He's been gone for three years now. Three years of crying in the middle of the night. Three years of waiting at that same bench, hoping he'd show up. Three years of those same words repeating in my head… "Sakura….Thank you…"

So here I am now, Sakura Haruno, sitting on my bed crying silently, once again. I've trained and trained, hoping I'll be strong enough to bring him back, but I fail every time. I try so hard but it always ends up back-firing in my face. No matter what I do, I can never bring him back! Now back to me, sobbing as my broken heart cuts me up on the inside. My eyes wonder across my room, resting on that picture that has kept me going. That first picture of Team 7.

I let out a another sob, burying my head in my arms. I felt so alone in the damned world. Of course there was Naruto, I would always love him, but as a brother. And as for Lee, he was an annoying Fanboy with good intentions.

"Don't Cry…" A familiar smooth voice came to my ears. I lifted my head from my arms to find the boy I cried for, sitting next to me. I know what you're thinking…"Yay, it's another happy ending!" But you're wrong; this is not the real Sasuke. He's just another illusion from my imagination.

"I miss you so damn much it hurts!" I loudly whispered at him. My face was torn in a mask of pain in front of his onyx eyes. He sighed, looking down and gave me a sympatric look. I lifted my hand and waved as it passed right through him.

"That's the worst part of it all..The only time you'll come back is as a part of my imagination…" I said softly, curling up in the corner of my bed. My mind must be cruel because he appeared again and hugged me as I cried into his chest. Usually I wave my hand through him and he goes away, but not tonight.

Maybe tonight I need someone to hold me. To tell me everything's going to be okay, even though it probably never will be. So I'll let myself have that pleasure tonight.

…..But just tonight….