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Bolts from the Blue

Dates and Crimsons Sunsets

"I hate this place," the voice states, disdain and loathing written all over it.

A moderately tall boy, 6'1, looks down at the city gates of Konoha, his old home. His blue eyes, slits with four tomoes revolving around the pupil, scans the city beneath him. Strong and lean muscular arms cross over against his chest, his coat waving in the wind. His trench coat swivels behind him, covering the clothes beneath. The neck is high with a distinct black color, red cloud designs blazon on the coat. His long, platinum blond hair juts out in spikes, a ponytail running down his back in a yellow waterfall.

"I know you do," a voice behind him says, a ghost of a smile playing on her face.

The voice originates from a woman behind the boy. Her blue hair falls down around her face, her ears sticking out from the cascades of blue. Her blue eye shadow matches her grey-blue eyes with a blue lip piercing under her lower lip completes her face. Her hands are folded across her chest, her back leaning against the tree. Her trench coat is similar to his, buttoned up all the way, the collar high. Red cloud designs similar to the blonds embellish her trench coat.

The two look towards the city of Konoha, the city of the Leaf, "I can't believe I'm back here. A long term mission too…"

Standing up, she walks over to the boy, putting her hand on his shoulder, "I know Naruto-kun. Either we do this, or Pain will notice. And think of this as a vacation. We have some time to ourselves."

Smiling, he turns around and nods his head, "Hai. Alright, let's go change. You have everything you need?"

Nodding her head, he reaches into his trench coat, his hands groping and searching for the storage scroll. His hand wraps around a cylindrical container, his fingers wrapping around its slender body. Pulling it out of his trench coat with a small rustle, he swishes his thumb against his elongated canine teeth, the cut seeping blood. Smearing it onto the seal of the scroll, the scroll reveals a bundle of cloths, an Ame hitai-ate, and his treasured sword, Rippuku Shipuu, or Raging Hurricane. The clothes consists of a plain black muscle shirt, ANBU style pants, a black trench coat, and a pair of blue sandals. Tape reveals itself so he can cover the whisker marks on his face.

Pulling out her own storage scroll, she opens it to reveal an Ame set of Jounin clothes and a similar Ame hitai-aite. Both quickly pull on their clothes and store their Akatsuki cloaks back into their respective scrolls. Unrolling several pieces of tape, he tapes up the whisker marks, his face now white with tape. Forcing the chakra out of his eyes, they turn back to their normal cerulean. Both hop down silently, their feet making no noise when they touch down on the ground. Standing up straight, they walk towards the gate where two Chunin stand guard.

The two Chunin on duty are currently chatting about idle things when they see the two figures approach. A woman and a boy. One wearing Jounin style clothing, the other wearing a black trench coat, obscuring most of his body. Both faces are emotionless, their faces stoic. They can't help but notice how attractive the woman is, but if the face is any indication, she didn't really care. The boy on the other hand, his face is passive, no emotions flickering what so ever. Shivers run down their spine at the two emotionless people before them.

Quickly snapping out of it, one of the Chunin asks, "What is your business here in Konoha?"

A morbid tone comes from the woman, "We're here to take part in the Chunin exams."

The tone is enough to send even more shivers down their spines. Putting on a fake show of bravado, one of the Chunin sticks out his hands, "Your information here."

Reaching into one of the pockets, the woman pulls out a scroll and puts it in the extended palm of the man. Unrolling the string, he takes a look at the scroll and all the information checks out.

"Alright, your information is good. Welcome to Konoha and good luck on the Chunin exam."

The boy nods at the two, the woman choosing to stand there, still stoic as ever. They open the gate, revealing a bustling city, men and women doing their errands. They walk inside, only to meet looks of confusion and acknowledgment. Soon after, the people soon begin to return to their errands, allowing the two to walk through the village. Quickly finding their destination, they walk into the hotel lobby.

They look around the vast room that is the lobby of the hotel. Four sickly red walls surround the room, golden sashes extending around the windows. People can be seen reading newspaper and sipping coffee at the round tables by the window. Men and women look up at the two, men drooling at the woman, while women blush at the appearance of the boy.

Walking up to the counter, they ring the bell and a stout man of about thirty years stumbles into the little cubicle, "How may I help you sir?"

"I'd like to book one of your suites for a month and a half. I have the money and I'll pay up front."

Nodding his head, the man overlooks the emotionless tone, choosing to accept the money. Reaching under the desk, he opens up a safe and extricates a key from the confinements of the safe.

"Your room is room 987. We hope you enjoy your stay. Breakfast is served every morning starting at 6 AM all the way until 11 AM. Do you have any bags that need to be carried?"

"No, but thank you for the thought," the boy says, while the woman nods in the stout man's direction.

The duo make their way across the red carpet adorning the floor, drawing stares towards them. They brush it off, continuing to walk towards the elevators. Pressing the button for the elevator, they stand and wait side by side, waiting for the elevator door to open. With a ding, the elevator door opens to reveal a woman wrapped in a dress of sorts. It's red with black and white bandages wrapping around her torso. Her raven colored hair extends past her shoulders, the end curling upward giving it a look of wildness. The dress gives way to a pair of shapely legs that extend to a pair of feet that have their toenails painted red. Her face is angelic, and her ruby red eyes shine.

