Naruto The Minion

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Chapter 2: The Satyr, Gremlin, and Nymph?

"Hmmm, what's this?" Mumbled the gold skinned minion like creature with horns and cloven hooves, what it was was a strange boy crying, his human like appearance like a thin shroud over the boy's strange dark blue skin and golden glowing eyes. "Maybe...the Master? Must tell the sensei!"

It immediately stalked off to the lair they had constructed with the help of the others before they wondered off shouting "Pranks!" They knew it would take a Master to gather the scattered ones and their hive, no one else would have the patience, as it is they have to room with the flighty ones!

"Who there!?" Stated the identical voices of at least 40 tan minions with blonde needles on their head standing up showing their alertness. "What Crag doing here? You supposed to read signs!?"

"Must see sensei!? Found a Master!?" Crag hissed out impatiently.

"Go, go!" The blonde minion's chanted in unison as they returned to their posts. "Hurry, hurry!!"

With a hollow sounding knock on a rock the ground of the hillside opened to reveal a tunnel through the loose soil that he entered immediately. Traveling he came to a hollowed cavern that revealed many of the same "beings" building and destroying structures under the direction of another with goggles and dark orange coveralls with a orange and blue flak vest that chunin's usually wear and a tool belt around his waist in a similar way as his kunai holder when he was learning to be a ninja. Funnily enough in his hands was an old book with the title "How to be a Minion Master for Incompetents!" which said a lot about his hopes of wanting to be one despite Sensei already being the leader.

"Stop over reaching Naruto!?" Crag hissed as he rushed by to see Sensei.

"Sensei! Found a Master!" Crag hissed to Sensei, or Iru as they called him.

"Excellent.." Iru hissed over his joined together hands, Crag stamping down the shiver of unease going through him every time this happened, wondering if the large arched back horns on some of them meant something even as he looked at Inu with the reddish cast to his Gold skin and chiding himself for it since it was mostly his kind who left and the others who stayed, even if they only had one half of their original hive the rest spirited off by his kin. "Let us Evaluate him.."

2 days of watching later...

"He will do until..." Iru hissed in disgust at the boy even as his mother called out.

"Inari!" Tsume called to her son, wondering where he was.

"Coming Mother!" Shouted the boy with his little rope knotted around his head like her new husband Kaiza, still she wondered when he would start looking like his birth father and if Kaiza could accept him.

Meanwhile in Konoha..

"Why did I help this boy's family gain Overlordship anyway?" Gnarl murmured to himself as he found himself missing the old Overlord family, as intractable as they were.

"Gnarl!!" Sasuke hissed in a familiar threatening tone, Sharingan eyes blazing, around him were the new arrivals of those..steel colored abominations with yellow spikes covering their heads and hard bone like plates covering their vulnerable torso's and even arms, these..things were the actual spiritual reincarnation of his "best friend"...blech! "Why are you still looking for those useless Browns you sent out!?"

"Well master, they are loyal if stupid and.." Gnarl began a logical argument/lecture already on his lips before Sasuke interrupted.

"And largely useless compared to these new minions, don't forget that your "browns" took anything they considered theirs including the recently found Brown Hive," Sasuke growled smugly. "pity I didn't smash it when I found it, then this wouldn't have happened.."

"If I may say Master, I myself am a brown and extremely loyal if I do say so mysel-" Gnarl began indignantly.

"You also deposed the old line of Overlord's and replaced them with tractable fools until you just made them figure heads," Sasuke interrupted his most "loyal" Minion master. "if I recall history right not only did your failure at Overlordship cause the near extinction of your people but the actual extinction of many mythical creatures, and if my ancestor hadn't intervened you would have died from that chest wound those "heroes" gave you!"

"Yes...I recall." Gnarl bit out, recalling not only the wound but his own arrogance and the loss of trust between himself and most of the minions which he has been working so hard to fix, well whenever his "Master's" seen fit to return that part of his memories.

"Be assured of one thing Gnarl, of the minions that came with my old life the only ones still valuable to me are the red's and the green's!" Sasuke snarled out in disgust. "Now get out of my sight.."

"Damn you.." Gnarl snarled before the glyph on his head activated restraining his memories even if he was aware of them in an abstract way, in fact over time he had managed to create wiggle room to where it was more like he was compelled to act as if he didn't have the memories.

"Master, Kenpachi has sent a message.." One of the pink haired pixieish things stated as it brought in a scroll that was obviously made of human skin.

