Gwen could feel all the energy around her but it wasn't like the last time she transformed. The last time she triggered her alien senses it was back when the Highbreed were invading and Kevin had been in danger but Kevin wasn't in danger this time, Gwen had let her anger get to her and it was transforming her into her anodite form. Kevin could see the look on Gwen's face and knew he had to get Ben out of her way. If she absorbed the energy from the Omnitrix she would be unstoppable.

"Tennyson you have to get out of here now!" Kevin told Ben with urgency in his voice.

"Why? What's happening to Gwen?"

"She's going to find a high energy source to help her transform into her anodite form and my best guess is she'll get from the Omnitrix."

At the moment Kevin finished his sentence the Omnitrix started to flash with red and spoke a message to its wearer "Omnitrix is out of power. Shutting down to re-charge."

"What? Are you kidding me? Azmuth is not going to be happy about this."

"Tennyson we have bigger problems then Azmuth. Look."

The boys watched as their team mate transform. Her face and body changed into the colours of purple and black. Her hair was now white with a tint of pink around it. Ben watched as his twin cousin changed from the karate, smart girl he knew her as into an energy being. He had given her the power to transform from the Omnitrix.

Charmcaster watched her enemy change. In the years that they had been enemies she had never seen such power before. It only made her angrier that Gwen had this all her life and she had be trained by her uncle and gain her power. She smirked once Gwen had transformed. She thought it was some attempt to scare her.

"You think by changing your appearance I'm going to be scared of you Gwen?"

"Charmcaster do not provoke her. She'll wipe you out!" Kevin warned her.

"Oh please. She couldn't beat me with my spell book when she was ten."

Charmcaster created two energy balls in her hands and threw at Gwen. The balls did not hit Gwen but instead were absorbed her.

"Is that all you've got Charmcaster? I expected more." Gwen said calmly.

Charmcaster's jaw dropped; stunned at her enemy's power. She quickly closed her jaw and summoned all her power and shot it at Gwen. Again Gwen absorbed her power to make herself more powerful. Charmcaster fell to her knees exhausted and finding herself short of breath. She looked up at her enemy who simply smirked.

"I'm going end your miserable existence permanently. There is no dimensional vortex that can help you escape death Charmcaster."

Gwen raised her hand and shot a beam at Charmcaster. It hit her directly at her heart. Charmcaster fell back and didn't move.

On the far planet of Anodine; in the courtyard of the palace, a young blue anodite was learning to use her powers. She shot a blue disk at energy board; cutting it in half. The young anodite seemed pleased with herself.

"Well done Princess Celine but you are not focusing on the task." Her master said to her.

"But Master Verdona what is the task? You said to cut the board in half?"

"Yes but you did by using your energy instead of the energy around you."

Celine sighed. She didn't know how any anodite passed this basic training with Verdona.

"Don't sigh you'll get it."

"How? I'm not even getting it now."

"You'll get in time. Besides if you think basic training is hard wait till you have to masters training."

"Oh joy" Celine said sarcastically

"Now Celine. Be kind to all your masters. They too were young once." Said another voice stepping out onto the courtyard.

"Sure mum. They all had trouble with basic training." Celine said walking back into the palace.

Her mother watched her daughter go into the palace before turning to Verdona.

"How is she doing?"

"How long did it take you to pass basic training your highness?"

"A couple of days I suppose."

"She'll be fine."

"Did she cut the board with her own energy?"


"I remember when I did that. Although I don't recall been so sarcastic about it."

"Believe me your highness you were."

"It is another matter I have come to see you about Verdona."

"What's the matter?"

"Only a moment ago I felt an energy wave spike coming from the quadrant near Earth. It felt like an anodite's."



"My granddaughter. She's part anodite and part human."

"Interesting. I would very much like to meet her. Come we shall go to Earth and see your granddaughter."

The empress clicked her fingers and transported herself and Verdona to Earth.

Gwen was hovering over Charmcaster draining her of all her powers. Charmcaster almost looked like Darkstar; her face became a ghostly pale white with wrinkles everywhere. Her silver hair had started to fall out in chunks.

Kevin & Ben didn't know how to stop from absorbing but they had to think of something fast.

"Gwen stop it." Ben said standing in front of Charmcaster. Gwen stopped draining Charmcaster's powers.

"Why? She destroyed something of mine. I'm only returning the favour." She spat at Ben.

"Gwen please. This isn't you." Kevin said trying to get close to her. Gwen's hands lit up with two energy balls and Kevin backed away from her.

