Title: Mostly Twitching

Author: SweetlyDesolated

Pairing: Harry/Rabastan, Bellatrix/Rodolphus

Chapter Warning: Language, cursing, slash and het (not explicit)

Summary: Locked in Azkaban for killing Peter Pettigrew, Harry Potter manages to find love and how to keep a strait poker face. His jailers come to free him, only to come to terms with Harry and his dementor friends.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter and his associated friends, no matter how much I want them. I also don't own the card game 'BS' or 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'. I do own the plot, and my ideas on the dementors.

Author's Note: There are some things changed, so go ahead and read this once again and try to spot the differences!

He twitched. And twitched again. His mad emerald eyes were hidden behind the twitching eyelids.

Harry Potter crossed his arms and leaned against the stone ledge that served as his bed in Azkaban Prison. Really, he should have foreseen that he would be thrown into Azkaban for murder… Even if the murdered person happened to be Pettigrew… Even if Wormtail technically wasn't human. He was more rat than human in Harry's eyes. What was terrible, though, was the fact that, while it was his wand that finished Wormtail off, it wasn't Harry who threw the spell. It was depressing, and kind of a downer.

"Bull shit," he spoke snidely. Five other beings were in the cell with him, two dementors, and three prisoners, the latter mostly more insane than him.

Though the dementors no longer had any effect on him, if they did in the first place, he had grown immune to their haunting chills… It wasn't that alone; Harry had merely made a deal to work on giving other prisoners happy memories in return for the dementors to not use their powers on him.

The blue-eyed man sitting across from Harry had his own eye twitch. His eyes narrowed at Harry, trying to stare down the fifteen year old into submission. Harry merely smirked back.

"Goddammit, Harry!" Rabastan growled. He stretched his hand forward and snagged the pile.

Harry released a crazy cackle, joined by Bellatrix and the gruff voice of her dementor guard. Since Bellatrix and her husband, Rodolphus, were crazier than Harry and Rabastan (Rodolphus' younger brother), they required dementor guards in case they became too wild and started to cause harm. Harry found it as self-preservation, though the dementors were willing to help him. For dementors to guard Bellatrix, he was required to get her to laugh at least five times whenever he saw her. That was enough happiness for Bella to give two separate dementors hearty meals.

The dementor guards joined in the games the prisoners played, though Harry was required for translation as they spoke Parseltongue and their native language.

Rabastan had a dementor on one side and his sister-in-law, Bellatrix, on the other. To the left of his dementor was his brother, Rodolphus, who sat next to Harry. Harry's left side was occupied by Bellatrix's dementor, making a complete circle. (Basically, clockwise: Harry, dementor, Bellatrix, Rabastan, dementor, Rodolphus, and Harry again)

+Three nines+ the dementor hissed out.

Harry translated for the group, "Three nines." His eyebrows furrowed as he gazed under the hood. The mouth was wide and the skin covered in scales. The eye sockets were filled with shadows. A reptilian tongue helped to pronounce the snake language.

"Do I believe you, that is the question," Harry mused. He figured he was already winning the game, so he let the play slide. No one else called out the dementor; the creature hissed happily when Rodolphus announced his claim of a single ten.

Bellatrix, an expert at reading her husband, even if she was mad, declared, "That's bull shit, Rudo."

The man narrowed his navy blue eyes at his crazy wife. "Thanks, Bella, and see to getting sex from another this week." Yes, they really did love each other…deep, deep down inside their cold, dried-up hearts.

Rodolphus' hand stretched forward to take the pile consisting of four cards. "And I almost won, too!" he wailed.

His dementor guard hissed at Harry to make the man happy again. The teen frowned and replied, +Just stick them in the same cell over night. Claim your meal in the morning.+

The subjects of the conversation gave him an odd glance, even if they couldn't understand what he had said. Rabastan gave Harry a look signifying the need for Harry to continue the game; it was his turn after all. The brunet's (1) eye twitched again.

"Two Jacks," Harry announced to the cell. Rustles of cards sounded as his companions searched for three Jacks. Sure, Harry was bluffing. His placed hand consisted of a Jack, so he wasn't completely lying, and of a seven. However, after being in Azkaban for nearly two years, he had an excellent poker face. And acting skills, but those weren't up for consideration in this game. Acting was left for Friday nights, when the group of four humans and two interchangeable dementor guards played Charades.

