The inspiration of this story came from the song Face Down by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.

Summary: Haley didn't ask for this. She had been a happy, popular 17 year old with a bright future. Until it was torn out from under her. He told her it had been for love. But when had she ever said she loved him? But now, when she meets the Cullens, and odd family, things begin to change. And maybe there is a glisten of hope in this dark and tragic life of hers.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Twilight series, or any of the Twilight characters. I do however own Luke and Haley.

Unwillingly Loved

Chapter one: Destination

Most people would love to live forever. Wouldn't you? See every inch of the world, never having to worry if you had the time or the means to do what you wanted. Forever sounds so good on paper. And maybe it is, if you are spending it surrounded by the people you love. But forever is a long time.

Haley closed her eyes and pretended not to see the cowering girl in front of them. She tried to black out the girl's cries.

"Please!" She screamed. "Just let me go!"

Haley tried to pretend that she had not once been in this situation. She tried not to be sick to her stomach when she heard Luke whisper ever so sweetly,

"It won't hurt a bit." She tried not to remember when he had told her that exact lie.

Haley felt sorry for the girl; she was inevitably going to die. But in a way she was jealous. Because the girl got the easy way out. She was not stuck in a gorgeous body that she could not stand. The girl got to be herself when she died. And the girl got to die.

"Bon appetite." Lucas said.

If Haley could refuse she would. But her throat burned. She was so thirsty. So she closed her eyes and drank the satisfying… "Juice".

"Yum. Cheerleader sure is tasty." Lucas said, smacking his lips.

Haley ignored that comment and walked at a brisk pace while he got rid of the remains of their dinner. He caught up to her shortly and fell into step with her.

"So where are we?" She casually asked.

"Seattle Washington." He slung his arm over her shoulder. "I figure we'd stay in Washington for a while. I like it here. What do you think?"

She simply shrugged. Haley had lost interest in where they were going, and what they were doing a long time ago. She had lost interest in almost everything.

But she only asked to keep Luke satisfied. He smiled to himself; he had a brilliant idea that was bound to involve inflicting pain on other people. "Let's go get a map of this state."

So about an hour later, after they had found a map and decided on their next move, they were heading south.

"We could just head south right into California. But we'll need to stop for a little snack. How about this little town, Forks?"

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