WipEout Dawn

"Live Fast..."

'Goddammit...! Dammit, dammit, dammit!'

Yuno couldn't stop screaming. Stuff like this didn't happen! It wasn't supposed to happen! How? What in the hell was wrong with the world?

And the tears...they just wouldn't stop. When was the last time she had even cried? It was like all the misery that could've affected her over a lifetime rolled into one torturous moment in time.

She kept yelling and screaming from her kneeling position on the floor, burying her face so hard into her trembling hands that it pressed painfully into her skull.

'Mil...oh, Mil...what the fuck!'

That stupid medical officer offered some worthless condolences. What a bloody jerk! How the hell could he help, after giving her the absolute worst news she could ever hear?


Yuno didn't even look up at him. She couldn't even stand, let alone breathe amidst her heaving cries. What kind of expression did he have? Pity? Disgust? Good god, it didn't even matter. She just didn't care.

Someone's hands gently took hold of her shoulders. She recoiled at the contact but they wouldn't let go. Yuno wanted to beat the hell out of the moron stupid enough to try and console her. But just as her fury reached a fever pitch, it plummeted to hopeless despair; wailing uncontrollably in the person's arms.

Lost in time, lost in grief...Yuno Maeda continued to cry.

Her misery rang out through the halls of the Medical Station unabated, heard by all.


"It's been two weeks since Milli Rem Norfair's death at the Amphiseum. A relatively unknown pilot of an even lesser known AG team. Despite the incognito, her incredible skill and tenacity during the qualifier of the Unlimited League race earned her quite a few new admirers.

Such was the tragedy of the young woman's brief life.

After jumping from the bottom of the ladder to the front in what could only be described as a whirlwind of intensity and super-human ability, Lhotus-Akkan had crossed the finish line in 2nd place only a few milliseconds behind the fastest first-class ship in current AG history, Icaras.

But as cruel fate would have it, Ms Norfair's will to win would exceed what her third generation ship could handle.

A combination of system errors and intolerable g-forces on an unshielded cockpit resulted in the fatal crash that took her life. Emergency Drones were on the scene in seconds but she was declared deceased on site. One must admire the bravery of a fellow pilot who courageously ran across the track on foot to try and help after abandoning his own ship.

Despite on track deaths being the lowest in almost two-hundred years, it still didn't make it any less of a horrifying event when it inevitably occurred.

With no pilot to commander the Neo Monaco based team, what was left of the ship was scrapped and all assets merged into several other businesses. After only a year on the AG Circuit, Lhotus Akkan was disbanded.

The Qualifiers of the Unlimited League are now over and the official opening ceremonies under way. Even though marred by the recent tragedy, it is already the highest grossing racing event in human history.

Stay tuned for the live broadcast and all extra coverage on AGHTV and every other channel."


The sun was shining bright and unhindered by clouds. Such beautiful weather was a disgrace. Why not rain or snow or something sad and poetic? The gorgeous green synthetic meadow on the roof of a public skyscraper was just too damn wonderful.

Yuno wondered this as she stood motionless in front of her best friend's grave.

Million Rem Norfair

Lost her life doing what she loved

"Don't call me unlucky!"

Two months had passed. Two worthless months and all Yuno could do was visit her grave; a cloudy gold monolith housing her genetic data, impervious to weather effects and the passing of time. Milli's family had been quite rich so they'd spared no expense in immortalising their youngest daughter. Where'd this financial backing been when Milli was still alive?

She hadn't talked of her family much. It'd always been a difficult topic. Yuno wasn't the nosy type anyway.

Her family. How they'd stare Yuno down at the funeral proceedings; her being an indirect cause of Milli's death. She admitted it though, but was in no way sorry for supporting Milli in her AG endeavours+.

There'd been some other people there too, some Executives of the Unlimited League, a few unfamiliar faces...

And one pilot.

He'd said his name was Lars Richtofen. That he'd spoke to Milli just once before that race. Pilot of Ghost Original. Lars had been the one to run out onto the track to try and help.

Yuno didn't ask him why. There was no need to.

Lars would visit her grave too on occasion. Once, he'd even accompanied her, but it'd been far too awkward for both of them. They didn't know each other in the slightest. And Lars seemed incredibly distant. So much so that he might merge with a crowd of people and disappear forever. Immune to judgement and perception, Lars really was a Ghost. Heck, Yuno could barely remember his face; always hidden under that drab grey hat of his...

There weren't any gentle gusts of wind to make the phony grass around the monolith dance. Just the subtle mechanic hum of Inandantia City, and the occasional whine of AG engines passing below.

How long had she been standing there? Hours? What did it matter...

Yuno plopped to the ground and lay back on the grass, staring into nothing but blue sky to the edges of her vision. Loose blades tickled her neck and hair.

She stopped thinking about anything else then. And just watched the sky dim to warm tangerine and give way to stars.

"Don't call me unlucky!"