Gwen searched every magic book she had. Every since "Kevin's accident" she spent hours searching for cure to his predicament. However she wasn't feeling up to it this very night. She had returned from just send her old nemesis Charmcaster into a magical vortex with her rock goons. Ben had taken Kevin to the beach to clean up.

"How could he kiss her? How can he say I don't do much of anything?" she said out to herself as she lied on her bed. "I search every day for a spell but he doesn't know… then again if he knew he'd just pester me all the time."

Then an idea struck her.

"Of course! Why didn't I think of it before? Charmcaster's book must have a spell in it."

She grabbed the book from the draw in her study desk and opened it.

A few minutes passed and she hadn't found anything. Just when she was about to shut the book she spotted a page in the book she hadn't seen before. She opened the book once more to see a spell. A spell which could change anyone's appearance. Gwen's face lit up.

"I haven't seen this before but it looks like just the spell I need. Let's see to reverse an appearance you must say "zubale" at the chime of each hour on the night of a full moon. However there is a price to be paid. If you are removing any type of substance of one's body it will detach from them and on to you. Thus making their old appearance your new one."

"So in order to change Kevin back to normal I have to look like what he does now." Gwen whispered to herself.

She thought of all the good times they had together. Even when she convinced Kevin to have his picture with her when they were at the pier. She picked up the locket he had given her and opened it to look at the small picture of them inside. They looked happy, he was happy.

"I'll do it. I'll do whatever it takes to help change him back. I don't care what I look like." She said to herself.

She changed into her pajamas and hopped into her bed. Before she went to sleep she put her bookmark in the spell book so she couldn't lose what page the spell was on. She went sleep with her heart filled hope. She would change him back no matter what the cost.

Kevin looked at Ben. He couldn't believe the way he acted towards Gwen today. As Ben had told him; he was a giant rocked face jerk. But he couldn't get over that Gwen was still trying to help him.

"She should have told me she looking for spell."

"Why so you could pester her all the time Kevin?"

"No but I still need to know. I mean she's helping me. Not that I deserve it after today."

"Yeah no kidding. Look I have to head off. Are you going to be able to get home safely?"

"Yeah I just need some time alone Ben."

"I'll see you tomorrow then."

Ben touched the Omnitrix and selected Jet Ray but transformed into Big Chill.

"Aww man. Well at least I can fly home." He said as he took off to the sky and disappeared from Kevin's sight.

Kevin sat down & stared into the open ocean. He was filled with remorse & regret.

"I'm such a jerk and Gwen will hate me forever because of it. But why wouldn't she tell me about looking for a way to cure me?" he said to himself.

He got up and headed towards his car. Before he got in he saw a shooting star pass. He didn't believe in magic but tonight he was going to make an exception.

"I wish that most magical girl can find a spell to help me & so I can make it up to her."

He got in his car and drove off.

"You idiot's! It's your fault we're stuck here!" Charmcaster shouted at rock goons.

The two goons looked at each other and got the same idea. Get rid of her. They started walking towards her only to stop when she clicked her fingers and shut down.

"Well giving you two some of my magic wasn't a bad idea since I can take it back for myself. But I will get all of Gwen Tennyson's magic! Then I will destroy her, her cousin and her boyfriend."

Message from the Author

Hi guys,

I know I promised another chap. of Indian Princess but I can't think of anything to go with what I've written so far. So it will be up when I can think of something good.

So after I watched "In Charm's Way" and with an idea in my head way before I knew about the episode I thought of a story where Gwen finds a spell that will change Kevin but will alter her appearance. I'm going to bring back Charmcaster (which by the way I like her new look just not her) where she has a major final battle with Gwen.

Anyway; you people know what to do - read/read & review - either way just enjoy the story.