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And this is how it feels when I
Ignore the words you spoke to me

I opened my eyes to find a dark, cavernous room. I attempted to sit up on the bed only to clutch my stomach. The power of the curse seal had kept the pain from affecting any of my fight with Nar... her but now it was racking through my entire body.

Memories of the fight racked through my brain at a chaotic rate.

"Well well well, the prodigy awakens." I jerked my head up to see Kabuto leaning against the doorframe of the dark room. I sent him a dark glare.

"Get the Fuck out Kabuto." I growled at him.

"Now now, no need to be rude. Oorochimaru simply sent me in here to heal you up so you can start training tomorrow. So, be a good little boy and go to sleep." He put a glowing hand to my head, unable to fight back I fell out of consciousness and into a nightmare that was my recent past.

I was watching the fight as if I was standing below it. Each word she spoke was ingrained permanently into my brain. She swore that she would take me home or die trying. It was easy to remember that she probably did. Her promises of fighting Itachi together had only added insult to injury, I did not need her help to defeat my brother.And what help did she think she would be? She had lost fighting me! What hope did she grasp against my elder brother. The final hit slowed down in my eyes as I watched my chidori tear through her chest. A light unlike anything I had ever seen erupted, and when it faded, I was leaning over her body, my face inches from hers. Rain pored down on us from the dark sky. I unwillingly examined her from my place from above. Her short blond hair was caked with both dirt and blood. Her clothes were shredded to pieces, more red and black than orange and blue now due to all the blood and singe marks. A seal mark on her stomach was slowly fading back into her skin as if it had never existed. Her whisker marks also faded from the dark lines they had become. But it was her face that would forever be engrained into my memory. Though slack from unconsciousness the corners of her mouth and eyes were twisted in sorrow. It was an expression I had never seen on her face. I had seen physical pain, sadness, joy, and anger, but sorrow was something that didn't belong in her face.

The me leaning over her dropped my slashed hitai-ite next to her head. Hanging above I also realized that that one action had severed the bond completely. I had severed the bond I had with my heart. I was offering my body up to another soul anyway, what did it matter how soon I lost mine.

I let hatred consume me. Hatred for my brother, hatred for the village that held me back, and beyond all hatred for the girl that so easily got past my well built walls and so fully into my mind.

I woke up in a room that was as dark as when I fell asleep. The hatred that I had felt in my sleep intensified, turning the world into a bright red. Her voice echoed in my brain as memories of my past flooded my brain. I shoved them away forcefully, hating them with my very being. I let my humanity fade into the blackness that was consuming me, giving into the rage within. Her voice still haunted me, but I was sure, if I ignored it and trained hard enough I would destroy it. Most likely she was gone anyway. There was no way in hell anyone could survive a Chidori through the chest along with all the rest of the damage I had done to her. I had let her bleed to death, but the question rang in my mind, why didn't I kill her? Why hadn't I taken the power that matched my brothers, all I had to do was stop her heart with my own two hands. The very thought of doing that shattered what remained of my soul and humanity. I was an avenger, and I would never fail my mission to kill again.

"I assume you are ready to train." Came a voice I despised. I glared to meet the yellow gaze of my new master.

"Hn" I answered, standing. I noticed I was changed into what I deemed the trademark sound outfit. I mentally scoffed at the absurdity of it but made no comment.

"Good, now my student, I will train you in the art of power." he promised in a low hiss, placing a hand on my arm. With that we transported away to begin the training that would drive her voice from my mind, and destroy my soul so I could in turn destroy my brother.

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