"Are you trying to change me back Kevin? It won't work this time."

"But you'll lose your humanity, you won't remember anyone."

"Pulling the same trick twice never works Kevin. I'm staying like this and if you two have a problem with that, well it can be eliminated."

Gwen raised her hands pointed them at the boys. Their eyes widened in fear as she shot the two balls at them. The boys shut their eyes tight waiting for the impact only they were not hit, they didn't feel anything. Kevin opened his eyes to see a pink wall in front himself and Ben. Gwen looked just as surprised. Kevin looked up to see two anodite's floating above him and Ben.

"Gwen what is the meaning of this? Why are you attacking your friends?"

"Is that you Grandma Verdona?" Ben yelled to the anodite's. Slowly they floated down towards the two boys and unconscious witch.

"Hello Benjamin and Curtis."


"Grandma are we glad to see you. Maybe you can talk to Gwen. She won't listen to us."

"Well what happened?"

"Butt out of this Grandma! It has nothing to do with you!" Gwen screeched.

"Charmcaster her destroyed her locket. It was a present from Kevin and she's just tiny tad upset about it."

"I can tell you now Ben it's more then a tiny tad. Most anodite's fall into this phase when something they love is threatened or destroyed. I'm not sure if I'll be able to convince her to change back."

"Is that your way of saying you won't change her back?" Kevin asked with hint wariness.

"No. It will have to be her decision."

"Let me try talking to her Verdona." The other anodite said to Verona.

"Empress Celina I'm not sure that will work."

"Trust me Verdona I know what to do."

Celina floated through Verdona's wall and stood in front of Gwen.

"Hello Gwendolyn. I'm Celina."

"So. Doesn't mean anything to me."

"I'm the empress of Anodine."

"I thought we were a race of free spirits."

"We are. But every race has a leader they can look up to or ask for help if they require it."

"I beg your pardon then but you're not going to change me back to me other self. Not until my vengeance is complete."

"I don't believe this is the real you Gwen. Why don't you show me the real you?"

"No. I like having power. My true power."

"But what are you giving up for your true power?"

Gwen paused for a moment and looked at Kevin. Everything that she felt for Kevin came rushing back to her; all the memories and the adventures they had together; was she really going to give this up?


"That's it Gwen. Remember everything."

Gwen closed her eyes. She let all her human memories and feelings come back to her. She went from her anodite self back to what was her current normal self.

She opened her eyes and looked up at Celina.

"That's better. Do all humans look like you?"

"No but can you change me so I can look myself again?"

"Yes. Verdona I'm going to need your assistance."

Verdona took down the wall she put up and flew over to Celina and Gwen.

The two anodite's concentrated on Gwen. Slowly the wood, stone & metal chipped off Gwen. She almost herself; only part of her face was covered in crystal.

"Let me do this your highness. I would like to give a present to Gwen & Kevin." Verdona said.

Celina bowed her head and moved away from Verdona and Gwen. Slowly Verdona began to glow the colours of purple and pink. Her white eyes became the colour of bright pink and she removed the chunk of crystal that was attached to Gwen's face. She held it in front of herself and molded it into the shape of a heart. She engraved Gwen's name on one side & Kevin's on the other. She then broke the heart into two pieces and handed them to Gwen.

Gwen truly was herself again. She was wearing her red and black top, dark jeans and ballet flats. Gwen took pieces from Verdona and then looked at her grandmother confused.

"I don't understand grandma. I was in my anodite form. You could've taken me back to Anodine."

Verdona simply smiled.

"Yes I could have but a few months ago you told me that you were still a girl. And I believe that is still true. You have much more to learn here Gwen before you are ready to come and learn from us on Anodine."

Gwen smiled at her grandmother. She was right. She still had so much to learn on Earth before learning anything on Anodine.

"Thanks grandma."

"I believe the Empress would like to talk to you about the girl you almost killed so I'll let you get on with it." Verdona turned to face Ben. "Ben why don't you get your grandfather on your plumber's badge or watch thing. I would very much like to speak with Max."

Gwen watched her grandmother & cousin walk away trying to find a secluded space for the private call. Celina hovered above the near dead Charmcaster observing her. Gwen approached the body she fell to her knees.

"Did I… kill her?"

"No but you did manage to stop her heart."

Celina raised her hand and began to glow bright pink. She placed one finger on Charmcaster's chest. Charmcaster's chest began to move up & down slowly as she was brought back to life

"What are you going to do with Charmcaster?"

