My 2nd all human fic! Hope you enjoy. Oh, and everyone here is 16 and is in their 2nd year of highschool.



I arrived at school and opened my locker. Though I had a car - and quite a nice one too - I prefered to walk to school for the extra exercise. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up and I turned around to see Fang Alator (since that's the last name Fang used in TFW, that's the last name I'm going to give him) watching my every move.

My chocolate brown eyes met his coal black ones and we held the gaze. Never moving. Never wavering. Never blinking. I don't think I could look away if I wanter to - his eyes were too deep. Too dark. Too ... mesmerizing. I had started feeling ... weird around Fang when highschool started. At first, I thought it was just a small crush and that it would go away in a few weeks.

That was two years ago. And nothing has changed except, maybe, those feelings got stronger.

No one knew about these feelings. Not my friends, nor my family. Why? Because I have a reputation to keep up. Everyone knows that I had never had any romance in my life. Not even a crush - before two years ago - , and I was determined to keep it that way.

"ZOMG! You're wearing it! That has to be my favorite outfit of yours!"

I looked down at my outfit - which was a light blue cami wiht wings on the back, light gray zip-up hoodie that was zipped up a little over half way, dark jeans with a few rips, and old dirtied blue and white sneakers - then at one of my best friends, Nudge Alator, Fang's little sister by a month. Normally, Nudge detested the sneakers, but she couldn't deny that it looked great with the outfit.

That's right. Not only did I have to fall for a boy, I just had to fall for one of my best friend's brother!

"Thanks," I replied. "But do you have to squeal?"

"Yep!" I rolled my eyes then looked back at Fang, only to be met with the black, blue and gold striped wall of the school hallway.

"Are you coming to practice?" I asked, turning back to my locker to get a couple more books.

"Yeah. Are you going to prom?"

"Prom? Seriously? Nudge, prom is like ... 6 months away!"

Nudge shrugged her shoulders. "So?"

"So isn't it a little early to start worrying about prom?"


I rolled my eyes. That was just like Nudge.

"You know, you're the least girly cheerleading captain in the history of cheerleading captains?" Nudge asked me.

"Yes - we've had this conversation before."

"Just making sure you remember it."

"See you later, Nudge."

"See ya, Max!"

Do us all a favor and don't ask about me being the cheerleading captain. I think I was drugged when I tried out.

I entered English III, since I'm a year ahead in Language Arts and Math, and checked the clock. Three and a half more hours til lunch. Til I was able to sneek a glance at Fang unless I see him in the hall while switching classes

What do ya'll think?

-Destiny (yes that is my name)