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Chapter 1

Amu's POV

I can't believe this.

Here I am in a room with Ikuto.

Ikuto Tsukiyomi.

Yes, the perverted playboy one.

I am going to have to do…things with him. I'm so going to murder Rima after this.

Flashback 20 minutes XD

"Oh come on, Amu. Live a little."

Why the hell am I here? I should be home reading or trying to avoid everybody, but I can't do that while I'm at a party. Rima's party. My best friend. She was trying to convince me to stay.

"Please?" She looked like a little child with her big brown eyes and her wavy dark blond hair, which stopped at her waist. She was about half a foot shorter than me. I couldn't say no to that face.

"Fine," I hissed. She jumped with joy.

"Come on." She grabbed my wrist, pulling me back inside. I felt so wrong here. How can I fit in with these people if I don't even know them?

Sure, I saw them at school, but that was almost three months ago since it is now summer, and school begins again in two weeks. Oh joy. I had been inside my house the whole summer, only to have Rima drag me out against my own will.

I really don't know why Rima and I are friends. We're like the total opposites of each other. I'm a Goth punk who loves black and she's a.... princess. Someone who I should hate, right? But she's a good friend and my only friend.

I sat next to her while she talked to a boy with long purple hair, named Nagihiko, I think.

I started to scan the room, looking at people talk and dance and a couple making out. I blushed and quickly looked away. Something stopped me to my interest, something familiar but not all that familiar.

The familiar face was Ikuto Tsukiyomi. He was most popular guy at school and also drop-dead gorgeous with his messy midnight blue hair that fell in his face, and how his eyes were a beautiful sapphire color. He was tall and very muscular, and dressed in dark clothes and skinny jeans, which make him look punk. However, he was a total playboy, which ruined that punk look, but something was different. He didn't have that stupid smirk on his face or a girl by his side. He looked…sad. He was definitely sad. Maybe even miserable.

"Amu, what 'cha looking at?" Rima suddenly asked, trying to follow my glare. I looked away from him, hoping she didn't notice but she caught it.

"Huh. I didn't know Ikuto Tsukiyomi was here." She turns to me and then back at him.

"He looks…different, like he's sad…" Her eyebrows formed into a V shape.

I was about to agree with her, but someone cut me off.

"You haven't heard?" the purple hair boy said.

"No," we both said together.

"Yeah, he and his girlfriend, Saaya, broke up. He found out she was cheating on him." Rima and I looked at each other and then back at Ikuto.

Why is Ikuto so sad about this? It's not like he can't get another girl.

Still watching him, I noticed him glaring at something. I look toward the direction of his glare, finding the couple I saw earlier. It was Saaya and Tadase, still making out. Ouch.

Rima did the same. "Wow." was all she said. She shook her head.

"I guess she took it okay," I said, biting my lip. Wow, I can't believe I feel bad for Ikuto.

She continued to shake her head but suddenly, a smile crept its way onto her lips, looking at me.

"What?" I asked, trying not to sound scared, but on the inside, I was terrified.

Her smile became wider and so did my eyes. I suddenly knew why she was smiling.

"No!" I yelled, horrified.

She burst out laughing.

"H-Hell no!" I yelled louder, making people stop to stare at me. I blushed, now feeling self-conscious.

Rima stopped laughing but her lips were pressed together, obviously holding a giggle.

"Come on Amu, have a little fun." She giggled with a smile on her face.

"Define 'fun'?" I hissed, blushed like a tomato, her eyes dancing, indicating she obviously enjoyed this.

Why is Rima telling me this? I'll admit I maybe had a crush on Ikuto a long time ago, but I'm nobody to him, and I can't make him change his feelings for Saaya. Saaya and I are complete opposites. She's beautiful and has…boobs, and I'm nothing special. Just a girl who people believed worshipped the devil.

I played with my lock necklace, which I have a matching bracelet, but it's a key instead. (A/N: ok it's the humpty lock and key and amu owns them both, but I made the key a bracelets, just like how ikuto wears it sometime, ok:) That's around my wrist right now. I got this from my grandmother on my fourteenth birthday but she died a year later. I started to space out.

"Amu? Amu? AMU?" I jumped after finally coming back out of my little world.

I finally looked at Rima, who had a questionable look on her face. "So…?" she asked.

"Umm...what…?" She sweatdropped.

I finally realized what Rima was asking. My cheeks started to burn up again.

"I don't know," I finally whispered.

"Too bad," she stated dryly, standing up.

"W-What are you doing?" I looked at her curiously.

"Giving you a little push, you coward." Her lips curved into a smile and she winked at me.

'Oh no.' was all I thought.

She walked towards him, putting a cute smile on. She spoke a couple of words. Then he turned to look at Saaya and Tasdae again and then back to Rima. He nodded, walking toward the empty hall and finally up the stairs.

I found Rima standing in front of me, dragging me toward the opposite hall and then up the stairs.

"W-Where are we going?" I choked out.

"To Ikuto, duh." she laughed.

"Oh my god, Rima, no!" was all I can say. I was freaking out. Is she fucking crazy? I can't and won't do this.

"Amu, calm down." Her hands were on my shoulders. How can I calm the fuck down? She's about to stuff me in a room with Ikuto. Oh god.

She grabbed my wrist and a wicked smile was planted on her face. "Have fun, Amu." She laughed, opening the door, and throwing me inside. She shut the door closed behind me.

Everything went pitch black.

"Hello?" a voice called out.

A dark figure across the room was moving, waiting for an answer.


Damn you, Rima.

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