"Verdona & I can take her to a secure cell on the planet Zoraster. She'll be treated and looked after there."

"I wouldn't bother. Hex will get her out of there before you reach Anodine. He'll heal her."

"Well your grandmother maybe a while so I will take her there myself. Goodbye Gwen Tennyson. Perhaps you will meet my daughter when you come to Anodine."

Celina clicked her fingers; she disappeared along with Charmcaster's body. Only Gwen & Kevin were now in the parking lot of Mr. Smoothy's. Kevin walked over to Gwen unsure of what to expect. He was greeted with Gwen running to him; giving him what felt like the tightest hug in the world. He placed his arms around her never wanting to let go of her. They came apart a moment after and Gwen handed him the half of the crystal heart with her name engraved in it.

"Why are you giving me this?"

"Haven't you ever seen those necklaces that in two parts. It's so I have one and you have one. Only my heart belongs to you just like…"

"My heart belongs to you Gwen."

Gwen smiled at Kevin knowing that deep down he was the right choice for her; no matter what the consequences were.

"So what do you want to do now Gwen?"

"Now… we go on a date."

And with saying that Gwen kissed Kevin on the lips.

Okay I have finished my second fan fic before my first one. Yay for me!! Anyway I hope you all like the ending. It was hard to think of ending for this but it hit me Tuesday night; I wrote it down. I had finished with "Now... we go on a date." but Solora Goldsun said in her review that I should end it with Gwen kissing Kevin so I did. Thanks Solora; I thought it was lacking that little element. Thanks for mentioning it. Anyway I have some small little reviews I want to do of Ben 10 Alien Force/Ben 10 Alien Swarm so here goes.

Ben 10 Alien Force:

Trade off: When Kevin mentions to Gwen "You noticed that I'm real good looking again right?" I wanted Gwen to say something along the lines of "Yeah Kevin. I also noticed that you don't have any powers and your aura stinks of Darkstar." But oh well I guess that made the episode better when Kevin saves Gwen & Ben. When Gwen apologises to Kevin for stuffing up and he says "No don't I did what I had to do. And I'd do it again in a second." So sweet; shows us how far Kevin will go to protect Gwen ^_^

The Con of Rath: Argit has the gall to Gwen; Gwendolyn?? What's that all about??

Time Heals: Really good episode focused on Gwen. It shows us Gwevin fans the lengths she will go to get Kevin back to normal (even though we all know how far she will go). I was disappointed when she discovers Charmcaster kills her. I was like "But couldn't she just go all Anodite & kick Charm's butt?" I mean seriously Gwen has more power than Charmcaster by far. It was still a good episode.

Vendetta: First episode focused on Kevin. I really liked it. I love little Kevin. He is so cute and it's good to know he has a photo of his dad. Loved the reference from The Princess Bride too.

Ben 10 Alien Swarm:

If I had to grade the movie I'd give it a B+. The plot was good. Ben was too serious in this though. Not as goofy/funny as he is in Alien Force. I'm not really a fan of Elena; she seemed a bit too whiney for me. "I just wanted this nightmare to end. You'd all treat me like the enemy." Seriously for me to whiney.

Gwevin was cute but some points I'd like to pick out.

1. Kevin would NEVER complain about Gwen kissing him. Remember "What Little Girls are made of?" He was off in la-la land & thought "lame" would get Gwen to kiss him again. In Alien Swarm she kisses him and he says "The cheek? I find all the big bad chips & all I get is a kiss on the cheek?"

2. I'm not sure if Kevin would have enough gall to kiss Gwen. Maybe it's just me but I don't know. Leave a comment in your review or PM me if you want about this.

Other points to pick from Alien Swarm

1. Gwen & Ben NEVER call Grandpa Max just Max. When has that ever happened in the show?? I don't know about Kevin calling Grandpa max just Max but Gwen & Ben have never called Grandpa Max just Max.

2. When Kevin's car is destroyed; when he kicks it, it looks & sounds like plastic. Did anyone else notice this?

3. Ben could have used the Omnitrix way more times. I mean I get it's a movie & it costs money but seriously 3 times (Big Chill, Humongousaur & Nano-Mac)??

4. If Gwen knows Karate then why'd she go "Oww" after hitting one of the infected people?? Werid...

Anyway that's my review of everything. Stay tuned for my next fic... whatever it may be... (I should probably stop saying seriously in my reviews...)