That person is Yuuhi Kurenai and she is in a hurry. Currently lost in thought, she looks down at the ground waiting for the elevator to descend to the lobby. The elevator door opens with a ding and she looks up and sees two people, a woman and a boy. The boy has long blond hair, a Ame hitai-ate wrapping around his left bicep. Each cheek is covered by three strips of tape, his blue eyes radiant. His black trench coat does not reveal much of his body, choosing to wrap around his body. The handle of a sword can be seen showing perpendicularly over his right shoulder.

The woman on the other hand, is beautiful. Her skin is delicate, a light shade of pink. She is wearing normal Jounin clothes, her Ame hitai-ate settling on her forehead. Her face is stoic, the grey blue eyes deep and meticulous. She is wearing blue eye shadow and a lip piercing on her lower lip.

Finished analyzing, she gives them a small smile, "I'm sorry for the hold up," extending her hand.

The woman nods, choosing to stay stoic, while the boy returns the handshake, "Don't worry about it. We just got here and are in no rush."

She cringes a little bit at the emotionless tone, but chooses to overlook it, "I assume you are here for the Chunin exams?"

The two people nod at the same time, allowing her to continue, "Well, good luck. I really have to go, so excuse me."

The two people standing in front of the elevator clear a path for her and step in. They turn around and watch the departing raven haired woman. The boy hits the button for the 9th floor. Some Neil Diamond plays through the speakers in the elevator, making the two cringe at the crappy music. The elevator opens with a ding, the two rushing outside to escape the crappy music that is Neil Diamond. Walking down the halls, they meet a few people who stare at them briefly and then continue on their business. Stopping in front of the door, the blond extracts the room key and opens the door to reveal their suite.

The room isn't all too bad, better than what they usually stay in. Sandalwood adorns the floor giving it a glossy look. The living room is modest, a two piece couch set sitting around a glass table. A recliner sits in the corner, while a book shelf with a couple book sits on the wall furthest from them. The room smells fresh, a mixture of some type of fruit with another.

Stepping inside they remove their shoes and sets them on the welcome mat. Closing the door behind them, they take a step and notice a small kitchen to their right. The basic necessities, a stove, some pots and pans, spoons, forks, chopsticks, and plates lay in cabinets. The small refrigerator is barren, no food in stock at the moment. Sighing a little bit, the blond makes another note on his mental checklist.

Exploring a little more, they walk down the hallway that connects the living room to the bedroom. Each room has a simple queen size bed, a vanity, and a couple drawers for clothes. A simple painting of a bowl of fruit hang over each bed and a lamp sits on the vanity, the only source of light in the otherwise barren room. A private bathroom is connected to the room and they walk in to find a modest bathroom with a tub, a shower, and a sink. The other room is identical in its blandness. Choosing the one closest to the living room, they dump their stuff inside and walk back into the living room.

They fall onto the couch, side by side and they drop their stoic mask. They begin to let loose and settle down, pulling the emotionless stunt making them very tired.

Shaking her head, she lets her hair loose, "Well, that was tiring. Never knew doing that can poop you out so much."

He gives out a low chuckle, "Well, I never volunteered for this mission, but I guess we'll just have to go through with this anyway."

Leaning back, he puts an arm around her shoulder, and she cuddles into his side, "Mmm, my plushy!"

He smiles at the blunette, and nuzzles her hair, "Mmm, what fruit today Konan-chan?"

"Your favorite. Strawberries."

"Yummy, strawberries. Thinking about them makes my mouth water, coupled with the fact that you smell like strawberries…" he lets Konan finish it herself.

"Hm, I might take you on that offer," she retorts, a smirk developing on her face.

With a devious smile, he gives her a quick peck on the lips, "As much as I want to, I still need to train. It's about 9 now, so I'll be back at around 5 in the afternoon. I'll take you out on a date tonight. How's that sound?"

She smiles and answers with a nod and a quick peck to the lips, "Alright, I'm going to take a nap. That emotionless bid is really tiring."

"It is isn't it," he smiles down at her, her eyes already closed.

Her breathing becomes slow and rhythmic, her chest bobbing up and down in rhythm with her exhales and inhales. His hand plays with her silky blue hair for a few minutes, his hand digging through the strands. She lets out a little mewl in her sleep at the sensations assaulting her scalp. She burrows deeper into his warmth, her head nuzzling his neck now.

Gently standing up, he picks her up bridal style and moves her into his bedroom. Laying her down on the bed, he looks at her face. It's peaceful, so different from the one she normally wears. She wears a mask in the day, but when it comes night, she shows her true self. His hand caresses her cheek, a sigh emanating from her throat. Pushing back a strand of her blue air behind her ear, he sits up and walks towards the door. Outside the hall, he grips the doorknob and looks at her sleeping form, his lips turned into a smile. He closes the door and gets dressed again, exiting the hotel and find an empty training ground, training ground # 8.