"I really want to call you on this, but I know I'll lose," Rabastan commented. The others made noises of agreement, and Harry smirked inside.

The dementor guard of Bella hissed, +Seven Queens.+

Harry translated and froze. "Cheater! There are so not seven Queens in a deck! Bull shit, I say bull shit!" The dementors caught the gist and both hissed in laughter, joined by the amused chuckles of the other three humans.

The dementor picked up the nine cards and hissed in anger at the fact he had his own cards…plus Harry's Jack and a random seven. +You cheated just as much,+ it commented in a whisper to Harry's ear. The teen shivered at the cold breath.

+You didn't call me on it.+

+This is true.+

+Would you mind paying attention to the game? The crazy human claims there are four Kings in her hand,+ the other dementor told the two.

When everyone had searched their hand and found not a single King, Bellatrix leered. "Once again, I beat you, my husband." Indeed, Bellatrix had emptied her hand of all cards. Rodolphus snarled and tried to dive across the circle when his dementor enclosed him in the circle of its bony arms. The man squirmed in the creature's grip, but was unable to get free.

+The woman's cell today?+ his guard asked Bella's.

The opposite dementor nodded and gathered his gloating prisoner after placing his cards face down on the pile. Both dementors wrapped their cloaks around Bellatrix and Rodolphus; the cloaks enabled the wards on the cell doors to dissolve momentarily for dementor and prisoner to pass through without harm.

+See you later,+ Harry hissed after the group and received four verbal replies.

The crazy teen stood from the solid stone floor, stretching his arms up and arching his back to get the kinks out. He didn't see the figure that stood from the floor, or watch him walk to his stretching body. However, Harry felt the warm hands that enclosed the slight muscles of his sides and pulled him forward into a lanky chest.

Harry's lips were covered with a pair of rough lips in a short kiss. Rabastan sat on the thin mattress (the stone ledge was easily felt underneath) and pulled the non-protesting teen into his arms.

"How is it she always wins at these card games?" Rabastan questioned Harry. The two shifted until they were spooning on the pallet.

"I have no idea," he replied. Somehow, Bellatrix managed to have every other player of BS (Bull Shit) end up with a large portion of the card deck as her own hand shrunk considerably with every play she made. Sometimes, Harry felt that the woman knew Legilimency, but that thought was blown away when he cheated and she didn't call him on it.

The two trailed off into silence, relaxing in the other's presence, until Rabastan got rowdy at the feel of Harry's warm arse pressing pleasantly into his groin. He kissed along the warm neck of his lover after shifting the long brunet hair to the side, enjoying the pleased sounds the teen vocalized.

Harry flipped in the man's loose arms to come lips-to-lips with Rabastan. He smiled at the friction, and the couple began to strip for a random session of love-making.

Hours after falling asleep, Harry woke to the feeling of a shaking Rabastan pressed against his back. He immediately knew a dementor was feeding from the man, most likely on the happy memory the couple had just made.

+Knock off, you all promised to leave him alone,+ Harry hissed sleepily.

+But he tastes so good. He's so tempting!+ the dementor replied, still a ways away.

Emerald eyes cracked open, squinting at the assault of firelight filtering through the bars of his cell on his retinas. +I do not care; go and bother Rudo and Bella if you must feed.+

+As you wish,+ the dementor said. The shaking along Harry's body stopped, and the teen felt as Rabastan's arm tightened around his waist for comfort. Harry covered the large hand with his smaller one.

The dementor approached however, coming into Harry's view. His arrival at Azkaban had brought him corrected vision as the human guards didn't want their prisoner blind to face the dementors; Harry's glasses were broken irreparably before his arrival. +There are wizards and witches coming to see you, Duane,+ the dementor told Harry when the teen made a questioning sound at its closeness – the dementor had entered the cell.

+Let them in,+ Harry commented. +I do not care what they see; it is their own fault if they don't like the view.+ Harry squirmed back into the warm body spooning his.

+As you wish,+ the creature repeated. The creature retreated from the cell, and Harry heard it turn to stand guard at the entrance.

"There're humans coming to see me," Harry told Rabastan.

"I shouldn't be here, then," he responded. The man made a move to sit up, but Harry's arm clenched over his own, keeping his body pressed to the cot.

"Let them see us," Harry said. The man settled against him again, though hesitant if the tension in the lines of his body was read correctly by Harry. The teen lifted his head from the makeshift pillow of his robes to glance down the lines of his and Rabastan's bodies to make sure they were well-enough covered. Though tired from their activities, both males had had enough sensibility to pull on a pair of pants before sleeping.

