Nick's Long Lost Love

Jackie Owen had just returned to Toronto Canada. She left there after the tragic death of her husband. Now Jackie must face her old demons, and some new ones, Will everything be alright for her or will she end up leaving again?

Jackie "Oh boy here we go again." Caption Joe Stontree "Hi Jackie welcome back." Jackie "Thanks Joe you look good." Caption Joe Stonetree "So do you how have you been?"Jackie "I've been alright is Nick still working here?" Caption Joe Stonetree "Yeah he's right over there."Jackie "I'm going to go say hi." Caption Joe Stonetree "Okay its great to see ya again." Jackie "Its great to see you too." Caption Joe Stonetree "Bye Jackie." Jackie "Bye Joe."

Jackie walked up to Nick Knight's desk, and she could see he was working on a case.

Jackie swallowed hard, and decided to talk to him.

Jackie "Is that Nick Knight sitting there?" Nick "Who wants to know?" Jackie "Why don't you turn around?" Nick "Jackie oh my god." Jackie "Hi Nick I missed you." Nick "I missed you too you look good."

Jackie "Nick its been 15 years lets not dewl on the past." Nick "It has been a long time." Jackie "So how have things been going for you Nick?" Nick "I've been alright."Jackie "So have I I'm a school teacher or I was a school teacher." Nick "You couldn't handle the students huh?" Jackie "No I couldn't." Nick "I'm glad you came back." Jackie "Really?"

Nick "Yes I am." Jackie "How's Nat?" Nick "She's alright did you stop to see her yet." Jackie "No I didn't." Nick "She'll be happy to see you." Jackie "Things have been so bad Nick." Nick "Things What things?" Jackie "Losing Ron leaving you,and Nat I told my shrinck that my life was a living hell."

Nick "A shrinck you have a shrinck?" Jackie "I did." Nick "Everything will be fine now." Jackie "I highly doubt it Nick." Nick "Come here." Jackie "Not just yet." Nick "I understand." Jackie "Well I'm going to go visit Nat oh Nick." Nick "Yeah?" Jackie "You look good too." Nick "Thanks." Jackie "Your welcome."

Jackie drove to the cornors building she parked her car, got out walked up the stairs to the door, took a deep breath,and walked inside. When she walked down the hall to the morge she stopped she was having flashbacks to the night herhusband was killed. She began to cry. Then she wipped her eyes, and walked into the morge.

Natalie "Nat's bed, and breakfast." Jackie "Hi Nat." Natalie "Oh my god Jackie you're back."Jackie "I'm here to stay." Natalie "That's great." Jackie "Its hard for me Nat."Natalie "I know but things will be better now." Jackie "Do you still have Ron's body?" Natalie "Yes they never asked about him so I kept him here." Jackie "May I please see him again I keep having flashbacks." Natalie "Yes you may hang on." Jackie "Thank you Nat." Natalie "Your welcome."

Jackie began to have a flashback.

Flashback 1

Reporter on tv. "Tonight at this wearhouse behind me a police offcier was shot he was killed on inpact his name is Ron Owen." Jackie "No its a lie." Reporter on tv "Detective Knight Is this police offier your partner?" Detective Nick Knight "No comment." Jackie "NO!." Jackie "Nat did they bring Ron here yet?"

Natalie "No I'm so sorry." Bobby "Here is the police offier Nat." Jackie "You Basterd, you son of a bitch!" Nick "I'm so sorry." Jackie "You, and Don were supossed to keep him safe, how could you let him die?" Nick "He took a bullet for me, and Don." Jackie "I warned Ron not to do something stupid." Natalie "Jackie he's gone so being angry with Nick, and Don won't do any good."

Jackie "Its not fair I need him to be here with me our baby, and I need Ron." Nick "Your pregnant why didn't Ron tell us?" Jackie "He didn't know now I'll never get to tell him." Natalie "I'm so sorry." Jackie "Thanks I'm gonna head home now ow oh no please not not now." Natalie "She's lossing the baby we have to get her to the hosptial now."

End Of Flashback 1

Natalie "Jackie are you alright?" Jackie "I'm fine." Natalie "Here is Ron's body." Jackie "He still looks so handsome." Natalie "I kept him on ice just incase you'd want to have him barried." Jackie "Thank you Nat god I miss him so much." Natalie "I know so do I." Jackie "You, me, Nick, and Ron had some great times didn't we?" Natalie "Yes we did." Jackie "Why did it have to be him?" Natalie "I don't know where are you going to be staying?"