Four hours later finds our little hero slashing imaginary enemies, dancing and twirling in sync with his blade. Imaginary heads fly off enemy shoulders, imaginary blood staining the grass and trees. One last stab and slash leaves Naruto standing alone in a sea of imaginative blood and corpses. Noticing the chakra signatures in the distance, he masks his own, lithely jumping up into a tree to observe. Looking in the direction of the signatures, reveal the same raven haired woman with the red eyes, with three genin in tow.

They settle into the grass, their voices barely audible, "As you know, the Chunin exams are coming up in two days."

The three nod in recognition, "I have elected all three of you to take part in the exam. Understand that you don't have to if you're not ready. The Chunin exams are difficult, and it was hard for me when I took it."

The three nod their heads in recognition, their mouths spewing questions. He listens in rapt attention, eyes only for the red eye beauty. All four stand up, the three genin making their exit of the training field. When the three leave, the woman walks over to a tree and takes a seat, her back resting against the trunk. Her eyes close, her posture and light breathing indicative of sleep.

Hopping down from the tree, he tries to make a quick exit, forgetting to suppress his chakra, "You know, I can't let you leave after spying on my team."

Her red eyes open to look at a back, a blond ponytail in the middle. She recognizes the same boy from the hotel, and blushes. Sure she is 30, but with such a looker, she can't help but blush at his looks.

"I suppose I need to explain myself?"


"Well, I was training for a bit then I noticed your chakra signatures. Couldn't help but look in on it. All three of them taking the exam?"

She nods her head, but the boy still has his back to her, "Yes. I'm glad they all are since they won't be admitted without all three present."

"Well, I hope you trained them well. They're going to need it."

She quirks an eyebrow, "What do you mean?"

He turns his head, baring his slit pupils, "Time will tell. Until then."

He swishes his trench coat, turning to leave when her soft voice permeates the air, "Wait."

Without turning his back, "Yes?"

A low angelic voice sounds out, "What is your name?"

It's barely audible, but his enhanced senses manages to pick it up. They stay silent for a minute before he answers, "Touketsu is my name. I must take my leave. Goodbye."

He disappears in a swirl of ice and water, much to the amazement of Kurenai herself. The name certainly stands out as well, matching his exit. She slowly makes her stand, her knees still buckling at the encounter. She walks out of the training field towards the Dango shop wanting to share this new bit of information with her friend, Mitarashi Anko.


He appears in front of Ichiraku's, deciding to grab a quick bite of food before his date with Konan. Walking inside, he notices that it hasn't changed since the last time he's been here. He lets out a little grin, but it quickly disappears as he sits on a barstool. He sits there, swiveling his head and checking the place out before a girl he recognizes walks up to him.

"What can I get you," she asks, taking out a notepad and a pen.

He gives her a small smile, "Two Miso ramens and a Pork ramen. I'd also like a cup of sake."

She returns the smile, writing down his order and disappears behind the curtains. Handing her father, Teuchi, and walks back out. She has never seen the boy before, but his looks make her blush. He is handsome, his face any girl would die to kiss. Deciding whether to leave him alone or not, she walks over to him, her intentions of creating small talk.

"Are you here for the Chunin exams?" she asks.

He gives her a small smile and answers with a curt, "Yeah."

Her dad calls her and she brings out the three bowls of steaming ramen. Setting them in front, he snaps his chopsticks and begins to eat. In fifteen minutes, he finishes the three bowls, his hunger satiated for now.

"Good luck. I've always heard the test is grueling. A lot of people stop by after it to get some grub."

He chuckles deeply, "I guess I'll see you after. The ramen here is delicious. What's your name?"

Her cheeks burn red when he asks for her name, "M- My n- name is A- Ayame."

He chuckles at her stuttering, "No need to be embarrassed. I get that a lot. Name's Touketsu. I'll see you around Ayame-chan." He stretches out the chan at the end, teasing her.

Her blush comes back harder and she tries to hide it as best as she can, "Come back soon Touketsu-san."

He smiles at her and disappears in a swirl of ice and water, amazing Ayame.

"Damn shinobis," she says aloud, all the while smiling to herself.


Meanwhile, Kurenai is making her trek towards the Dango shop. Stepping inside, she finds Anko munching down on Dango and sake. Cups, sticks, and bottles litter the counter where Anko is sitting. She laughs at her friend's little dango addiction and takes a seat next to her.

Looking up with a dango skewer in her mouth, she sees her good friend Kurenai and smiles despite the skewer still in her mouth.

Extracting it, she greets her friend jovially, "Hello Kurenai-chan. How's the team?"

"All three are going to take the Chunin exam. I made a little discovery today as well."

Anko quirks her eyebrows, dango skewer in mouth, "Tell me about this little discovery.

She chuckles at the odd expression on Anko, the dango skewer not helping, "I caught a genin from Ame spying on my team as I held out thee Chunin exam papers. I didn't detect him the whole time until he started leaving and unsuppressed his chakra signature. He proceeded to ask me about the Chunin exams and he asked me if I trained them well because they were going to need it. He then left in a swirl of ice, but I did catch his name. Touketsu. You know it?"