It was obvious they had been together as both had mussed hair and their legs were twined together on the narrow bed. Harry cared naught of the impression they were sure to make; he pulled Rabastan's arm tighter around his chest and cuddled back into the warm body.

Soon, multiple sounds of breathing, footsteps, and murmuring voices came into hearing distance of the cell with which Harry was imprisoned. The hiss of two dementors also was heard, and Harry released a low chuckle at their words.

"What is it?" Rabastan asked him drowsily.

Harry merely shook his head and let his eye lids drift closed again. The voices came closer until they were right outside the cell door, and Harry had to run his fingers lightly over his lover's arm to keep the man calm.

+Duane, these wizards and witches are here to see you,+ one dementor said.

+Let them watch,+ Harry replied.

+As you wish, Duane,+ the three dementors hissed in sync. The dementors had found Harry's powers of persuasion, as well as his ability to converse in Parseltongue, quite amusing, and had dubbed him 'Duane,' which translated into 'Little Dark One.' It was the dementor way to show affection to give a person a name in the dementor language.

"Harry, my dear boy!" was called out from the cell door. The light that had been outside the cell moved closer to illuminate the dark interior, and Harry grimaced. One of his hands rose to shield his eyes from the reinforced brightness while his other pushed him into a sitting position.

He recognized his ex-Professor Dumbledore's voice. "Albus," Harry said. The teen could finally squint through watery eyes and he caught sight of two red heads and a bushy-haired teen. There was a shaggy black head standing to the right of Dumbledore. "What are you all doing here?" he asked.

Granger spoke up. "The Ministry finally processed the forms saying that you were able to kill Pettigrew without any effects to your record as he was not human after living so long as an Animagus. Laws against beasts are not in existence." Of course, she neglected to mention the fact about Harry having not cast the killing spell, but he let it slide.

The dementors monitoring the arrivals hissed in displeasure. +Calm down, please,+ Harry told them. The sounds from their gaping mouths lowered in volume until he could barely hear them.

Rabastan sat up next to Harry; the two ignored the gasps of his appearance. "What is it?" he asked groggily, rubbing pretend sleep from his eyes.

Harry smirked up at the man. "They claim I am free; they say that Pettigrew was not human, so I didn't technically kill a human. Thus, my sentence is void."

Rabastan chuckled and bent his head to kiss Harry gently on the lips, ignoring the gasps that sounded again. "If that's the case we had best get dressed then, hmm?"

Harry nodded and slid from the rough stone platform. He found his shirt pooled under the ledge and pulled it on. Since he was technically a prisoner, even if the guards respected him, Harry had no socks, just plain shoes that were well insulated against the frigidity of the prison's stone floors. He slipped them on to his feet as he simultaneously shook his robe out from its pillowed shape and pulled it over his head.

He caught Rabastan's hand and the couple walked to the front of the cell. Ginny was staring at their interlocked fingers with tears in her eyes, overshadowing a glare of betrayal. Ron looked constipated. Hermione was eyeing Rabastan and the empty cell a few places down the hall. Sirius, Harry's godfather, looked disgusted, and Dumbledore… Dumbledore looked like the bumbling old fool he was to agree to send Harry to Azkaban.

"What is this?" Sirius asked loudly. Harry knew Rabastan was frowning, but he shifted sideways into his lover's side.

"I'm gay?"

"You don't say," Ron replied.

Rabastan let loose a chuckle, causing the majority of eyes to glare at him. "What?" he asked innocently.

"And how did you get in this cell?" Hermione questioned, eyeing the depilated man.

Harry explained. "You see, the dementors really appreciate my skills in Parseltongue and persuasion, and came to respect me. Respect from dementors is gifted with this handy-dandy cloak that allows a person to walk through the wards and the cell bars. Thus, I exit the cell, walk down the aisle to Rabastan's cell, pass him the cloak, and we walk back to mine. It all works out."

"That is leaving out quite a large amount of information," Rabastan reminded Harry, whispering the sentence in the teen's ear.

Harry shrugged in response, uncaring of how much he edited. The dementors that had a strong grasp on English hissed, and their fellow understood as one translated for it.

+What, is it not true?+ he asked them. The hoods twitched from side to side as the dementors disagreed, but the hissing stopped.

