Naruto the....Minion!?

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Prologue:Descendant of the Overlord

"Oh dear." Gnarl murmured to himself. "I told the master he couldn't just act like a ten tailed demon beast was a pet on a leash, there is evil and then there is just plain obliteration on a stupid scale."

"Oh well evil finds away doesn't it little mistress!" Gnarl chuckled to as he tickled the child in his arms. "Unfortunately we have to hide you away now and make you look...ordinary blech! But who knows maybe a ancestor shall show themselves worthy of inheriting evil's mantle!"

Many decades later:

"Another Overlord gone, and just as he was on his way to make a new tribe of minions too!" Gnarl sighed tiredly as he examined a face nearly identical to one that many decades later would be a very infamous traitor. "Now that is ruined no thanks to this blundering blonde fool! Why, oh why did the master have to make such a "loyal" childhood friend so determined to save him from himself! Couldn't he have just got a bloodthirsty wolf like anybody else!?"

Gnarl looked at his master's "childhood friend" with the bright blonde hair, clear blue eyes, and earnest expression he looked the part of a great "hero". Naturally it made his skin crawl.

"What was that!?" Gnarl spoke only to see a hideous thing crawl out of the new minion hive the blonde one landed on chest first, worse it looked like the deluded "Hero" the only difference was the beady eyes and minion like teeth. "Kill that abomination you fools!"

It was a symphony of destruction as the minion hive was shattered and its pieces were thrown into the ocean along with the pieces of the mound that pink haired sorceress trollop had had died on.

"I am only thankful that the master has many "family" members, hopefully we will find a new master among them." Gnarl spoke wistfully.

Chapter 1: The Bastardlord!?

"Master!" Gnarl spoke urgently to his new yet reborn lord.

"Hn." Grunted the onyx eyed 10 year old as some of the girls cheered his name, it made him sick just thinking about these traitors to his clan, the only reason he hasn't culled them is a. he wasn't strong enough yet, b. his new sanctuary wasn't complete, and c. the only tribes of minions he had were the reds with only a couple of browns. This was troubling since the reds while they could use fire they were useless at constructing, keeping a low profile in a ninja village, or unfortunately fighting in a straight up taijutsu fight and since he only had their minion hive and no other, until he found the browns most of the grunt work was up to him and since a lot of the tower objects were lost or stolen by attacking ninja or scattered with the tribes by rampaging bijuu he was at an impasse.

"Sasuke we love you!" Screamed the mob of idiot girls, flustered with just a look from him, really quite pathetic even worse with the knowledge his old/new servant Gnarl provided him about the true fate of his clan, funny how stumbling across his old sword in a dusty corner of the armory could jump start his past memories. The fact it was aided by the fragment of his sword hidden in the sword to draw him just in case their was any truth to the legends of reincarnation, which fortunately for him was factual even if his memories are clear yet...dusty because of the reincarnation, like someone writing over your words but with patience and the right stimuli it becomes clear again.

"Master look at that hideously cheerful boy with blonde hair!" Gnarl insisted urgently in tones of considerable distress.

When his eyes slid to the boy/orphan he found himself stunned as memories flashed through his mind of a lifetime ago.

"Damnit Susanoo! Stop this!" Shouted the blonde haired young man blocking his broad bladed katana his bizarre twin scythe bladed hatchets by allowing the scythe blades under the hatchet heads to catch his blade preventing him from really using his sword effectively. "What is with this mad quest of yours! Trying to destroy civilization just because your family tried it before you in a long line of Overlords, are you really that traditional and simple!?"

"What did you call me you brainless buffoon!!" Susanoo screamed at his onetime friend who despite his best attempts was moving in that chaotic swirling style casually fending him off while slaughtering his minions like it was a walk in the park! Couldn't Murasame just act like other brain dead Samurai/knights like he read about in family scrolls! He was making a fool out of him despite the fact that he was a goof ball that was denser than mythril!! "How dare you call me that you simpleton!!"

"Well crap.." Murasame spoke up as they clashed only for the trap Susanoo had set for him and Kagome backfire and spring on all of them, the last thing Susanoo heard was that damn one eyed red's embarrassed "oopsie!" In fact the last few things he saw was that a. they were falling towards his experimental new minion hive to make either a minion that could fly, move within or the earth, or just be able to move within the shadows.