Anko shakes her head, "Interesting, a genin knowing the shunshin. Must be one hell of a genin. Ice release as well, that's impressive. You know what he looks like?"

"Why do you want to know?" Kurenai says, eye brows quirking.

"Just wondering," Anko says innocently.

"Long blond hair, black trench coat, a sword strapped to his back. Blue eyes, Ame hitai-ate on his left bicep."

"Sounds like the Yondaime. Blue eyes and blond hair."

"Come to think of it, he did look like the Yondaime. Just a little shorter."

Deep in thought, "Interesting. Maybe I'll see him at the Chunin exams."

"I wouldn't doubt it. He seems pretty strong."

The waitress takes her order and the two moves on from the subject of the mysterious boy. They then talk about their personal lives and other trivial things. Two figures step inside the shop hand in hand, one with blond hair, the other with blue hair, an origami flower embedded in her hair.

The two kunoichi look at the couple, Kurenai honing in on the blond.


40 Minutes Earlier (Queue the Lemon)

After eating ramen, he walks back towards the hotel, back towards Konan. Ascending the elevator, he loses his thoughts in his blue haired lover and is broken away from them by the ding of the elevator door. Stepping out and walking towards his door, he inserts the key, turning the doorknob and stepping inside. The sound of the shower is heard through the room and he stalks down the hallway, effectively opening the door without a sound.

Stripping himself from his clothes, he slips opens the shower door without a squeak and watches as his blue haired goddess washes her body. Little does he know, she has a smile on her face, knowing he is already there.

Her voice rings out, "Like what you see Naruto-kun?"

He blushes, Konan not seeing it as her body is still turned away, "The view's nice."

She turns around and smacks him in the shoulder playfully, "You pervert."

"I can't help it. Your ass is oh so… It makes me shiver."

Smiling, she puts her arms around his neck, drawing his lips next to hers, "Admit it, you love my ass."

He reaches a hand over to her ass, giving it a quick squeeze which elicits a moan from Konan, "Yeah, I admit it. I love your ass."

She descends her lips to his, the shower raining on both of them. Their lips mold together, Naruto's mouth opening slightly to allow his tongue out. His tongue licks at her upper lip, demanding entrance. She gladly opens up her mouth, allowing his tongue to dance with hers. Their saliva mix together, their tongues dancing back and forth between their mouths. She lets out a moan and tosses her head back, exposing her neck.

He takes advantage, kissing down her jaw line, towards her neck. Nipping, sucking, and licking her pulse point elicits another moan and a melodic, "Naruto-kun," from Konan's open mouth. He pins her hands above her head, continuing to kiss her neck. He kisses down her to her collarbone, leaving hot trails of saliva along her collarbone. He moves across the top of her chest and kisses along the other collarbone before kissing up her neck again. He gives her an open mouth kiss and descends back down at a quicker pace, eager to take her bust in his mouth.

Kissing down her chest, he uses one hand to pin her hands above her head, the other hand massaging her right tit.

"Keep going Naruto-kun," she drawls out, lost in the feelings. The heat in her belly begins to grow, threatening to spill.

"As you wish Hime."

Giving her a quick kiss on the lips again, he lowers his head and takes her left nipple in his mouth. His hot breath mixes with his tongue bring her nipple to its peak, causing her to shudder and gasp. He gives it a quick nip and a good suck, while his hand gropes the other. After a few minutes, he switches, his tongue now on her right nipple, his hand massaging her left tit. He gives that one the same treatment, a good nip, some sucking, and a whole lot of tongue action.

After a few minutes, she can feel the heat pour over making her scream his name, "Naru-kun… I'm cum-."

She is cut off as her orgasm rocks her body, waves of pleasure rolling through her flesh and bone. Her juices spill out onto his thigh, as she continues to moan, his butterfly kisses making her all hot and heavy. The orgasm comes in small waves, making it last longer as she continues to moan and groan under his ministrations.

When he breaks away for air, she reaches over and grabs the shampoo, her eyes innocent, while holding out the shampoo bottle to him, "Wash me?"

"As you wish," he gives a toothy grin, squeezing a glob of the pink shampoo onto his hand.

Rubbing it into her hair, he scratches her scalp causing her to purr in pleasure. His nimble hands rub her scalp, her hair now a white, foamy mess as the soap reacts with the water.

When he is finished, he takes the shampoo bottle, "Wash me?" He asks in the same manner.

She laughs a little bit, squeezing a glob of the pink shampoo into her hands. Thoroughly rubbing it into his hair, she tickles his scout, making him groan. His normally spiky hair is down, the water drenching it. Making her way down his back, she reaches her hand over and gives his ass a quick squeeze. He groans, pushing his member harder into her stomach, making her moan as it tickles her sides.

With both their hair as foamy messes, they use their hands to wash the other's heads. They moan at the same time, their skin reveling in the pleasure of the other's feather light touches. Once all the foam is washed away, Konan grabs a luffa and a bar of soap.

"Wash my body," she commands.

Taking the luffa and bar soap from her, he gives a cheeky grin, "As you wish, my Hime."

