again, revelling in the feeling that the contact of their skin provided. He was too, clearly, as he was growing against her already. She moved her way down, sitting on her knees as her face sat above his hips.

"We're going to try everything and I mean everything. If you have any plans for the next day or two, I suggest you cancel them."

"Well I actually have..."

Her lips wrapped themselves around his cock and he cried out, his hand gripping at the sheets below them. She smiled as her mouth moved along his length. He was completely intoxicating. Every part of him- his taste, his scent. His everything. There was more to this 'wolf on wolf' sex that she was missing and she was going to explore everything she could before she passed out. For now though, it was his turn.

Next it would be hers.