Et je veux t'en RevendreFrom the start, she knew this was a bad idea. She knew that she was walking into something blindly; going off of her own raw, uncensored, unsupervised emotions alone, and she was bound to get into trouble.

She told herself (and him, coincidentally) that what she thought she knew about him, his endearing charm, his good and kind nature, wouldn't be enough to hold them together. In fact, knowing all those things, all of the virtuous, decent and respectable things about him, was the problem. She thought that having never seen him get truly incensed at anyone, never raising his hand or voice, not matter the situation, and basking in the glow of his never ending optimism was more than enough to counter the ire that seemed to set permanently in her heart.

She was wrong.

For some reason, unbeknownst to even her, Helga needed to see those things. She needed to see the other side of the coin, as it were, and the need itself was driving her crazy. Why couldn't she just be satiated with someone who was consistently nice, and thoughtful and polite to her, without questioning it, or wanting to see more?

Running a hand up her neck and to the hairless area behind her ears, Helga wondered why, even on a mid-summer night she was feeling cold to the bone. She kept her hand there, using the other to hug her upper body, and hopefully offer some warmth. Just as her subconscious told her to abandon to weathered park bench for her generally warmer apartment building, she noticed something moving amongst the shadows, from the side of her eye. She knew he was there, either way, when she decided to acknowledge him was her decision entirely. Her eyes separated the black of his clothing from the darkness around her, save for a few flickering street lights that silhouetted him against the night sky, and she watched him quickly, but effortlessly take a seat next to her. Where she expected look down and find, large, sad green eyes, she looked up, feeling his smoldering gaze drown her.

Without thinking, her eyes drifted shut, as one of his hands-still soft, almost too soft-fell over hers, gently sliding behind her head, as the other produced a knuckle that ran under her jaw.

The past few hours wilted away, under the warm breath that fanned her face. Any semblance of caution met the wind and was carried away.

She was caught.

A/N: Man, I love writing. A friend of mine has been encouraging me, for quite a while now, to try and get published, and every time I start to doubt myself, he just says, "Go write something." And I do. And I feel instantly more confident in myself. So, thank you, old friend. Always a pleasure.

Anyway, a coworker of mine is OBSESSED with a certain song, and was playing it nonstop yesterday at work. In turn, today, on my day off, and far away from him, his iPhone and the ringtone of the same song with which he is in love, I spent the day downloading and listening to this song on loop. It's that good. Anyway, the way that the song came off to me is, there's a person, who is truly in love with another person. And this person admits that he/she is a little weird…a freak, if you will. And for some reason, a romance with this other person cannot work. Regardless of this fact, this person will settle for nothing less, even if it's a bad idea. If you know the song I'm talking about, you get loads of internet brownies to enjoy. Anyway, that's what the song said to me, and since, my ever-so (Yikes. I really did just say/type that) friend is also in love with this song, I had to write about it. Because it's been in my head all day.

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