She blushes at the name, never being called it before. Her mind goes haywire when she feels the luffa rubbing all over her body, the soapy liquid running down her sides. Her arm, her legs, and then a tingly sensation down in her nether regions. Looking down, she finds his hand massaging her pussy with the luffa. She moans his name, making him look up, continuing to wash her body.

Finally reviving from the moan, "You're supposed to wash me, not play with me."

He mock pouts, "Sorry, it's just too fun."

"I know, now it's my turn to play," her smile wicked as she says it.

Rubbing his body with the luffa, she descends towards his nether region. Finally reaching it, she uses her free hand, giving it a good stroke causing him to groan. Smirking, she continues to stroke him, slowly bending her knees to get lower. Finally on her knees, she looks up at him and sees his eyes closed as she continues to stroke his shaft.

Looking at it erect, 8 inches, she gives it a test lick, making him whimper at the sensation. She gives him a lick, causing him to groan. Continuing to stroke his shaft, she takes the tip in her mouth, her tongue swirling around the head. His taste is intoxicating and she can't find any reason to not do this every moment she gets a chance to. She continues for a few minutes to bob on the tip, before deciding to take the whole length of his tool in her mouth.

Her head begins to bob up and down quicker, her hand following the motions of her mouth. His member begins to twitch, the fire in his belly beginning to go over the edge. Feeling it, she begins to move more ferociously, her movements quickening.

With a good suck, he moans out her name, "Konan-chan… I'm cumming. AHHH."

His tool twitches in her mouth, and she begins to pump faster, her mouth giving it a good suck. His balls retract, and the white, warm liquid runs through his shaft and squirts into her open mouth. She greedily swallows his load, a salty taste, yet sweet aftertaste. He gives her a good 5 squirts before it ends, leaving him panting. She licks her lips and closes it with a smack, standing back up.

She gives him a quick kiss, her hand still on his shaft. Leaning back, she pulls him with her by his cock. She spreads her legs a little bit, bringing his manhood in between her thighs. Positioning it, she lets go to allow him to thrust into her. Looking down, they make eye contact and she gives a miniscule nod, allowing him entrance. Slowly, he moves his hips, dipping his head into her vagina, making her gasp. Inch by inch, he moves into her until he is fully buried in her pink depths. He then pulls back, his head still buried in her folds, and then quickly, he pushes back in. Konan is not ready for it, her moan sharp.

He then pulls back out, thrusting back in again as his hand rubs her sides. His hand trail fire across her body, his journey making it to her face where he grabs her cheeks. Still thrusting, he pulls her face towards his, giving her a passionate kiss. Looking into each other's eyes, they smile at seeing the hints of passion, lust, and love.

One thrust hits her G-spot, and she moans loudly, "Do it again, please Naruto-kun. Please."

He smiles, giving it to her again and again. He continues to thrust to her G-spot and then he feels her walls tighten around his dick, signaling that she is close to her release. A hard thrust later throws her for a loop, the fire in her belly spilling over and out, saturating his already soaking wet member with her cum. Her body racks with the intense orgasm, and he still pumps, his release almost upon him.

With one hard thrust, he moans out, "Konan-chan… I'm cumming."

Her walls tighten and he throws back his head, groaning as he comes and fills her with his warm, white seed. He bucks his hip further, making her moan, trying to get even deeper as his orgasm finishes. They stay like that for a few minutes before he pulls out, the water long cold. Under the cold water, they rub each other's body, getting the soap off.

(End Lemon)

"Well, the purpose was to get clean Naruto-kun."

He has the decency to blush, "Well, we did get clean after getting dirty didn't we?"

"You have a point there. I thoroughly enjoyed it."

He steps out, leading her out by the hand, "As did I Hime."

She blushes again, the name beginning to rub off on her, "Let's go get dressed. If I remember, somebody owes me a date."

He smiles and walks out, a towel wrapped around his body. He steps into the bedroom and looks into the drawer, pulling out a white Tee-shirt, a pair of black cargo shorts, and underwear. Konan walks in a few minutes later to find Naruto already dressed. She looks him up and down and can't help but blush at how he looks. The white-Tee shirt leaves nothing to the imagination, the black pants matching with his white Tee-shirt. He is wearing his Ame headband on his forehead, pushing his bangs back. Hair covers some of the headband, but not enough to cover his eye.

Naruto at the moment is ogling Konan as she undresses. Her bust jiggles as she bends over, and he can't help but admire her firm ass. Dirty and perverse thoughts run through his head, but he snaps out of it. Noticing she has already changed, he looks her up and down. She is wearing a simple black blouse with a white skirt. The colors on each other are flip flopped. The skirt goes to her lower thigh, a pair of slender legs extending to the ground. Her hitai-ate is wrapped around her forehead, her blue hair covering everything but the Kanji. Her signature white origami flower is in her hair, and her lip piercing is in place.

They lock eyes for a moment, a dark grey blue meeting a brilliant blue. They smile, and Naruto walks over to her, offering his hand, "Shall we go?"

"We shall," she replies, her voice sing song and angelic.