Sometimes he cursed having the Sharingan like all the Uchiha have, cause it makes a disgraceful death like this unforgettable, especially knowing he was going to hit a sharp boulder while the mortally injured Kagome would hit the blank minion hive, sadly the force of his final sword swing catapulted his foolish enemy onto the very top of the hive insuring that at least some of the minions would have that fools characteristics.. A miserable death indeed..

"Grrr." Sasuke silently growled suddenly sure why he had such a load of irritation whenever he saw his pink haired fangirl, she was his ex-wife who was a monk/sorceress! Who was so happy when his minions killed her since it insured that the pink haired spawn growing in her belly never saw the light of day! Unfortunately he realized he needed to kill the blonde fool before any memories could possibly wake in his empty skull,preferably without compromising his position and bringing suspicion down on himself.

"Did you know that the "boy" is the container to the nine tailed piece of the ten tailed hellbeast your ancestor summoned master?" Gnarl asked in a smooth tone. "Imagine what kind of power all that evil nether energy could give, like for instance using the knife that summoned the damnable things full form to bind the piece into your old sword, thereby sending it back to hell but keeping all its power for yourself!"

"Hmm." Sasuke thought to himself in a certain diabolic way, already planning to use the very seal that his ancestor had made to try to control the Ten Tails to make the blonde fools life and death painful and most of all make him look like a "hero" to these fools while gaining the foxes power for himself. Evil finds away indeed..

5 days later Council Meeting,

"Hokage-sama!" Iruka shouted as he burst into the closed session with a orange jacket clutched in his hand.

"What is the meaning of this!" Danzo stated in a foul mood after the recent events, now more so over this presumptious Chunin teacher. "Why have you interrupted this meeting!"

" apologizes but I believe you need to see this!" Iruka stated as he laid Naruto's torn jacket on the table with the inside facing up, showing an scorch marks that actually highlighted a very elaborate seal design applied to the material. "When I was wandering the area where Naruto was killed after going out of control I found this piece of his jacket stuck on some rocks in the river, when I examined it I found this seal on it! At which point I remembered that Naruto suddenly took ill at the training ground after putting on his jacket once we were finished with the swimming lessons review that day, 15 minutes later he went berserk after passing out!"

"I see," The Hokage spoke in a troubled tone. "this is troubling news indeed, for if your right that would mean that someone tried to make it look like his tenant took him over so that he would be killed."

"Why?" One of the civilian council members asked incredulously, what would one gain by making it go on a rampage, cause that would turn them from a possible hero to a person that many civilians and ninja alike would gladly torture and kill for endangering everyones life.

"Fool," Danzo stated in disgust. "many see jinchuriki as weapons and like it or not the "boy" was technically a last resort weapon in the worst case scenario, there are many villages who if they learned what he was would either kidnap him or just plain kill him to prevent us from using him. Also if it was another village they were probably hoping that he would slay a lot of our forces before we could take him down, and should he have succeeded at destroying us they would have just deactivated the seal and captured him!"

"This is terrible!" One of the council members shouted, the relief he had been feeling gone quicker than it had come, replaced with dread. "It would mean we have a spy that could strike at any time!"

"Silence!" The Hokage shouted while slamming his fist upon the table. "This information will not leave this room except to select ninja of both high rank and trustworthiness! Am I understood!"

"Yes Hokage-sama!" They chorused knowing that the situation called for them to decisively check all there forces to clear them one by one until the traitor is found.

15 days later,

"Are we sure it was Haruno?" Genma asked. "She just doesn't seem the type to be able to pull this off?"

"You've seen her test score!" Mizuki spoke not unkindly. "She is smart enough to pull it off with enough research."

"That is true, but why would Iruka be involved?" The Hokage asked with a grimace on his face. "It just doesn't seem in character.."

"Lord Hokage!" Kotetsu stated as he barged in covered in soot and burn wounds. "I spotted those red things again! They were doing something in the training ground near the river, it looked like they were dumping a body that looked like Iruka!"