Jackie "My house." Natalie "Its so big,and empty why don't you let me stay with you?" Jackie "I can handle being alone Nat thank you for offering." Natalie "You know I'm here for you." Jackie "I know well I'm gonna head home see you later." Natalie "See you later."

Jackie gave a Nat a hug, and then she left. She drove to her old house. When she got inside she could hear sounds of the past. She sat down on the couch, and picked up a picture of her, and Ron. Jackie began to cry. She wondered why god would take away the man she loved.

Jackie "Damn you Ron how could you take a bullet for your boneheaded partners I needed you I lost both of our babies, and you weren't by my side how could you hurt me like that didn't you love me anymore?"

Flashback 2

Ron "Jackie I'm home." Jackie "Hi honey." Ron "Jackie what's wrong you look awful."Jackie "I think its the flu." Ron "Come on I'll get you to the doctors." Jackie "I went they said they call me when they get my blood tests back." Ron "My poor sweetie." Jackie "What will you do if I'm pregnant?" Ron "I'll take a couple days off work, and start the nursery." Jackie "Don must have rubbed off on you ,you never wanted to have a baby."

Ron "He did." Jackie "That must be the doctors I'll get it." Ron "Well hang on I have to go." Jackie "Bye." Jackie to her stomach "Well your daddy just left so we'll just have to wait until you get here."

End Of Flashback 2

Jackie fell asleep on the couch. Meanwhile Nick was thinking about Jackie he decided to go visit her. When he got to Jackie's house he found Jackie asleep on the couch. He sat down in a chair,and watched Jackie sleep.

Flashback 3

Ron "Nick will you join us Jackie is about to sing." Natalie "Wow she is amazing." Nick "She sure is something." Ron "She's all mine." Natalie "Your a lucky man." Ron "Thank you Nat." Natalie "Your welcome." Nick "Go on Nat get up there with her." Natalie "Okay I will." Nick "Our girls are amazing." Ron "Our girls you,and Nat?" Nick "Yes." Jackie "Way to go Nick." Natalie "What do you guys say we go home." Jackie "Sounds good to me bye Nat, bye Nick." Nick, and Nat "Bye Jackie."

End Of Flashback 3

Nick got of the chair he was sitting walked up to the couch got down on his knees he looked at Jackie,and then he went to bit her. Jackie woke up, and screamed. Jackie jumped over the couch, and hit the floor. Nick got up ,and helped Jackie off the floor.

Jackie "Nick what are you doing here?" Nick "I wanted to see if you were alright." Jackie "I'm fine would you like a drink or are you still a fan of blood?" Nick "I'll take a drink of anything." Jackie "Okay." Nick "Are you used to being back in your house yet?" Jackie "Yes, and no." Nick "To many memories huh?" Jackie "Yes its seems like there is a black hole in the house without Ron." Nick "I know you miss him." Jackie "I do Nick what really happened the night Ron was killed?" Nick "Do you really want to know?"

Jackie "Yes I do please tell me?" Nick "Ron, Don, and I chased the robber to the wearhouse, Ron went left, Don went right, and I hid behind a barrel." Jackie "I know its hard Nick but I want to hear this keep going."

Nick "The robber came out of where he was hidding like he was going to give himself up whenever he started shooting, he aimed the gun at me, and Don then Ron jumped in front of us, and he was hit he landed on the floor, I ran up to him, and saw that he was bleeding from his stomach he died from the impact of the shot."

Jackie "Oh Nick I'm so sorry I got upset, and punched you that night, I was pissed off my husband was killed but at least he was killed in the line of duty." Nick "Its alright you had the right to vent." Jackie "Nick?" Nick "Yeah?" Jackie "Will you hold me please?" Nick "Of course I will."

Nick wrapped his arms around Jackie's waist. Jackie felt safe with never wanted to let Jackie go he loved her for so long. She felt the same feelings for Nick but nethier one of wanted to act on their feelings. Nick held Jackie until she fell asleep in his arms. he picked her up, and carried her to her room. Nick laid Jackie down in her bed, and then he left. Jackie slept the whole night threw. Nick couldn't sleep he drove to The Raven when he got there he sat down at the bar. Janette walked up to Nick, and sat down beside him.