Leading her out of the hotel, they descent the elevator. They draw stares from the people milling around the lobby. The men ogle his girlfriend, while girls drool over Naruto's appreance.

"All eyes on you Konan-chan," he smiles, grabbing her hand.

His hand grabs on to hers, their hands perfectly fitting together, "Not all of them, look."

True to her words, he looks around and notices all the stares he gets from the woman, "Eep, protect me Konan-chan."

She laughs, her voice melodic, "You have nothing to worry about Naru-kun."

The women shoot daggers at Konan, who ignores all of it. All the men glare daggers at Naruto, who ignores it all as well. The pitiful killing intent of one of the shinobi's inside made them laugh as they walk out of the lobby. They walk in silence, choosing to revel in the comfortable silence. The pair draw stares on the streets, but they ignore them all, choosing to continue their little walk.

Naruto looks at the sky, the sun low in the sky. He has something planned for the night, and he doesn't want to screw it up.

His stomach grumbles, making Konan laughs, "Is somebody hungry?"

He turns red from embarrassment, and Konan giggles, the sound nectar from the gods, "Come on lover, let's go get something to eat."

"What do you want to eat Konan-chan?"

"Let's go get dango, it's been far too long since we've had dango. You and your ramen take out," she puffs, making a mock face of disgust.

He chuckles, "But you like ramen, especially when I eat it off of you."

She turns red, remembering the time he actually did. The next couple hours after will always be remembered, "Still, you eat it too much. You need variety. I am not budging."

When she makes her lip straight, he knows she won't give in, "Fine, there's a good place down the street I know of. Eaten there once before, not bad actually."

She smiles, "Thank you Naru-kun."

"Anything for you Konan-tenshi."

She snuggles into his warmth as they continue to walk. They stop outside the door, where he reaches over and opens the door, allowing her to go in first. She smiles at the gesture, walking in first. He appears again next to her, his arm opens allowing her to slop her own through. They walk in, drawing stares, two of them being Yuuhi Kurenai, the woman back from training field # 8 and the purple haired kunoichi, the snake mistress, Mitarashi Anko.


The kunoichi duo watch the two as they sit at a table, both of them checking out the boy.

"Wow, he's a looker. You weren't kidding when you described him. I can see his muscles under his shirt," Anko whispers to her friend.

Kurenai gives him a once over, agreeing with Anko, but instead of voicing it, she nods her head. A bright pink tinge stains both their faces as his arm flexes when he scratches back of his neck. Neither can hear their conversation, but from how the woman is laughing, they can tell whatever he is saying is quite funny.

"You know who the lucky woman is?" Anko asks, licking her lips.

Kurenai looks at the intent in her friend's eyes, "They both have Ame headbands and she looks older than him, so I'm guessing his sensei."

"I wonder if he goes for older women. With a face like that, who can resist?" Anko develops a contemplative look, the glean showing in her eyes.

"Anko!" Kurenai whispers, all the while developing a light blush at the though, "You're not going to talk to him."

"So you can talk to him yourself? Nuh uh sister. And by the way they are holding hands, which basically answers my question."

Looking over at the two, she notices their hands held together in the middle of the table, and she grows kind of jealous. Nobody has ever looked like that before, all the men she know wanting to just get in her pants. Looking into his eyes, she sees the emotions there, raw and real for the blue haired woman sitting across from him. Meanwhile, Anko thinks the same thing, every man she encounters wanting her for her body, not her personality. Looking at the two, she sees the genuine emotion in his eyes, the one you assert with love.

Both the kunoichi sigh, loud enough to attract the attention of the two at the table, "Hm, I wonder what those two are thinking about to make sighs that loud."

Konan looks over at the two kunoichi, easily recognizing them as the Genjutsu Mistress, Yuuhi Kurenai and the Snake Mistress, Mitarashi Anko.

"You do know who they are right?"

He rolls his eyes, "I do read the bingo book on occasion my dear Konan-chan."

"Whatever, by the way they're looking at you though, the reason they sigh is probably you."

He chokes on his drink, the sake almost going down the wrong pipe, "Say what?"

She laughs at her boyfriend's dazed expression, "You're just too cute sometimes. I said, they are probably attracted to you."

"Why?" he says, voice full of confusion.

"Have you looked in the mirror in a while? You're basically the reincarnate of your father, the Yondaime," she says, a blush creeping onto her face just thinking about how good her boyfriend looks.

"Oh, so that's why you're going out with me? You're in it for the face am I right?" he asks playfully, teasing in his voice.

"Oh no honey, surely for your body," she teases back.

"It's nice to hear that Konan-chan," he says, face leaning forward over the table.

"Mm, you smell like strawberries. Now I wonder, do you taste like strawberries?" she says, eyes filling with mirth.

"Care to find out?"

"I've always been a curious one," she retorts, face leaning forward, catching him for a quick, but passionate kiss. They don't use tongue as they are in a public restaurant, but it is enough for some people to look at them. They break apart after 30 seconds, each of them gasping for air.

"Well, that gives me my answer," her face contemplative.

"What's the verdict my dear?" he questions.

"You taste better than strawberries."

