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When the Blacks Black Out

By Enchantress Nova

Snape's POV

I sat unsteadily in my seat at the head table for breakfast. My head was light and didn't feel at all like eating; I was only here because I had planned to speak with Albus about the struggle to find a Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher. Since the new school year started we have had teachers taking shifts to cover the DADA post, we had a few temps but that the Ministry sent over but none met the standards required for anything long term.

For the past couple weeks I had been feeling very ill; dizziness, nausea and throwing up. The past three mornings had been spent ridding the contents of my stomach into the toilet…not exactly a delightful way to wake up.

But today had been the worst yet. I woke up only to dash to the bathroom and empty my stomach and I couldn't move for the best part of an hour I felt so drained. Yesterday I had called my husband Sirius and he said that if it happened again I had to visit Poppy for help.

Guess I'll have to go…or I could just lie to him and say I feel much better.

I just feel like my body weighs a ton, I'm groggy and I'm starting to feel ill when I make potions. That can't be a good sign. I'm resting my head on my hand, staring at the mounds of food before me and I feel like if I had anything left to give I'd vomit again.

"Severus? Are you alright?" came the concerned voice of the Headmaster next to me.

I don't look at him but I manage a soft groan…oh great, now I look weak. But, as much as I hate to admit it, I am.

"You look pale, well paler than normal, you should see Poppy"

"I will Albus" I whisper barely able to speak.

"What's up with Professor Snape?" asked Ron, his mouth filled with bread which he was currently chowing down on. His words letting his friends see a less than appetising display of his mouths contents. Charming.

"I don't know, he hasn't been too well in potions class either" was Hermione's reply.

"How did you notice that?"

"Because unlike you I actually pay attention in class"


"Ron do not talk again until you've swallowed your food!"

Harry watched on as his friends messed around, Ron was opening his mouth to let Hermione see it better and she didn't even attempt to hide how grossed out she was. Harry could only laugh but occasionally his gaze wandered to that of the poorly potions master. Wonder what's wrong?

I can't eat. No way it will only fuel the need to retch. Albus and I attempted to discuss despite my tenderness this morning but we eventually decided that we were getting nowhere. And honestly with the way I feel I couldn't care less about who takes the DADA position. So I've been sitting with my head on the table, only rising to take small sips of water for my sore throat.

"Severus, I think you should see Poppy…right now" Albus' voice more stern this time.

Albus knew I would normally avoid going to the infirmary as much as possible, this was the usual case for me, but I agreed without a fight. I did. I needed to see her.

I rose from my seat, both hands on the table to keep my balance. Minerva who had been sitting on the other side of me is watching me intently as I uneasily remove my hands and stand on my own two feet.

Not for long though…

The entire Hall began to spin, hundreds of faces swirling around in my vision and then my legs seemed to give way beneath me. Falling backwards I land with a sharp thud against the hard floor, it wasn't a loud thud because I don't weigh very much, but all I could see was the enchanted ceiling and then like moths to a flame the fellow professors began to crowd around me.

I could hear yelps from the students who had seen me fall and when I saw Albus' aged face peering down at me with great worry. He looks a lot older when he's not smiling. This is my last thought before unconsciousness takes me.

My world goes dark.

I think I'm home for while as I soundlessly awake to see my husband next to me, he's talking to someone else as his hand mindlessly strokes my arm comfortingly. He hasn't noticed my eyes are open yet and I'm too tired to voice anything so I take time to look at my husband.

I'm fatigued but even a dying person could appreciate just how handsome Sirius is. His dark eyes and matching black mane of hair, he hasn't shaved so he appears gruffer than usual, his tanned skin and manly features are enough to make you melt. He's strong and fit and often people ask what he's doing with someone like me. It doesn't bother me anymore, it used to a great deal, but I have no doubts that Sirius loves me for who I am. It took a while to convince me but he did it…and I only love him all the more for it.