"Kenpachi?" Sasuke stated. "I wonder what my old swordmaster could want? Especially since he died facing Murasame after his little jaunt with evil energy?"

"What does it say master Sasuke?" Stated Kagome, his ex-wife and the only one of those pixieish freaks with the symbol for rage on her forehead, she was incredibly skilled and like her others she was useful but still at night he curled into a fetal ball and cried when he was alone.

"Ha ha ha ha hah, so one of the old family survived huh?" Sasuke chuckled to himself in a pleased fashion. "Well then I believe I should meet this...successor don't you?"

"Yes Sasuke!?" Stated Kagome in a tone that caused a shiver of disgust and horror to run through Sasuke's spine, with this feeling he knew he would be curling up with his favorite comforting device cough-teddy bear-cough.

"Mwa ha ha ha ha!" Sasuke laughed in a vaguely villainous manner.

Interesting.. Gnarl thought to himself. A possible Master of the old line. Maybe I have a chance to make up for my foolish actions when I seized power so long ago, most of the minions were wiped out and took centuries to rebuild to what they once were, oh yes the mythical creatures died to but who really cares about that?

Land of Waves, Weeks later..

"Traitors!!" The tan minions with blonde spikes hissed at the reddish gold minions shaped like devils even as the house behind them burned, the remains of an old man burning merrily in the night his body impaled on the door of the house, a younger woman laid curled into a slightly burned heap with her clothes torn from her body and her hand reaching desperately towards her burning house.

"Inari...Kaiza...." The woman whispered brokenly even as the last breath left her lips, she died from a mixture of the burns and the toxins from the Red and Green minions that enjoyed her at their masters grace.

"Ha ha ha hah! So much for the old line,eh Murasame?" Sasuke sneered as he gazed at his handy work, body enshrouded by his white and black armor with a crimson mantle as a mockery of the original Overlord descendants.

"Disgusting little abominations, reminds me of demonic sheep..bleh.." Gnarl shivered in disgust only to choke as a crushing force constricted his air supply.

"Well Gnarl I believe this is where we part ways.." Sasuke chuckled at his own joke as he buried his sword into Gnarl's side as he lifted him up. "For I don't need two Minion Masters for then no work would get done.."

" are a impudent and ineffective bastard I must say.." Gnarl wheezed out. "I never...should have taken the...reigns from the old line...they were effective tools of evil with none of your families...incompetence.."

"You little worm!!" Sasuke snarled as he released a powerful lightning attack that sent Gnarl flying into the woods like a discarded sack.

"Do you wish me to find and defile his corpse my old student?" Spoke Iru with a malevolent hiss and a dark eager look in his eye.

"No need to waste your time on him Kenpachi," Sasuke chuckled with a contemptous chuckle. "he has no minions to care for him because his over reaching caused such persecution for them that they were nearly all destroyed multiple times, not only that but with such a severe wound he will die very soon."

"Crag did good didn't he Sensei?!" Crag eagerly whimpered like a pathetic dog, one of the main reason his kind left him behind.

"Of course you did Crag.." Iru or Kenpachi as he was once called patted the hapless minion on the head before not only ripping his eye out but grabbing him by the horns and tossing him into a crowd of the reddish gold minions who tore him apart. " Simpering fool would have died soon anyways.."

"Very true," Sasuke stated with a smirk on his face. "at least he'll provide the troops nourishment while the old fool would have given them a rebellious spirit.."

"Indeed.." Kenpachi growled out.

Unknown place, Unknown time..

"Ah this place looks like the Netherworld of long past," Gnarl mused to himself as he felt the blood run from his body. "what evilier days they were with such evil deeds, this is where it all started to go wrong as well. I wonder what it was that made me decide to overthrow my Master despite the greatly evil deeds he committed?"

"Ha ha ha hah, ah Gnarl you still haven't figured it out have you?" Chuckled a ghostly malevolent voice.

"You are...the old master? How are you here?!" Gnarl stated in disbelief. "You died centuries ago!"

"Ha ha ha hah, you really underestimated me my old traitorous servant!" The old Overlord laughed sinisterly. "My truly loyal minion the Jester allowed me to take his body very similarly to how the son of that fool I stranded in hell could possess minions with the right artifact!"

"What? But I had that one..." Gnarl stated in a impressed shock, but still shock and some disbelief.

"Executed is what I believe you were about to sa- Aaaaarrrgggghhhhh!!" The old Overlord screamed as Gnarl passed from this life, he was impressed to see those other abominations with blonde quill like spikes on their heads eating the spirit of the old Overlord.