He smiles, "As do you Konan-chan."

She returns his smile and at that moment, the waitress comes back with their food. They say the normal blessings and dig in, snapping their chopsticks in the process.

The two kunoichi just watch as the two kiss, their mouths slowly falling open at how much passion is behind it.

"Damn, that kid looks like he can kiss," Anko says, face contemplative again.

Kurenai just stays silent, watching the two share an intimate moment, wanting that for herself. Looking back over the years, she sees herself rejecting men left and right. Her most recent escapade being Sarutobi Asuma, who she had just broken up with recently. Sure, she and Asuma shared their moments, but nothing like the two she is watching do. She watches them as they laugh and converse jovially, each of them sharing a bit of themselves.

She looks down; face sad as she wants something like that for herself. Looking at the boy, she can't help but be attracted to the boy. He looks so much like the Yondaime, the faces so close. His hair is the same, just a little longer, the spikiness still present. The clear blue eyes are the same, cerulean and piercing. The similarities are scary, one would think they are related. Oh Kurenai, you don't know how write you are. Looking back up, she watches two feed each other their plates. It's just so intimate, it seems like she is intruding on their private moment.

The boy looks out of the corner of his eyes to catch the red eyed kunoichi looking at him. Disregarding it for the moment, he feels the point of a fork poking at his mouth to open up. He laughs, opening up his mouth, Konan just shoving the food in. She laughs as her boyfriend tries to chew the intrusion in his mouth. She looks to her right, finding the red eyed kunoichi looking at her boyfriend. She is obviously attracted to him, but she can also see she has emotional attachments to her Naru-kun. Looking back, she remembers the day they talk about a family after their plans unfold.

Flashback Begin

"What is your plan afterwards Naru-kun?" she asks, total curiosity on the subject.

"I want to start a family," he simply says like it is the most natural thing in the world.

The words surprise her, coming from a fourteen year old boy. She smiles and she secretly holds the same dreams of starting a family.

Their relationship had grown since he had joined Akatsuki all those years ago. He trained under Pain and assigned to her. At the beginning, she didn't really talk to him outside of missions. One time though during a mission, she was about to be ambushed, but he saved her from a stab to the back.

She looked back on that day and acknowledged it as the day she had started falling for him. They began to talk outside of missions, occasionally going out together to eat. The charade went on for about 6 months before each of them confessed their feelings. Safe to say, they both figured out what they were at the end of the night.

Back to his answer, she retorts, "I have to tell you though Naruto, I can only bear a single child."

He looks over at her, "I don't care if we have one child or a million. They will always be loved by their parents."

She smiles at his misinterpretation, but she likes his sentiment, "You misunderstand sweetie, you need multiple wives."

The change in his eyes is small, but she still catches it, "Why? I only need you."

"Do you think we can pull off what we're going to do with just you and me? We need allies and we both know a family is what we both need as well," she retorts.

"I don't really care about anything else. All I need is you and I'll be fine."

Her heart warms at his admission, "Naruto, as much as I'd love to take you all for myself, you know what I am saying is right. We both deserve a family, even if you do have multiple wives."

He looks over at her face, her face showing her adamancy, "Alright, I will take another one. I will only marry another I find that I love as much as I love you. I will only marry one more, you and another are just fine."

"I wouldn't have it any other way Naru-kun," she says, smiling as flashes of a family running around their house play in her mind.

Flashback End

Looking over at the woman with red eyes again, she studies her facial expression. She notices the sadness in them when she looks over at the boy. She doesn't know what can cause it, but she is definitely attracted to her boyfriend. She isn't going to interfere and let whatever bloom, bloom as she insists he take another wife. Stealing another glance at the woman, she notices her staring right back. She gives a small smile, which makes he woman turn red, quickly turning back to the purple kunoichi.

Turning back to her boyfriend, she watches him take the bill for the dinner.

Smiling at him, he helps he stands up and walks over to her side, extending his hand to help her up, "Why thank you."

"You're welcome milady."

Looking back at the sky, he notices the sun getting ready to dip into the horizon. The burning orange turns the sky into a deep blue that reminds him of his Konan's hair. Helping her stand up, he whispers in her ear, "Let's take a walk."

Nodding her head, "Lead the way Naru-kun."

He holds out his arms, allowing her to slide her arms through the crook in his arms. They pass the two kunoichi who sighed earlier. Konan shoots a look at the red eyed beauty, who blushes again when she is caught looking at Naruto. She turns her face forward again and they walk out into the cool night, Naruto leading her towards the Hokage Monuments.


Back inside, the two kunoichi watch the departing couple, their eyes glazed over.

"Wow, he's a freaking gentleman," Anko states rather bluntly.

Kurenai once again chooses to stay silent, trying to interpret the look on the blue haired woman's face. It seemed like a smile, but she couldn't be sure. All she knows is that she is attracted to the boy, both physically and emotionally. He is what she needs in a man, both strong physically, but is also strong emotionally. Just by looking at him, she can see his emotional maturity by the way he handles himself and his girlfriend. He treats her with respect, not just wanting to get in her pants. They share intimate moments, which Kurenai knows is sorely lacking in her life.