It's only then that I actually notice where I am, I'm in the infirmary and then the memory of my faint comes back to me with dread. All the students had seen me faint, I don't even want to think about how someone will most likely have carried me out of the Hall. At least I was out cold…it's less embarrassing this way.

I must have collapsed for some reason…and knowing me it will probably be a bad reason.

I have to know.

So with the little strength I can muster I reach out a hand and grip Sirius' white shirt. He notices the movement immediately and gives me that beautiful smile of his, but I don't let it slip passed the immense expression of relief also on his face. I see Poppy walk up to Sirius and hand him a potion which he quickly opens.

"Slowly" she instructs.

Sirius brings the potion to my lips and I drink it without resistance, he is my husband afterall. The potion tastes slightly bitter but I've had much worse and I feel the effects instantly. It's giving me strength and I feel myself come to full consciousness. The potion finished Sirius takes it from my lips and gives it back to Poppy.

Sirius stands up from the hospital bed and assists me to sit up, with this I notice that we're not alone. I sit up, my back against the white pillows and the head board when my husband sits back down next to me. Poppy is at the bedside near Sirius and Albus Dumbledore is standing at the foot of the bed looking at a scroll. No doubt it contains the reason of my collapse and I don't know what to make of the strange twinkle in his eye.

"What's going on?" I finally ask.

Poppy and Albus flash odd smiles at me, they know something I don't and it then occurs to me that they must have contacted Sirius. They wouldn't do that unless it was serious, I fill with dread.

"Why is Sirius here?"

"Hello to you too" Sirius says teasingly and I give him a look.

Poppy clears her throat to get out attention, Albus' amused expression is not lost on me, and she begins to explain, "Professor Snape, when you collapsed you were brought here and I did a general check" she gestures at the scroll in Albus' aged hands "and I found out what has been ailing you, I told Albus and I agree that this is the sort of news that a married couple should hear together…"

So Sirius doesn't know anymore than I do about my condition, but what on earth could it be?

Sirius looks at me, his face concerned but I just look at him totally clueless, "Okay, so what is it?" Sirius asks.

"Well…" Poppy starts, a slight blush creeping over her face, I can see Albus practically dancing with excitement "I don't really know how to tell you this, I don't know you well enough to say if this is good or bad but…you're pregnant"

She gives me an awkward smile as she waits for my reaction; but all she receives are surprised blinks. I can't see him but I know that Sirius is sporting the same expression.

For a man to carry a baby it must either be potions induced or through wish magic. I certainly didn't take any potions and at least consciously I didn't wish for a child. But it does make sense…Sirius has always longed for large family.

But I had always said 'one day' or 'now isn't a good time.' Sirius knows that it will have been him who wished it, he's probably worried that I'll be mad or that I'll want to abort it. But I couldn't abort it knowing how much love Sirius would give the child, how I'd be denying him what he's been wanting for years. Also, I don't really want to abort it. I've never been a fan of abortion unless in times of desperation or necessity and to be honest it does seem the right time for Sirius and I to have children. The Dark Lord is posing no threat at the moment, I'll have to stay in Hogwarts for fear of Death Eaters but otherwise, why not?

I glance downward slowly at my stomach and a softly fold my arms over my abdomen. I turn to Sirius, he's taller so I'm looking up and he's still a little dazed as if deep in concentration. I imagine he's thinking about either killing the baby or killing him. But I eventually lock eyes with him, he gives me a questioning look and I realise that I'm not giving away any emotions. I really am the master of masking.

My black hair falls over part of my face and I am thankful for the other two people not seeing me as I flash Sirius a kind smile. I also let my eyes show that I mean what I'm showing, I do this for no one but my husband and he's often expressed how special it makes him feel.

I see him smile back and I know he's relieved, I never outwardly expressed the want for children but I never said I was against them either. Sirius is tough, he will show emotion for close friends but I'm the only one he really lets his guard down for an I see him fighting the tears.