Janette "Jackie's back, and you love her."Nick "Yes I do." Janette "And she loves you too." Nick "Yes she does." Janette "But you two don't know what do about your feelings." Nick "Yes what do we do?" Janette "Give it time Jackie just got back she still loves Ron." Nick "Your right thank you Janette." Janette "Your welcome."

Nick left The Raven, and went home. He went to sleep. Jackie woke up, and started to cry. She called Natalie, and asked her to meet at the Corners building. Jackie left her house ,and she called Nick. Natalie, and Nick met Jackie at the corners building. When they got the morge. They saw Jackie standing next to Ron's door.

Jackie " Hi guys." Nick "Jackie what's wrong?" Jackie "I need your help, I want to try to bring Ron back to life again." Natalie "No remember we tried that once, and it didn't work."Jackie "Yeah because Nick bit Ron twice then he stopped."

Flashback 4

Jackie "Come on Nick bite him again you can do it." Nick "I can't."Jackie "Yes you can now do it please for me?" Nick "I can't, and I won't." Jackie "Nat please make Nick bite Ron again Please?" Natalie "I can't he won't listen to me." Jackie "Get out both of you, and never come back get out !" Nick "Were sorry." Jackie "Get out!." Jackie "Damn you Ron damn you ow Natalie Nick!"

Natalie "She needs us." Nick "Lets go." Natalie "Jackie what is it oh my god she's going into early labor." Nick "We have to get her to the hosptial." Natalie "There's no time she's bleed out to much already she'd die on the way there." Nick "What do we do?" Natalie "We have to deliver the baby here at the hosue." Natalie "Jackie push." Jackie "Ahh!." Natalie "One more push." Jackie Ahhh! Natalie Jackie "Your baby was a girl do you want to hold her." Jackie "Yes." Nick "She's so pretty."

End Of Flashback 4

Jackie "So are you guys gonna help me or not?" Nick "No." Natalie "No." Jackie "Okay fine then I'm out here, and I'm leaving again." Nick "What should we do now?" Natalie "Go after her Nick." Nick "Alright." Nick "Jackie wait you can't leave."Jackie "Why Nick tell me why?" Nick "I love you." Jackie "What you love me?" Nick "Yes I do." Jackie "Nick leave me alone."

Nick "Come on Jackie let me explain to you my feelings for you." Jackie "fine explain." Nick "These feelings devolped after Ron died I told Natalie I felt this way about you." Jackie "I see so you have loved me forever then?" Nick "Yes." Jackie "Even when Ron was alive?"

Nick "Yes I know it was wrong for me to feel this way but everytime we were hanging out I couldn't think about anything but us that's me, and you." Jackie "Well then Nick if you loved me forever I can't stop you from loving me but I will tell you this I'm not ready to date again."

Nick "I'm not asking you to be here or at my place when I get home from work, and rub my feet I'm just asking you to love me." Jackie "Nick I came back here to see if there is a chance for us but you, and Nat are together." Nick "Nat was the one who told me to come, and get you."Jackie "If Nat said that then she must see that you love me." Nick "She does."

Jackie "I always thought you, and Nat belonged together." Nick "So did I but after you left I thought I'd die without you." Jackie "Nick I love you I do but I'm so confused." Nick "I understand I'll give you sometime." Jackie "Thank you." Nick "Your welcome." Jackie "I really missed you Nick." Nick "You did?" Jackie "Yes I did, you are the real reason I came back."

Flashback 5

Jackie "Nat I just wanted to stop by to say goodbye." Natalie "Goodbye what do you mean goodbye?" Jackie "I'm leaving Its hard for me to sleep at night everywhere I look I see Ron's face." Natalie "Its gonna be hard for a while but you shouldn't have to leave." Jackie "I have to or else I'm going to fall apart give my love to Nick." Natalie "I will." Jackie "Take care of yourself Nat." Natalie "I will you do the same." Jackie "I will bye Nat." Natalie "Bye Jackie."

