The con had gone downhill. Very downhill. The mark had discovered them, and Sophie was the only one still inside. "Sophie, get out of there now!"

"On my way." Sophie promised. She strode smoothly back down the hall, into McLaulin's empty waiting room. She froze as she heard the unmistakable sound of automatic locks and winced as the air kicked into high gear above her. "There might be a problem. I'm locked in."

"Parker, see how fast you can get Sophie out. Hardison, find the blueprints to the building and find the fastest escape route. Eliot, you and I are going to make sure the way is clear.

"Can you even fight, Nate?"

"Not as well as you, but I'm not completely hopeless." Nate murmured, climbing out of the car, Eliot at his side.

"Really? I mean, I know you're not a bad shot, but you don't have a gun on you… Can you fight with your hands?"

"I was a cop, Eliot. I know how to fight."

"Then why don't you ever try to? Why don't you ever get your hands dirty when we're-"

"Nate, bigger problem. I can smell ammonia. I think it's coming from the vent. It's-" Sophie coughed. "It's really strong."

"Parker, get her out of there!"

"I'm working on it." Parker assured him. "Shit. Nate, the elevator just shut down. I'm stuck."

"Hardison, get Parker out of there. Eliot, stay here and watch the entrance." Nate commanded.

"And you, Nate?"

"I'm going to go get Sophie." Nate took off up the stairs, taking three flights as fast as he could. He could hear Sophie wheezing through the comms. "Sophie, get away from the door. Tell me when you're clear."

He heard Sophie moving, and it took a long moment before she spoke. "I'm clear." She informed him, her voice dangerously weak. She had been in there for almost twenty minutes now, and Nate knew that if she was stuck for ten more minutes, she would likely die. As it was, he needed to get her out of there, now. Nate shoved his shoulder against the door a few times until he felt it give, came into a room thick with the smell of ammonia and Sophie, unconscious on the floor. He lifted her into his arms, leaving the room coughing. The scent followed him down the hall, cloying and thick. He carried her down the stairs and out to the van, where the rest of the team was waiting. They crowded around Sophie, and Nate waved them away.

"Give her some air." He growled, kneeling by her head. "Sophie, wake up….. Sophie, come on….."

"Nate, we have to get out of here." Eliot growled. "Police are on their way."

Nate lifted Sophie again. "Alright, come on." He carried her into the back of the van, laying her down carefully and running his fingers over her cheek. "Sophie, you have to wake up."

Sophie woke up slowly, blinking furiously. "Nate?"

"I'm right here, Sophie." Nate assured her. Sophie looked at him, then rubbed her eyes.

"What happened?" Sophie asked quietly, looking around the back of the van.

"Too much ammonia. I get the feeling that was the gas in its purest form. You're probably suffering from ammonia poisoning. Does it hurt to breathe?" Nate asked nervously. Sophie nodded. "But you're okay, right?"

"All except for…"

"What, Sophie, what's wrong?"

Sophie reached a searching hand up until her fingertips brushed his jaw, and she fixed her eyes on him. "Nate, I can't see."