I silently mouth "it's okay…I love you" and he wraps his strong arms around me, normally I would pull away from this display in front of people but with the situation at hand I don't believe they will judge me. He's so warm but I feel cold next to him, he likes to say that he wants to warm me up and I believe that its likely to be how the child was conceived. He whispers how he loves me too and I bury my face in his chest.

"I take it that you do not plan to terminate the pregnancy?" asks Poppy cheerily.

Sirius pulls away with a smile and we shake out heads.

"You won't be able to continue teaching potions Severus" came Albus' raspy but caring voice "we can't have you getting nauseous or breathing in fumes, can we? Well you fill in one post and now another opens up."

That last part got me. "You found someone to fill the Defence Against the Dark Arts position?"



Albus chuckles and points next to me, my husband smiling sheepishly in my direction and then Sirius explains "while you were asleep Albus offered me the job, it was one of my better subjects in school and now I realise why they decided to ask me. I'm going to be staying with you in Hogwarts anyway, you can't leave because it's too dangerous…am I right?"

Albus nods.

"Well" starts the medi-witch "the reason you collapsed was because you weren't eating enough minerals…so the baby took yours. You're going to have to change your diet and I suggest that you return here at the end of the week, you're already about a month and a half along and we'll be able to find out the sex etc. But for now I think you two have enough to digest with just the news itself."

"Is the baby okay? My fall couldn't have been a good thing for it?" I ask.

"There was no harm done this time but that just makes it all the more important that you eat more, got it?" Poppy's voice is serious and neither of us dare question her. We nod and I can feel even Albus is starting to get afraid.

"At the end of the week?"

Sirius and I nod, Poppy hands us a few vials of the strength rejuvenation potions just in case and we are permitted our leave and we head for the dungeons.

We pass a couple students along the way and they give me the usual fearful glance but they're also curious as to the reason why I fainted. I bet they all are, but I couldn't care less right now.

We reach my rooms, I whisper the password and Sirius and I enter. Sirius had flooed in a number of times when he was…lonely. Or rather when he wished to 'warm me up.' I'm smiling, I don't know how long I've been smiling and I can only hope I started after we saw the students.

We shut and lock the door and we both let out breaths neither of us knew we were holding. Sirius is smiling too when he turns to me and takes me in his arms again. I never feel safer than I do when I'm in his embrace and I breath in my husbands scent of earth. He always smells like nature, its because of his animagus form…I like it. I'm just glad when it rains he doesn't smell like wet dog.

Sirius kisses the side of my face tenderly and I grin contently against his chest.

"Are you sure your okay?" he asks me seriously.

I nod but I see it in his eyes that he's not totally convinced, he thinks I'm just putting on a brave face when I'm hurt that his wish magic knocked me up. But that isn't the case.

"Sirius, I'm happy I swear. It was a surprise granted, but in truth…I'm glad. Otherwise I would have kept putting it off, so…thank you" I say softly, my eyes looking into his as I hide nothing.

His head moves down and he captures my lips in a passionate kiss. His grip on me tightens and I'm pressed against his body, I wrap my own slender arms up around my husbands neck and join in the kiss. We kiss tenderly, the loving feeling washing over both of us almost brings me to tears. I know he's happy. He wanted a huge family and now we're starting.

We stay like that for a few minutes, hands stroke soothingly over my back until reluctantly we pull apart. My arms are still around his neck and his are still around my waist.

"I love you so much" he whispers breathlessly.

His lips are swollen and his eyes misted over, I only gaze longingly at my perfect husband before me and keep smiling.

"We're having a baby, Sirius" I say quietly as we finally pull away still holding hands.

I can practically see the wheels turning in my husbands head as the thought of a very real parenthood processes. I watch him unsure of what's happening but I quickly realise what it is, and then I saw my husband do something I've never seen him do before.

He fainted.

Like it? Yes? No? who cares?!

Anyway, help me out should it be one baby? Two three? Boy or girl? Some names?

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