End Of Flashback 5

Nick "Really?" Jackie "Yes." Nick "Come here." Jackie "This is nice." Nick "Yes it is." Jackie "Lets call Nat, and tell her I'm ready to lay Ron to rest at last." Nick "Alright." Jackie "Its for the best." Nick "I agree Nat its me Nick Jackie said she ready to lay Ron to rest at last okay we'll see you at the funeral home then tonight." Jackie "I'll go get ready Nick will you wait for me?" Nick "I will wait for you my love." Jackie "Great." Lacroix "I see you got her very nice" Nick "Lacriox how nice of you to show up uninvited as always."

Lacroix "I just wanted come, and wish you all the best with Ron's widow." Nick "Lacroix thank you for the first set of kind words ever." Lacroix "Of course you know as well as I do this love affair will blow up in your face." Nick "What are you talking about?" Lacroix "She will die, and it will be by my hand." Nick "You stay away from her she did nothing to you." Lacroix "She's bad news." Nick "Your lying." Lacroix "Think about it Nick goodbye."

Nick sat down, and waited on Jackie he also thought about what Lacroix had said. Jackie came downstairs dressed in a long black dress with a vail covering her face. Nick got up, walked over to her, took her hand, and walked her out of the house,and to her car. Nick knew Lacroix was lying to him. At Ron's funeral Nick,and Natalie sat down next down to Jackie.

They held her hands. Jackie was crying at the cematary Jackie threw flowers on Ron's coffin, and she walked back to her car. Nat could see how heartbroken Jackie was. She walked up to her, and gave her a hug. Jackie hugged Natalie tight. On the way back to Jackie's house there was nothing but silince. Once they got to Jackie's house Jackie got out of her car, walked into her house, walked upstairs to her bedroom, got into the nightstand , got out Ron's 35milamitter gun, and began to pace the floor with the gun. Natalie looked up, and saw Jackie threw the window Nick, and Natalie ran upstairs to Jackie's room, and watched as Jackie paced the floor.

Natalie "Don't do it Jackie!" Jackie "Don't do what Nat clean my dead husband's gun or shoot myself in the head?" Nick "Come on Jackie you don't want to kill yourself." Jackie "I heard what Lacroix said I'm bad news." Natalie "Lacroix is a jackass he don't know his ass from a hole in the ground." Jackie "Your right about that Nat I'm so sorry here I'll threw the gun away." Nick "Good girl I love you so much." Jackie "I love you so much too I'm sorry Nat I know you two were together before I came back." Natalie "I'm glad Nick has his true love." Jackie "Come here Nat give me a hug you will always be my best friend." Nat "Cool." Jackie Now let me change, and then I'll order a pizza." Natalie "That sounds good."

Jackie "Don't you eat reall food yet Nick?" Nick "Not really." Jackie "If you want to human again you'll have to try some food." Nick "Your worse then Nat." Natalie "Be nice Jackie order the pizza." Jackie "Sure thing." Nick "Don't do it." Jackie "Your going to eat." Nick "I don't want to." Natalie "Stop acting like a baby." Jackie "I ordered a xtra large with a all meat topping, and garlic." Nick "Not garlic damn it."

Jackie Natalie, and Nick ate pizza Nick didn't have any strange reactions. After they ate they talked, and laughed they had fun. Natalie left she hugged Jackie. Nick kissed Jackie bye, and then he left. Jackie smiled, and then she went to bed. As Jackie slept she thought about how happy she was. She had someone new in her life. She slept all night long. That night Nick decided to go back to Jackie's house to spend the night with her.

When he got there he walked into her bedroom, climbed into bed, wrapped his arms around Jackie's waist, and fell alseep. Jackie rolled over, and found Nick in her bed. She was very happy now. She decided to have some fun with Nick she got on top of him, and began to undress him. Once that part was done began to make love to Nick. Nick woke up with a start,and then flipped Jackie over, and made love to her. He bit her neck, and then he made her drink from his wrist. Jackie woke up a few hours later.

She wasn't smiling she was scared. She didn't know if she was human or if she was a vampire Jackie got out of bed threw her robe on, and went downstairs. She sat down on the couch she wanted to find out if she was still a human or if she was a vampire. She opened the blinds, and she watched the sun come up. As the sun was rising Jackie could feel that she was burning she let out the most awful scream she ran to close the blinds. Nick came running downstairs, and then he found Jackie crying. She was burnt badly. He picked Jackie up, and held her.

