A/N: Okay so some of this history will get confusing and some of it will be wrong. After Adela died(when Sonny was 18) he moved in with Olivia and her family in Besonhurst. Claudia lives in the Zacchara Mansion with Anthony(who has already killed Maria) and Johnny. Now to the story:

Sonny jolted awake after another nightmare; the same nightmare. Every single night, the same girl, the same man, and the same look on the girls face that absolutely killed him. Him being eighteen meant didn't care for much other than himself. His mother was dead and he felt he was partly to blame, Deke would beat her and he couldn't do anything about it. This girl couldn't be more than fourteen, though. He wondered why he been dreaming so intensely about her, but it was too much to think of right then so he fell back asleep.


She looked at him with dull eyes as the man hit her over and over again. Her face was bruised and bloody, her eyes looked emotionless with no tears coming from them. How could she not cry? Who was this man? He kept watching as the man hit her hard enough to push her to the cement ground. She flinched as she hit the cold ground. "Get up, Claudia Zacchara! Now!" The man commanded her. She stood up slowly, blood trickling down her cheek from where the man had hit her. The man smacked her behind the knees, laughing as she crumbled to the floor.

He sat completely upright in bed. There was no way this was a dream. Somewhere out there she was lying there in a heap on the floor. He had to find her and soon. He found a backpack and packed some stuff up. The Falconaries had been great to let him stay with them, but now he had to find her and save her.

No matter what the cost.


She tasted the blood in her mouth from the last time he had beaten her. She promised herself she wouldn't cry, for a fourteen year old that was kind of hard though. She had gone through this her whole life though, he said that she was in the final stages for his plan. The plan to kill her, by a slow painful bloody death. She never knew why he hated her so much, but he had explained it to her.

The cement was so cold, it almost made her shiver. Her body was numb though, she felt like a rag doll. Maybe she wouldn't have to go to school this week, which was great for her, she hated high school and everyone in it. They were so judgmental. She wondered if the teachers ever noticed how much she wasn't there or the fact that she wore so much makeup when she was. She tried to make herself comfortable as she fell asleep.

He black hair and brown eyes, with dimples that were to die for and he was looking at her. He walked over and sat down next to her. "Hi." He said to her. "Hi." She said in a barely audible whisper. He grabbed her hand. "I know what he does to you, I'm here to help." He told her. She didn't know what to say or do.

She opened her eyes slowly. She was on her bed now, with bandages covering her face, Johnny was sitting right next to her. He was only six he shouldn't see her like this. "Johnny go back to your room." She commanded, knowing Maria would not like him to see her like this and she had promised before Maria had died that she would always protect her baby brother.

"How could daddy do this to you?" He asked, trying to touch her face. Her hand caught his, it would hurt if he touched it.

"Dad gets angry. Don't you worry about it, he'll never do it to you. I promise. Now go to bed." She commanded once again. He nodded his head and crawled on her bed to kiss her cheek.

"I love you Claudee." He said running out of the room.

"I love you too John, more than you could ever know." She whispered. Her mind was running a thousand miles per hour. Thinking of that boy who was going to help her. She knew it was just a dream, but it gave her hope.


He was trying to sneak out the back door. If Olivia or one of her brothers found out he was leaving they would stop him. Claudia didn't have that kind of time. He undid the alarm on the house and quietly opened the door. The porch creaked as he stepped foot onto it.

"Where ya going Sonny?" Olivia asked. If he couldn't get further than the porch he wasn't going to be able to get to Claudia.

A/N: Sorry it was short, but this was more of an intro to the story. Give me your thoughts please!