~ I ~

"Kara? Is there some reason you dragged me out of my house at midnight?" my best friend Alli asks me while walking in an almost zombie-like daze.

I grin excitedly and respond, "Of course! We're going to QuickChek!"

She groans and slaps her forehead.

"What?" I ask in an innocent and confused voice.

She just shakes her head and continues walking with me.

Despite this, I walk on, a hyper bounce to my step. Yes, I have had Mountain Dew, and yes it's making me hyper. I grin again when our destination comes into view. "There it is!" I scream, running inside. I vaguely hear Alli sigh behind me, but she stays outside. Anyway, I run over to the slushy machine and get one of my precious blue slushies. I then bounce up to the counter to pay and notice they have that spearmint Stride gum that Alli likes so much. Pulling a five out of my pocket, I grab a pack of the gum and buy that too. I finally go back outside where Alli's waiting, "I'm back! Aaaaand, I got you Stride!"

She smiles real big and takes the gum, "Thanks."

'If she weren't half-asleep, she'd be bouncing off the walls, too,' I think as we start our walk back.

"So, you're still coming over tomorrow, right?" she asks, sounding kinda distant.

"Duh, why would I not be?" Living two-doors-down from each other, we hang out a lot. Alli actually just recently moved here from the next town over, so I guess she's getting used to being able to see me more.

She shrugs and keeps going.

Still thinking about stuff, I follow along, happily sipping my slushy. It's a few seconds of silence before I snap out of my thoughts when Alli tugs me by the arm. "Alli?"

She leads me along the back way to our houses, behind where QuickChek is. "Just checking something," she tells me.

Somehow, that doesn't make me feel less confused.

Alli stops and turns around, "Can we help you three?"

'...Whaa?' I turn too and see three guys standing there. One really tall, ugly one, another shorter guy in green with black hair, and a tall-ish red-head in order from left to right.

The kid in green smirks, "Actually, you can."

I stiffen, getting a bad feeling about where this is going.

"And what exactly do you need?" Alli asks, but I can sense her apprehensiveness.

The same kid chuckles, "You can relax, girls. We just need you to talk to someone. No trouble, right?"

Alli leans over to me, "You getting weird vibes from Red over there?"

I focus for a second and nod, "Yeah. Strong ones."

She looks back at the black-haired dude, "And if we say no?"

"Well, sorry, but... that's not really an option."

Alli's almost instantly in a fighting stance. "Go, run!" she tells me.

Tossing my slushy away, I respond, "No way! I'm staying with you!" I know she's just worried. Hand-to-hand fighting is one of her skills, so she's been teaching me, but I'm not done learning yet.

She sighs, but lets me stay since she obviously doesn't have the time to argue with me at the moment.

Green-kid shrugs, "Fine, if that's how you want it. Let's go."

With that, I charge and leap at Tall-and-ugly as I've dubbed him. Since he's not expecting it, I manage to punch him in the face pretty hard. When he stumbles back, I take the chance to make sure Alli's okay with those other two. She is, not shockingly. With all those flips and junk she can do, I'm not surprised she's okay. I turn back to Tall-and-Ugly right after Alli back-flips and kicks Red. He comes at me, trying to grab me, so I dodge and kick his side, causing him to stumble. 'He's so slow! By his size, he's probably pretty strong, though...' I muse, dodging another attempt at a grab. 'I'd better watch it and keep my distance.'

He growls, "Hold still, will ya!? I don't wanna hurt ya! I hate fighting girls!"

I give him a weird look, "Then stop coming at me, ya moron!" Of course, he doesn't and tries to grab me again. Getting kind of annoyed, I just bound backward, way out of his reach. Mid-jump, I feel another presence behind me. Eyes wide, I try to skid to a stop, but before I can move forward again, my arms are pulled roughly behind me and something cold is pressed to my neck.

"Unless you want your throat slit, I suggest you cooperate, girl," threatens a voice that sends shivers down my spine.

'He wouldn't-'

"I would."

My eyes go wide again, realizing he'd read my thoughts somehow. 'What the- Stay out of my head!'

Ugly comes over to us, "Nice move, Hiei. She's like you: tiny, but really fast."

I stick my tongue out at him, only to have my arms yanked painfully.

"Put that back in your mouth unless you want me to cut it off," he mutters.

I do so, growling lowly in frustration, which results in the blade being pressed harder to my neck.

Alli turns around and notices what's happened. Her eyes go wide, and boy does she look pissed. "Hey! Let Kara go!" she calls, turning from her opponents and starting towards us. She jumps right over Green-kid when he tries to stop her, but Red catches her by surprise and restrains her like I'm being held back right now.

I start panicking a little, "Alli!" and try to break free with this sudden burst of adrenaline. Unfortunately, the person holding me, "Hiei" I guess, is a lot stronger than me, because he doesn't even budge, only holds my arms tighter and presses the blade again. My arms are definitely gonna bruise now.

Since Alli doesn't have a blade at her throat, she has a little more freedom to struggle, which she does. What sucks for her is that Red's a few inches taller then her and stronger than he looks, because he just lifts her enough that her feet aren't touching the ground anymore.

