Author's Note: As I watched TOS and the movies I would notice opportunities for oneshots (like the characters alluding to an adorable scene that must have taken place but we never get to see) every now and then and write down the ideas. So here is where I shall put them all. There will be at LEAST nine stories total.

We're in serious trouble. XD

About This Oneshot: This is directly inspired by this clip from The Final Frontier, in which Kirk proves once again that his indeed Captain Sexy Pants, and not Captain Subtle Pants: http://www. mediafire .com/?zqqoumj0imz

Take out the spaces around 'mediafire' and enjoy the slashiness, then read on and (hopefully) enjoy the events that I say took place shortly after.


Kirk entered his quarters with his hiking backpack and casually let it fall to the ground as the door whooshed closed behind him. Well it didn't so much 'whoosh' as it did slide, get stuck, slide some more, get stuck again, then finally close. The captain didn't pay much attention to the problematic door, though, because he was determined to fit in a quick shower before he faced the hostage situation that was unfolding at breakneck speed, which didn't leave him much time.

As he peeled off his clothes, he made sure to inhale deeply and savor the smell of the outdoors while he still had the chance. Before long he'd be in a clean uniform and settled back in to the sights and smells of his new Enterprise, with the crisp fragrance of nature serving as only a fond memory for him to think back on when he was feeling particularly caged in among the metal and circuitry. Tossing his shirt and jacket into the laundry compartment, he sat on his bed and started untying his shoes. Even though it meant saying goodbye to the woodsy aroma he was so fond of, he was actually looking forward to his shower. Having been robbed of a proper night's sleep, he was beginning to feel the first signs of fatigue and needed some hot water to brighten him up a bit so he could be as alert as possible for the crisis at hand.

He slid his right shoe off his foot and let it hit the floor as a small twitch of a grin began to pull at the corner of his mouth. All this anticipation for the shower reminded him of the cunning little stunt he'd pulled on Spock in the turbolift after they had gotten back to the ship. That Vulcan was such a clever bastard, smacking down a subtle offer for a joint shower session just so he could deliver a sharp one-liner. It was moments like that which reassured the tired, old James T. Kirk that their relationship was quickly returning to the way it used to be.

Taking a moment to relive the memory, his grin suddenly began to fade as he called into his mind every detail of the brief encounter. He pulled off his other shoe and yanked off his socks, his brow furrowing slightly. Now that he really thought about it, Spock had seemed to reply with a particular level of honesty that would suggest Kirk's implication had gone undetected. He couldn't help but frown a little as he slid out of his pants and boxers, now completely free of clothing. He never liked moments of miscommunication, but ever since Spock had come back to life he found that those instances had become particularly painful. Even though he knew it was just part of the process of helping Spock get back to where he'd been before he had died, it felt like they took a step backward every time Kirk had to stop and explain a memory, detail or facet of their intimacy. Sure, Spock had come a long way, mostly thanks to McCoy's idea of having another bonding ceremony, but Kirk had gotten so used to everything being...well…effortless. At least things between him and Spock had become effortless after Spock's mindmeld with V'Ger, and that's how he had liked it. Nowadays Kirk felt like he was having to draw Spock a picture to get some of his thoughts across. Okay, so maybe that's exaggerating a bit, but it still felt damn strange.

Realizing that he had been staring at a wall for two minutes straight, he shook himself out of his stupor and entered the small bathroom. When he got close enough to the shower stall the door opened automatically, and he jumped clear out of his skin when he saw Spock waiting patiently on the other side.

Here he had been expecting a simple, empty space for him to get clean, but instead he found his very own Vulcan standing there with nothing but a towel around his waist and hands calmly placed behind his back as if he was fully clothed and on duty. Under different circumstances Kirk would have busted out laughing at the sight set before him, but his jaw was far too busy hanging down to the floor to do anything else for a while.

"My apologies," Spock began with a soft glint in his eyes, "but at the moment of your thinly veiled overture in the turbolift, I could not resist giving a response that I believe Dr. McCoy would refer to as a 'humdinger.' Your attempts at innuendo are getting progressively more blatant with each passing Earth day, Jim. The crew may very well begin to file complaints."

Kirk gaped at his bondmate for a few more seconds before his brain rebooted and he could begin to respond.

"I…I was actually starting to think the whole thing had gone over your head," Kirk stated, his sense of surprise laid bare in his voice.

Spock shook his head slightly, "I could no more misinterpret a moment of such apparent flirtation as you could withhold from initiating it."

The captain couldn't help but let a wide, gleeful smile glide across his face. It was then that he noticed Spock's partial covering versus his complete nudity.

"Why the towel?" he asked with a nod of his head, leaning coyly against the shower's entry.

"If my memory serves," Spock replied with the utmost professionalism and sincerity, "before I died you took great pleasure in removing my last article of clothing for me in situations such as this."

Kirk cocked his head, slightly puzzled, "I never did that."

Spock took a moment and processed the response. Deciding that he must have been mistaken, he then went to remove the towel himself. In the flash of a moment, Kirk's left hand darted forward and caught the Vulcan's wrist.

The captain's voice dropped an octave, "Not that I can't start now," he said with dancing eyes as he stepped into the shower.

The door closed behind him, thankfully without difficulty.

Now merely inches apart, their eyes remained locked in a heated, adoring gaze. Kirk slowly reached out with his right hand and pulled at the cloth wrapped around Spock's slender waist. The towel dropped to the floor and was instantly forgotten. Relaxing his grip on Spock's wrist, he slid the palms of their hands together and relished the warm surge of electricity that always accompanied such a touch. They lingered like this for a few long, quiet moments as they simply drank in the familiar, but endlessly scintillating, sight of each other.

At last, Spock reluctantly broke the silence, "I do not believe time is something we have copious amounts of."

Kirk wrinkled his nose, knowing that what he said was true but not wanting to admit it. Sadly, now was not the time to linger. Using his free hand, Kirk pressed the button that turned on the shower and they were instantly bombarded with a stream of warm water that rained down from the ceiling. Neither man flinched as the liquid ran quickly but decadently over their naked bodies. Kirk noticed that the temperature felt particularly perfect and glanced at the display screen on the wall to his right.

"36.5 degrees Celsius?" he read aloud with inquisitive awe.

Spock gently withdrew his hand from their Vulcan kiss so he wouldn't be distracted as he answered, "When I first took my place in your shower, I seemed to recall that you prefer the temperature of the water to be at precisely 36.5 degrees for the first five minutes, and then 38.1 degrees for the remainder of the shower's duration. However, taking into consideration that my memory is not yet operating at full capacity, the possibility of my error is justifiably present."

Kirk's eyes widened a little. It was a small detail that others might dismiss as trifling, but in this case the significance was anything but frivolous. Kirk had only mentioned his shower preferences as a passing statement over a decade ago, before their five-year mission had ended. Up until now Spock had only remembered things from as early as his pursuit of Kolinahr, but evidently that was changing.

There was hope.

Tremendous hope.

A rare wave of blissful peace washed over Kirk's heart as he pressed the length of his body up against his t'hy'la.

"No, no" he assured Spock in a gentle, lilting tone, "You're absolutely right."

With a delicate sense of passion, Kirk leaned in and brought their mouths together in a deep, but graciously tender, kiss. It was now unerringly clear that, at least when it came to one of the most treasured aspects of their relationship, he had no need to worry. Even if Spock never regained all of their incredible history, he was alive.

And that, for Kirk, would always be more than enough.