"Oh no not this delusion of yours again!" Mizuki stated with disgust. " Maybe we should start asking if your one of the ones behind this whole situation?"

"Oh my god! I found one of those red things!" The voice of Anko shouted as she burst in with... a badly drawn picture of a little red thing that resembled an elf painted on a wooden sign.

"Very funny Anko!" Kotetsu muttered in disgust.

"I thought so ha ha haaaaaaaaaaahhhh!" Anko through back her head as she laughed only to scream and throw kunai at the ceiling above as she jumped back.

"What the hell are you doing!?" Mizuki stated as he stood from his chair.

"Their were beady little eyes looking at me from eyeholes in the ceiliaaaaaaahhhh!" Anko shouted as the ceiling above her broke open and something small fell on her.

"Ooohh boobies!" The small red creature with a bald head and flaring ears stated as it stared at Anko's breast very obviously copping a feel while giving Mizuki a smug look, just before Anko socked it on the chin sending it flying into Mizuki who screamed as it burned him alive with fire from its hands and Anko's fishnet top covering it's face like a shroud.

"Die!!" Anko shouted as she flung multiple kunai into the little red devils who tried to roast the Hokage and his advisors along with Danzo, unfortunately all were skilled ninja despite their age and not only had they shunshined out of the way but they very quickly started slaughtering the things, even quicker with the aid of the Anbu, Chunin, and Jounin responding to the screams.

5 minutes later:

"Apparently Kotetsu wasn't halucinateing." Danzo stated as he brought a cane down upon one of the surviving things skulls driving it through its cranium. "Also very apparently both Iruka and Haruno were framed by whoever controls these things to throw us off his or her trail, not to mention the sheer amount of stuff that was hidden up there."

His meaning was obvious just by the old notices strewn over the ground, yellowed reports that had to have been up there a while and most of all the tunnel now visible burnt into the wall up there.

"I want that tunnel searched and all of this stuff went through, we must know how long these things have been spying on us!" The Hokage stated at his most authoritive.

Meanwhile Anko was having the slight burns on her chest treated and glared at any staring at her bare breasts, obviously pissed as hell.

Underground cavern miles away, same time.

It wasn't exactly a strange sight so much but then seeing two hive like things surrounded by pink haired minion sized things with pink wings and little sharp toothed yellow haired things with pale skin was a new one on most. The body of a pink haired waterlogged girl being extracted from the reddish hive and dumped in the river flowing through as a new pixie like minion with light red skin and a mark on her head that meant rage opened its red eyes and roared out.

"Sasuke!!" The things cheered in unison even as the orange wearing yellow haired boy was being similarly dumped from the second hive into the river where his corpse ran into the girls and what was once his beloved teacher, to float away probably never to be seen again. Both girl and boy were covered with pieces of the hive they were extracted from and now so was the teacher, none would not the faint pulse the pieces let out as if a heartbeat.

Meanwhile in the Konoha,

"Why does it feel like someone just walked over my grave?!" Sasuke growled at Gnarl, knowing from Mortis that his minions spying on the council and the Hokage were dead.

"Oh dear, the last time that happened was when your ex-wife was having "erotic" thoughts about you." Gnarl mused. "Of course that also happened when Murasame got one of those half baked plots in his little mind, it seems we should step up our efforts to make a chamber for the Tower Heart!"

A day later somewhere in the land of Wave

Resting in a cove near a certain house was what looked like a Minion hive largely orange with a strange red spiral running along the top, it was surrounded by tan minion like creatures with bright impish blue eyes.

Under the water carried into a underwater cave was a red hive with black at the base of it, guided by strange minions with human like skin, small horns, and strange tentacle like pink hair.

Finally near a small boy who is the grandson of the local bridge builder lays a green hive like structure with a strange crystal at its top surrounded by horned little minions with goldish skin and hooved feet.

Author's note: Here is my token Naruto/Overlord crossover. Yes that's right Naruto and Sakura's previous incarnations were hardcore friends of Sasuke's previous self, meaning they basically used the dead bodies of Naruto and Sakura to complete themselves since the experimental Minion hive only absorbed part of their essence, the rest was reincarnated into Naruto and Sakura. I hope you like this, the next chapters I will of course try to add more of the Overlord sense of humor.