Despite the situation, I have to resist laughing when I hear her start cursing and swearing at these jerks.

Green-kid sighs, "Would you relax? There's no reason for you to struggle." He then takes a... is that a makeup compact? Okay, he takes it out of his pocket and starts... talking to it.

I exchange a look with Alli, one that says he's crazy and that's laughing at him all at once.

When he's done talking to it, he puts it away and tells the others, "Koenma says we're supposed to keep 'em here 'til Botan shows up. She's gonna make sure we got the right girls before she opens a portal for us."

"...Koenma?" I question.

"As in, prince of Spirit World, Koenma?" Alli asks, voicing the rest of my question.

Green-kid looks at her funny, "Yeah... why?"

"So... you guys... work for him?" she continues.

He nods.


The three wince, and I can feel my captor do the same. Green-kid yells back, "I didn't think it'd make any difference!"

I gape at him, "Are you kidding!? You sounded like a friggin' rapist!!"

Tall-and-ugly starts laughing, "Man, Urameshi, she's not too far off, huh!?"

"Urameshi? ...Yusuke Urameshi?" I question.

He smirks, all confident and what-not, "The one and only."

I'm about to say something else, when I realize I'm still being restrained. I also realize that I can no longer feel my arms. Ignoring that little fact, I say over my shoulder, "You know, you can let me go. I'm not going anywhere."

He seems to think about it for a few seconds, "...Hn." My arms are released, and the blade is removed.

I sigh in relief and turn around, "Thank-you!" I stop and stare as soon as I see him. I make sure to put up a mental wall so he can't hear any of it. He's maybe two inches taller than me, not counting his black, gravity-defying hair. He's got crimson-colored eyes and a white headband over his forehead.

I shake my head as I feel my face heating up, 'No. Bad thoughts. Bad.' I turn back around to tell them to let Alli go, but she's already back on her feet.

Alli's P.O.V.

'Okay, so he's Yusuke, the Spirit Detective. I guess the others are his friends or partners or whatever...' I glare at the guy holding Kara and debate trying to get free again.

As if reading my mind, my captor says quietly, "If you're not going to run away, I'll let you down. But if you try to escape, I'll have to stop you."

I sigh, "Like I'd leave without my best friend..."

Oddly enough, he chuckles and lowers me back to my feet, letting me go completely.

I turn to look at him and have to fight with myself to keep from blushing. Up until now, I'd been completely ignoring the fact that who was holding me back was majorly cute. Rather than say something stupid, I turn back to where Kara is, only to find her already being let go. "Hm."

Normal (Kara's) P.O.V.

A thought occurs to me. I scowl at Tall-and-Ugly before kicking him in the groin, "I am NOT tiny you abnormally tall blockhead!!"

He topples to the ground, groaning in agony. What can I say? I kick hard.

Alli and Yusuke start laughing at what I'd done. Hiei's smirking, and Red's trying to contain his laughter.

As Ugly slowly starts recovering, a girl with... blue hair... huh. Yeah, a girl with blue hair comes into the lot.

"Is that her natural hair color?" I muse aloud, then notice Alli grinning like she'd been wondering the same thing.

The girl stops when she reaches us, "Sorry I'm late. People in this world are so strange. A group of teenagers stopped me and asked if my hair was natural."

Alli and I burst out laughing right there.

Hiei, I remember his name to be, looks at us weird, "I don't know what Koenma's thinking, asking these two idiot girls for help."

Red chides, "Don't judge them yet, Hiei. You don't know them."

"Yeah, Shorty, at least we get to work with a couple of pretty girls..." Ugly comments.

Then, a crow flies down out of nowhere and starts clawing the hell outta his face.

Alli and I start laughing again, as does Yusuke, while Blue tries to shoo the crow away.

When the bird finally flies off, Ugly's face is covered in scratches. "What the hell was that!?"

"I'm pretty sure it was a crow..." Alli says, pretending to be thinking about it.

"Okay, so I know that you're Yusuke, so that would make you Kurama, or Suichi... whatever you are by night," I look at Red as I say this, "you're Kuwabara, I think," I say to Tall-and-Ugly, "and then there's Hiei, right?" I finish, my eyes traveling to the second shortest person here. Me being the smallest. Grrr...

They all give some sort of affirmative, though Hiei's is just a quiet, "Hn," causing Alli and I to look at him weird and ask, "Is that your catchphrase or something?"

Everyone looks at us weird, causing us to then start laughing, and Alli explains, "We're connected like twins. That happens sometimes."

"Freaks..." Yusuke mutters.

"Like we've never heard that one before," I comment in return.

He shakes his head and turns to Blue, "So, Botan, we're all set here, right?"

She looks over Alli and I and nods, "Yes, everything seems to be in order. Alright, on to Spirit World!" And then a portal randomly pops up.

Alli grins, "YES!!" and runs through, leaving the others staring with "WTF" faces at where she'd been standing.

I just chuckle and follow after her. 'Now she's awake...'

The others follow not too far behind.