Anko notices the sadness in her friend's eyes, and becomes worried, "Kurenai-chan? You okay?"

Kurenai drops out of her thoughts, blinking her eyes for a few seconds, "Oh yeah, I'm fine," she deflates at the end.

"Bullshit, tell me what's wrong?" Anko questions.

"I don't want to talk about it."

"Come on Kurenai, we need to get this out before somebody implodes," she says, trying to catch a laugh out of her best friend.

She continues to stay silent, making Anko become more worried, "Come on, you can trust me. Is it about that kid?"

She looks at her best friend, remembering all the times Anko has told her things. Deciding that sharing isn't so bad she opens up, "Yeah, just watching them made me feel so sad. Just the way they interact and the way they looked at each other made me realize what I'm missing out on. All the men I've ever been one wanted me for my body, and the way he looked at her. I just want somebody to look at me that way, the genuine emotions beside lust and desire present in their eyes."

Anko understands Kurenai. Hell, even she goes through this phase once in a while, contemplating on what she is missing out on life. She looks up at her sad friend's face, and puts on a smile, trying to comfort her.

"Don't worry about it Kurenai. You'll find that person someday. For now, all we can do is move on and wait. Wait for that person to come. Wait for the person that will sweep you off your feet. Trust me on this."

Kurenai looks up at her friend's smiling face, nodding at her words, "You're right. It's no use to stand and wallow, that person will come one day."

They smile, clinking their plates together before taking a swig. Kurenai looks back once at the door, watching and waiting for the time for her white knight to come. Little does she know, it'll be soon.


The couple makes their way towards the Hokage monument, content in the silence. Their hands held together, swing in the breeze as they walk. The sun is about to dip in the sky, turning the sky into a deep violet. The lower half is a vivid orange, eerily reminiscent of his old jumpsuit. He chuckles a bit, drawing a look from Konan.

"Just old memories," he smiles, as he looks back.

"Care to share?" she says, curiosity in her voice.

"All I'm going to tell you is it involves the color orange."

"Oh? Tell me more."


"Come on."




"You're going to get cut off."

"Okay, okay."

"That's a good boy," she says, smile plastered on her face.

They continue to walk as he shares his stories about running around in an orange jumpsuit. She laughs the sound enchanting and magical. It is music to his ears, a voice sent straight from the angels of Heaven.

They walk through the little memorial where he points out things here and there to Konan. They walk up the stairs towards the top of the Hokage Monument.

When they step out onto the monument, the first thing that catches her eyes is the sunset. It is low in the sky, the streaks of orange radiating from the descending of the sun. It is one of the most beautiful things she has ever seen. The horizon covers the bottom of the sun, the glowing orange ball lighting up the rapidly fading sky. He slips an arm around her waist, pulling her into his body. She rests her head on his shoulder, both admiring the view of the setting sun.

They sit like that until the sun disappears below the horizon, but neither want to move.

"That was beautiful Naruto-kun. How did you know about it?"

"This is my favorite spot in Konoha. I came here to think and clear my head. It's like a sanctuary to me. It feels good to share this with someone now," he says, smiling down at the blue haired angel.

"Thank you for sharing this with me Naru-kun."

He nods his head and they sit like that, looking over the still busy city. Little lights glow in the sky, illuminating and bathing the city in lights. They can see the people running around like little ants, scurrying from destination to destination. They can see people working out, walking their pets, or just conversing. The people are in their own world, but to the two up top, they are only aware of the other's presence.

The moon shines down onto the two, bathing them in its light. Her head droops onto his shoulder, and he puts his own on hers. They sit for another hour, just sitting and watching the hustle and bustle below, away from the panic and disorder. A little mewl comes from the woman sitting next to him and he looks over, noting the small smile on Konan's face. Her eyes are closed, breathing slow and rhythmic, indicative of sleep. Smiling, he gives her a quick peck on the forehead before picking her up bridal style. He disappears in a swirl of ice and water, the only remnant of their being there a small leaf drifting from the tress above.


He appears inside their hotel room with a swirl of ice and water. He sets her down on the bed and she immediately stretches out, latching onto a pillow, all the while mumbling, "I miss my plushie."

He chuckles and walks into the kitchen, grabbing a bottle of water. He sits down on the couch, reminiscing on the events of the day. A smile finds its way to his face and he finds himself drowsy, his eyelids half closed. Standing up, he covers his mouth when a yawn comes and stumbles into the bedroom.

Stripping himself of the clothes, he hops onto the bed. Konan's subconscious or something must have figured out Naruto is on the bed because she immediately snuggles into his warmth, her head resting on his chest. He caresses her hair for a bit, choosing to play with it before drifting off. The moonlight shines on the two as if it is a spotlight. It makes the scene almost magical, the rays of the moon making everything around them white. The dust hangs in the air, creating a little shimmering effect.

He soon drifts into a dreamless sleep, nothing able to wake him but the touch of the goddess next to him. Little does he know, a woman with red eyes roll around in her bed, with dreams of a blond and blue eyes playing in her mind.

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