A/N: Yes, it's GaaSaku, again. I don't even ship them, but I really liked writing the other one. I actually was working on SasuSaku, but I got a wee bit stuck so ended up writing this instead. Sorry for the tragically short story. The time limit given for this story was only ten minutes (I stretched it to about fifteen). It's actually a bit like a long drabble, much like the ShikaTema one I wrote. Finally found a title I liked! And it has meaning in the story without sounding sappy!

For Your Sake

Dark clouds loomed over the crowded Wind temple. Sand rustled around the gathering guests, who shielded their eyes against whipping winds as they plodded through the gates into the courtyard. Someone muttered about the lucky weather; it looked very likely to rain during the wedding, a rare event in the dry Wind Country. Inside the majestic house of worship, Sakura looked out over the crowd and fidgeted. She jumped as the door closed behind her.

"Sakura, the ceremony is about to start," Gaara informed her.

She gave him a weak smile. "I know. I just can't believe I'm getting married…"

Solemn as ever, Gaara nodded and placed a hand on her shoulder. Sakura's lips twitched as she recognized the cologne she bought him on their first anniversary of going out. It was a subtle scent that left no chemical aftertaste, befitting a calm and collected Kazekage on his wedding day.

He admitted, "The feeling's mutual. It's not a bad feeling, really…"

Sakura noted the way his head moved and his over all body language claimed he was more nervous than what his face gave away. "I guess that makes two of us. I'm so jittery, I don't think I can stand going through a long ceremony."

Gaara cocked a mildly amused eye in her direction. "Don't worry. If you pass out, I'll drink your sake for you."

Sakura snorted. "You can't carry your liquor."

"So says the girl who had one cup and had to lie in bed with a hangover for a day," he replied, fixing her headdress carefully.

Sakura tapped his arm with a fist, light enough not to cause a sandy reaction. "Hey, you lasted only as long as I did."

Gaara shrugged. "I didn't want you to feel embarrassed," he said, at which Sakura blushed. Before she could comment how sweet that was, he added, "And I thought you would be less likely to do it again if we both couldn't handle it."

The pink-haired bride scowled at him. Still, it had worked. She hadn't had a drink since the first date two years ago. "Why don't you drink a bottle of sake after the wedding and we'll see how far you go!"

Gaara cocked an eyebrow at her. "Betting now? You'll turn into another Tsunade if you're not careful."

She smiled. "Who said that's a bad thing?"

Gaara sighed and placed his hands on her shoulders. "Very well. After the wedding, I'll drink some sake and prove to you I can hold my liquor, if it makes you happy."

Sakura grinned. She stood on her tiptoes and gave him a peck on the cheek, leaving a red mark. She realized with a jolt how late it was. "We should go. If we're late to our own wedding, I'll never hear the end of it."

She grabbed Gaara's hand before he could speak and dashed out the door. As they ran to the wedding, thunder rumbled and rain started to pour down, showering their blessings on the happy couple.

A/N: I heard rain is supposed to be lucky on weddings according to Japanese tradition, and couldn't help but put that in there. :) The sake thing Gaara was talking about at the beginning has to do with the sake ceremony of a traditional Japanese wedding.

The title can read 'sake' like the liquor or 'sake' as in the saying 'for your sake.'