Chapter 16 – The Showdown

Gibbs stared bewilderedly at the presence behind him.

"Oh my Go…" for the first time he was lost for words.

"You?!" cried Ziva.

"It can't be…" mumbled McGee.

"That's impossible!" said Abby and Tony.

Ducky just laughed his head off.

"I should've known!"

Gibbs let go of Frank, who scrambled behind Eddie who was now leaning against the cop car to hold himself up.

Gibbs stood up and walked up to the man.

"You did this? You set this up?"

The man nodded.

"Excuse me sir, but who are you?" asked the Officer.

The man turned and faced the officer.

"I am NCIS Director Leon Vance."

Vance held up his I.D. for the cops to read.

Frank and Eddie chorkled behind him.

"Why?" asked Abby.

"That's what I'd like to know!" said Gibbs.

"I had two very good reasons….1…you guys needed a break from the job, and this was the only way I could get you all to a nice vacation spot."

"But why the covers? Why the Gay Couples Retreat?" asked Gibbs.

"Call it payback for your guyses birthday prank last year."

Tony smiles at the memory.

"That raccoon destroyed my office, and ate my favorite couch, so I used the opportunity to get my rebuttle full force."

He smirked at the gang.

"This is my good friend Arnold Kramer, quite the performer ain't he?"

Arnie comes forward and shakes Vance's hand.

"What about those two?" asked McGee, pointing at Frank and Eddie.

"Old family friends, and my Friday night poker buddies, Frank Edwards and Eddie Carmichael."

The two wave at the team.

"OMG! That's where I recognized Frank, there's a picture in your office, you and him in hunting gear, I remember thinking how funny you looked without a suit!" said Abby.

"So this was all a set up?" asked Gibbs.

"Yes," said Vance, a smirk breaking through his features.

"You drugged us!!" accused Tony, pointing at the two.

"Did I really sleep with…?" McGee pointed to Robin.

Vance shook his head.

"All that drug did was conk you out, then you were stripped and… well, you know."

"Oh we do," Tony looked funny at Abby and Ducky.

"And we have the whole thing on tape," said Vance, his smile turning into an evil grin.

Ducky and Abby's eyes widen, McGee coughs, Tony looks horrified.

"What are you going to do with it?" asks Tony, gulping audibly.

"Oh I'm keeping it under lock and key, as a reminder for you the next time you feel like playing a prank on the head of a government agency."

He laughs, and turns and heads back to his car.

"See you back in DC, I expect you at 8."

Vance waves to the team and drives off.

Gibbs smiles and looks back at the team.

"Cheer up, we just got pranked by Leon Vance!" he smacks them all in succession at the back of the head…including Ducky.

"Pack your bags, we're going home!"

He walks back to the huts, through the menagerie of actors and strangers that Vance hired to play gay couples.

Tony rubs the back of his head.

"A happy ending and I still get Gibbs-slapped."

"I think now it's become a source of amusement for him and less of a punishment tactic Tony," said Ziva with a hint of humor in her voice.

"That's what I'm afraid of."

Tony looks at McGee.

"How come you got placed with the redhead, why not me?"

McGee shrugs.

"Possibly because putting me with Ziva wouldn't be half as interesting."

Ziva and Tony look at him funny, then look at each other awkwardly.

"Now excuse me, I'm going to go see if I can get Robin's number," McGee leaves the awkward pair and chases after the redhead.

Tony and Ziva awkwardly walk away and back to their huts.

Ducky walks up to Abby.

"Wow, what a wild weekend!" says Abby, gesturing wildly.

"It sure has been," Ducky smiled sheepishly.

"Some weird things happened…" Abby states.

"Yes, very weird…" Ducky shuffles his feet awkwardly.

"Very very weird things, almost to the point of being hin…"

Ducky cuts her off.

"Um, Abigail, I was, uh, wondering if you'd like to join me for dinner, possibly tonight…"

Abby is at a loss for words for a second.


"I'm not expecting anything, just, ah, dinner, good company, and…"

It was Abby's turn to cut him off, and she did so with a soft chaste kiss planted on his mouth.

"I'd love to!" she says looping her arm with his.

He smiles widely at her.


The walk back to the retreat and join the rest of them after their stuff is all packed, and they walk to the parking lot.

They noticed something very hinky as soon as they got ther.

"Where are all the cars?" asks Tony.

"They're gone!" exclaims Ziva.

"Maybe we can call a taxi?" says Ducky.

They all take out their cellphones.

"Mine's dead," says Gibbs.

"Mine too," says Ducky.

"Mine as well," says Ziva.

"Ditto," says Tony.

"Caput," says McGee.

They all sigh.

"There was a gas station about five miles up the road, they ought to have a pay phone," says Ducky.

They all groan.

"Well then we better get started then," says Gibbs grabbing his single duffle bag and starting to walk up the hill.

The team follow shortly.

"This is not going to be a happy day…"

Then End

AN: Thank you for reading this fanfic of mine…if you made it this far, you must've enjoyed it, and I thank you for was lots of fun to write this…be prepared for the sequel, Ducky, McGee, Tony, and Abby go undercover as Drag Queens in an all new adventure, you don't want to miss it!!