"That really must sting.." Gnarl mused to himself as his spirit watched the proceedings.

"Fools you cannot destroy me!!" The old Overlord shouted as his black mist form rushed into one of them wearing goggles and a miniature orange outfit, the little minion standing next to a blue boy with the same glowing yellow eyes as the son of his favorite Overlord, the realization that it was the last of the old line hit him as he saw the boy flicker between the son of that Bridge Builders daughter that the other one had killed for Gato.

"No!" Gnarl shouted as he moved his ghostly self to stand between the possessed minion and his old master.

"Too late foo-urk.." The possessed minion stated in the old Overlord's tone before it proceeded to clutch it's stomach. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!"

Before anybody could react the goggled minion let loose a torrent of gas.

"Blistering Hellfire! My Nose is burning! And not in a pleasant way!!" Gnarl screamed at the hideous stench complete with black gas, completely oblivious to his suddenly corporeal state. "Somebody plug that damn hole before he sends us all to the Netherworld!!"

"He he heh, sorry!" The goggled minion stated as it scratched its head only to stare at something excitedly. "This is mine!"

Gnarl stared at the foolish thing as it pranced around with an old orange hardhat which it placed on its head, immediately the other things saluted it, he couldn't help raising his hand to cover his face at the idiocy.

"I truly am sorry about this master.." Gnarl spoke in a resigned tone to the young Overlord to his right. "I will do my absolute best to correct this rampant idiocy, besides I was bored playing nursemaid to that arrogant fool, oh well at least I now know why I was so inspired to betray your ancestor. You don't have to worry about me making that mistake again, I'd rather be the advisor and right hand minion than the person the howling masses wish to rend limb from limb when they eventually rise up like they always do.."

Inari just stared at this new very old minion and just figured what the hell, probably better to have a minion that actually understands combat rather than the ones before him who worked as part of his grandfather's workforce. "Alright, I could definitely use someone who can organize them."

"But what about me master?" The tan minion with the hardhat asked in a quavering tone. "I was appointed Overseer, me has been keeping them in line.."

"Are you questioning your Overlord?" Gnarl asked in a manner that foreshadowed unpleasantness.

"No, but me is supposed to make sure they work and tell them where and when to work.." The hardhatted minion that was the remaining personality of Naruto.

"You fool!?" Gnarl shouted in disgust. "That is the job of the Minion Master who conveys the orders from the Overlord on high, not a mentally challenged fool like you!"

"But master, I was appointed and you agreed!" Naruto the minion tried to remind Inari only to get hit by Gnarl's staff as Inari looked on dispassionately, his sullen anger with what happened to his family burned into his mind, and most of all the overall uselessness of these minions he currently commanded. They may have been useful during the fishing and building things, but for his revenge they were nearly useless in a fight.

"Get out of the master's sight you useless waste of space!" Gnarl snarled before whirling to look at the group of them just staring at him unblinkingly. "What are you fools just standing around for, their is evil that needs doing!?"

With this statement Master, Minions, and Gnarl all left the Minion Naruto all by himself with his less restrained brothers acting on slight impulses of self hatred to kick him in the ribs a few times before wandering off.

"I...I'll find...someplace I am wanted.." Naruto stated with sentience burning brighter than before in his eyes, as he walked away he left behind an area with some of his blood and his minion brother's yellow spikes that acted as hair, sadly over time they would gradually de-evolve into a kind of tan minion that would quickly be absorbed into the Brown hive.

2 Years later, The Cavern, Lair of the New Overlord..

"Oh dear, that he actually calls his new empire Ameratsu.." Gnarl sighed as he watched his new master working to be ready to fight the Usurper that killed his family, it would take many more years undoubtedly until he was moderately ready to begin. Unfortunately while Sasuke was now 12 and Konoha was destroyed 2 years ago, his master was only a well developed 10, to begin the conquest he needed 5-7 more years of training. "That boy loves that name way to much to be healthy.."

Gnarl decided to go check on the Minions, it warmed the cockles of his heart to see that not only did the Tan Minions turn into more regular looking minions, but that they actually bolstered the returned Brown minions. In fact one unit of life force can now spawn 2 browns and the next unit of life force will actually spawn 3 of the smaller Tan minions, due to a strange linked mind phenomenon the size of the horde his master uses when made of these newest minions makes it like the multiple minions can be controlled as easily as the usual 1 minion. He was really glad to have finally made up with the other 2 minion tribes, now if only those human colored female minions with 'shudder' pink tentacles would just stop annoying them and join with the Blue Minions instead of tossing them around and tempting them with their 'ahem' charms.