Ginny glared at Harry and spoke for the first time. "How could you be gay? We're supposed to get married and have a bunch of children!"

Harry was, frankly, surprised. "When was I going to be let in on these plans?"

Her eyes filled with tears, and she hid her face in her brother's shoulder. Harry and Rabastan shared a look that resulted in Harry shrugging his shoulders, clueless.

He resumed eye contact with Dumbledore. "Am I really free then, Albus?" The man's white head bowed positively.

+Could you bring Rabastan through the cell door for me?+ he asked one of the guards. The one that had warned the two of the impending humans agreed and held out its arms for Rabastan to step in to. "Let's go then!" Harry exclaimed. He easily walked through the door and was soon followed by Rabastan.

"Why is he loose?" Sirius questioned. "Do you realize that he was imprisoned for torturing the Longbottoms to insanity?"

Both Harry and Rabastan were surprised with the news. "So that's what they're calling it these days," Rabastan mused. He hadn't seen the outside of the prison in fourteen years.

"It's what you did, I don't see why it would be called anything different," Hermione said.

Harry shrugged. "Eh, it doesn't matter. All they need is a Reversal Spell spoken in Parseltongue and they'll be fine again. Now, let's go get the in-laws, shall we?"

Silence followed Harry and Rabastan down the hall. They turned a corner and continued walking the aisle. At the end of the row was a darkened cell.

With Harry's freedom, the chains on his magic disappeared. He could finally touch his magic again, for the first time since the escape of Sirius and the death of Pettigrew. With an evil smirk, Harry's magic burst into flame that sat on the palm of his hand. He stuck the hand through the cells to illuminate the twined forms of Rodolphus and Bellatrix.

"Wakey, wakey, we're free!" he called loudly, disturbing the sleeping couple.

"Shut-up, Harry," Bellatrix called back. She burrowed her face into her husband's shoulder as the man spat her curly hair from his mouth.

Harry frowned. "I'll set the dementors on you," he threatened. A surge of movement had Harry expel his lantern and turning from the cell. He really didn't want to watch his brother- and sister-in-law get dressed. Rabastan was all the naked flesh he needed.

"We're finally free," Harry told Rabastan with a giant smile upon his face. The teen may not have been in Azkaban as long as the other man had, and he may have had an easier time as the dementors respected him enough not to feed on his happiness, but Harry really hated confined spaces after his childhood with the Dursleys.

"I'll get to see the outside for the first time in nearly fifteen years," Rabastan breathed out.

Harry smiled gently at the man and took up his hand. "Well let's get going outside then, shall we?"

His lover smiled down at Harry, and the two followed one of the three dementors to the surface as the other two remained behind to pull Rodolphus and Bellatrix from their cell, as well as guard the wandering eyes of the free people.

"Hmm," Harry mused.

"What is it?"

"I don't remember going down stairs when I arrived; they must have knocked me out or something."

Rabastan's face twisted into something strange as he tried to bring forth the memory of his admittance. He shrugged uncaringly. "I don't remember if I knew. All I know is that it was quite cold in the nights before you came along," he said as he wrapped an arm around Harry's shoulders in an awkward side-hug. The arm dropped and they walked side-by-side.

Since it was quite early in the morning, the other hundreds of prisoners were still asleep, and thus did not see the passing of the two groups. Bella and Rudo's guards lightly fed off of the happiness the other five people emitted, knowing that their Duane would want for them to associate bad memories with the prison. They were quite happy to have their donor, Black, back, even if it would only be for a few more minutes.

The group entered the main hall of the prison some time later, coming face-to-face with giant stone doors. The dementor guards were about to pull them open when Dumbledore told them to stop. Their hissing told Harry they didn't like having to follow the orders of a mere human.

"Only Harry is meant to be free; I think you are under the wrong assumption if you are walking out of here today," the man told Rabastan, Rodolphus, and Bellatrix. Harry glowered.

Dumbledore's wand rose in the air to stun the ex-prisoners, only to be stopped by a screeching hiss from Harry, along with the restraint of his arms by a dementor that glided out from the shadows.

"They're in Azkaban for torturing two people into insanity, Harry; what are you doing protecting them?" Dumbledore asked, his aged voice sounding disappointed.