Gnarl shook himself off and glared at the giggling human hued thing that dared splash him, he did smile when two of the blues caught her with a net and brought her out of the water, maybe they could finally convert some of these impertinent females. More of them appeared and to his delight they seemed distressed over her predicament, at this point he noticed not only the arrival of his master but the more elaborate markings on her body that reminded him of the ones on the goggled fool they had banished, with a flash of inspiration he realized that just like how after the goggled one was defeated in front of the others maybe they would join on the threat of harm towards the captured one. Besides even if they just killed her and the others reacted badly at least all they would have to do is commit nearly complete genocide to bring them in line, in his humble opinion it was a win win situation.

"Well then, you ladies can either join us or she dies.." Gnarl stated quite calmly causing looks of horror at the clubs being leveled at their apparent leader, the said leader shook her head while trying to put up a brave front, but even as he watched the marks on her skin faded as the others dejectedly left the water and even as he watched their skin started taking on a bluish tinge and the tentacles started to resemble horns as they seemed to stiffen more. "Hmm, she seems to have wasted away somewhat, so maybe she is the main persona of the original while the rest are split from her being. Heh heh heh, how amusing that once you find the way to separate them from their children they become so pathetic, throw her back in the pool, her sudden loss of her more Minion like characteristics disgust me."

Just as Gnarl said she did indeed look less like a minion with her "children" abandoning her, the only things she retained were slightly less noticeable gills, slightly pointed ears, and only slight webbing between her fingers and toes.

"Wait," Inari spoke up as he raised his hand in a hold motion. "You, find your old hive and destroy it along with the Blues and then you can let that thing go.."

"If you don't we will not only have you broken on our newly made rack, but she will be torn to pieces with the Blues constantly reviving her!" Gnarl cackled his threat at their look of reluctance.

An hour later,

With a splash they returned with the broken pieces of the hive and the females sporting not only a newer look but a more decisive attitude.

"My, my, my.." Gnarl murmured to himself as he looked at the female minions with black sigils on their dark blue skin and their tentacles turning a light blue and shortening into a very short semi malleable form (think Haruka from Sailor Moon) with a row of small curved horns lining the hairline. The looks they gave like the Tan Minions had given their old leader was of contempt and dare he say it, dismissive. "Why don't you lovely ladies get rid of the trash?"

Her screams were music to his ears as her "children" descended on her tearing and ripping before tossing her barely alive body into the pool where it sunk out of site, most likely to die..

Half a day later, unknown cavern..

"" Sakura spoke to the short and burly being that in the dim light had dusty brown and craggy skin, her hand that had caressed his jaw fell down as she seemed to be consumed by some type of rock like coral cocoon in its arms.

"Sakura, they will pay.." Spoke the craggy voice of the being that had a vague resemblance to his old voice. He turned to the tusked green skinned being next to him, blue eye met blue eye and a decision was reached.

"Bruhja, call your bruhja and tellem weesa going to war!" The lithely muscled mohawked being stated as it stood up with a hunch that denoted age, the other one of his kind meanwhile stood up to its full nearly seven foot height and gave a cheeky salute the dim light flashing off the tusks on its lower jaw.

"Jah man we beya killen!" The being created from Naruto consuming a corpse of a troll stated with eagerness.

"Ah ha ha ha hah!" Laughed the short thing with spikes going down its spine from its head in a mohawk type arrangement, the bright red membranes between them, the sharp teeth, the long three fingers on each hand, and most of all the insane gleam in their yellow cat slit eyes gave a picture of insane menace. Not to mention the fact it took off down the hall laughing maniacally with lit bombs in each hand, the explosion followed by the hissing laughter of many, many beings gave anyone hearing it a degree of unease in the gut.

"Why do I bother.." Naruto stated as he walked out of the shadow and into the dim light fully as he carried Sakura's cocoon to an isolated cave that led to the sea from underwater, while his face contained enough to be recognized as what he once was, it was hard to tell since he was very muscular like a dwarf, built similar to a dwarf, but he wasn't a dwarf but a breed of what could be called a goblin...

Authors notes: Yes I did indeed include an interpretation of the Gremlins from the film, the trolls from Warcraft, and maybe some other mythological creature I don't know about. I hope I get reviews, but I have to tell you this story like Demon Prinny Zero won't be updated that fast, in fact it will be infrequently really..