Harry snorted at the man. More dementors appeared from the shadows to make sure the other four 'guests' did nothing to harm their Duane and his lover. "Oh, please, Rabastan explained everything to me before we slept together. Did no one think to use Veritaserum on the Lestranges, or did you just examine the spell residue and snap the wands?" Once again, the words, 'Much like you did mine?' went unsaid.

Rabastan told the group, "Blame Alecto and Amycus Carrow; those twins were with us and froze us without our Lord's orders. Then they used our wands, though I'm unsure how considering our wands were supposed to be blood-bonded…."

"There, you see, Harry? He's spouting off Dark nonsense, talking about his lord and blood-magic!" The old man was panting in his exertion to get Harry to believe him.

Harry waved the man's comment away and leaned into Rabastan's shoulder. His arm wrapped around Harry's waist, comforting warmth at his back. "He's my husband, and he's coming with me. They," he said, gesturing to Rudo and Bella, "are the in-laws; they get their Golden Ticket as well."

Hermione was the only one to catch the reference. She snickered, but regretted it immediately when she was glared at by Ginny.

"We can annul your so-called marriage, Harry. You must have been coerced into it, just as you were into being gay by that nasty man!" Ginny squeaked in extreme happiness. She grabbed for Harry's arm to pull herself to his slim body.

The ex-prisoner easily pushed the redhead girl away. "I think not," he spat, looking down on her trembling frame. Though Harry was short, he was still a few inches taller than the Weasley chit. "Besides, the dementors blessed us, so the bond's eternal, just as we wanted it. They went over Rudo and Bella's marriage bond, too.

Harry twisted the fingers of his husband's left hand with his and held them out for the group to see the rings. They looked like they were made of braded wire, each matching the opposite's hair color, with a burgundy jewel set in the center.

The gasps resonated in the arched hall. Harry merely shrugged at Rabastan's annoyed look, the man mainly wondering why the teen would share all that information with the people trying to separate them. The dementors, too, were quite frustrated, though with the fact Harry willingly shared their secrets.

"Well, that's easy enough to pull off," Hermione said, taking a step toward Harry. A dementor silently approached her and started to drink from her wells of happy memories. Hermione trembled, Harry smirked, and Dumbledore frowned.

"It's not that easy when you're bonded as we are," the teen told the outsiders. With one hand, he yanked the robe covering his left arm up to his elbow, displaying ghostly grey characters. They curved all around his hand and forearm, and were left open on the pinky-finger side of his arm. The same hand was used to pull the left sleeve of Rabastan's robe up, displaying the grey characters that completed the design when lined up, left side of faced-up palm to inner elbow. Rabastan's tattoo was interwoven with the black Dark Mark, stark in comparison.

Sirius' shaggy black head shook when he saw the marks, recognizing them as dark magic and as marriage vows from his childhood. The man retreated from the crowd and the dementors let him pass once they opened the doors. A faint crack of Apparition was heard from outside the keep a few moments later.

"Well that's one person off this island. How about four more?" Rudo questioned. Harry's lips quirked into an unamused smile.

+I pray I'll be welcome here in the future?+ Harry asked the dementors grouped around the cluster of wizards and witches.

+Of course, Duane, even if it is for entertainment. May the bond and gift serve you well,+ the head dementor spoke. It was the most malevolent of the dementors that guarded Azkaban, as it was the first of the race in the human world. Other dementors played the grim reaper, bringing the souls they sucked into the Underworld. The gift it spoke of was parts of a dead dementor shrunken and sewn into the hem of Harry's robe, intended to make new wands for each of the four prisoners.

Harry bowed lowly to the master dementor, receiving a dipped head in return. "Shall we?" Harry asked his new family. He extended an elbow to his husband, and the man hooked their arms together.

"We shall," Bellatrix replied, hooking arms with her own husband. The couples gracefully walked from the hall, the dementors parting before them and closing on the left-behind witches and wizards.

+Have your fun with them,+ Harry told the dementors before leaving the building entirely. He left, and heard the high-pitched scream of Ginny Weasley as the dementors started to barter on which got the souls.

Harry smiled, baring his teeth, as he heard the screams. Elbows hooked together, Harry and Rabastan stepped into the sun of a new day, and of a new life. Welcome to the dark, Harry Potter-Lestrange.

(1) Brunet - masculine form of brunette

I'm not entirely sure how this story came to be...only that it involved the card game of BS, the Lestranges, the dementors, and the first few lines. After that, everything just flowed. So, as it flowed while you read the story, I hope it flows as you press that damn review button.


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