Jackie "Why didn't you tell me you wanted me to be one of what you are Nick." Nick "I'm so sorry are you alright?" Jackie "I'm fine." Nick "Your scream sounded awful." Jackie "It hurts to be burnt." Nick "I know." Jackie "Now Nat has two vampires to heal, and turn to mortals." Nick "I fead off you I didn't turn you completely." Jackie "Why didn't you turn me?" Nick "I want to be mortal." Jackie "If you want to be mortal I'm your ginee pig you can fed off me anytime you like." Nick "Thank you I love you." Jackie "Your welcome I love you." Nick "I'm glad I stayed over." Jackie "So am I Its nice to have a man in my bed again." Nick "Its nice to be close to the woman I love." Jackie "Even though Lacroix talked a bunch of horse pucky." Nick "Yes."

Jackie "Promise me you'll never leave me." Nick "I promise." Jackie "Would you love or like to have children with me if that's possible?" Nick "Yes I would but I thought you couldn't have kids." Jackie "I can it was stress that caused me to miscarry twice." Nick "The lets get to work." Jackie "Nick don't you think we should find out if we can first?" Nick "It is now lets go make a baby." Jackie "You are so sure that we can have kids?" Nick "Yes." Jackie "Then lets have a baby."

Nick, and Jackie went upstairs, and made love. A few hours later they fell alseep Jackie woke up about three, and then ran to the bathroom, tossed her cookies in the toliet. She grabbed a pregnancy test she took the test it was positive she was going to have a baby. She smiled, and then she put her hand on her stomach. She went back to bed. The next day Jackie woke up, and went to visit Ron at the cematary. She sat in front of his grave she cried. As she was crying Don Schanke showed up, and sat down beside Jackie.

Don "Hi Jackie welcome back." Jackie "Hi Don Thank you its great to see you again." Don "Its great to see you too." Jackie "So Don how have you been?" Don "I've been alright." Jackie "That's good thank you for coming to pay your respects to Ron." Don "Your welcome." Jackie "How's Myra, and Jenny?" Don "Their good." Jackie "I'm glad." Don "Why were you crying?" Jackie "I miss Ron, and I'm pregnant." Don "Aw a baby that's great news who's the father?" Jackie "Nick Knight." Don "Nick Knight my partner Nick Knight?" Jackie "Yes." Don "You two are together?" Jackie "Yes. Don "Nick didn't tell me." Jackie "It kinda happened all at once last night." Don "I'm happy for you, and Nick." Jackie "Thank you Don." Don "Your welcome Jackie." Jackie "I'll see you again real soon." Don "You bet." Jackie "Bye Don." Don "Bye Jackie."

Jackie left, and went home when she got home she grabbed a yogurt out of the fridge, and sat down on the couch. She watched some tv. as she watched tv she started to think about how happy she was with Nick. She ran upstairs jumped into bed, and went back to sleep for a little bit more. When it was nighttime Nick got up,and went to work. When he got there Don shook his hand, and congraulated him on his realastionship with Jackie,and the baby. Nick was stunned but he was able to work on the cases he had. Then he went home to his loft. Then he called Jackie,and she rushed right over to his loft. Nick ran to Jackie picked her up,and spun her around.

Jackie "What are you so happy about?" Nick "The baby." Jackie "Don blabbed huh?" Nick "Yes he did." Jackie "So your happy about this little gift?" Nick "Yes I am." Jackie "I'm glad." Nick "I told you it was possbile." Jackie "And I doubted you." Nick "Yes you did." Jackie "We should tell Nat she'll be happy for us I hope." Nick "Lets go tell her." Jackie "Come on we'll use my car." Nick "Let's fly." Jackie "You mean your way?" Nick "Yes don't be scared I won't drop you." Jackie "I'm not scared."

Nick picked Jackie up, and they flew threw the night sky to Nat's appartment. Nick knocked on the door. Natalie opened the door , and let them in. Jackie, and Nick sat down Nat's couch. Nick told Nat about the baby the three friends were happy.

Nat gave Jackie, and Nick a hug. Jackie play with Nat's cat Sidney. Nick,and Nat talked. Meanwhile Lacroix was watching what was going threw the window. He was thinking that Nick was a moron.

He knew Nick wasn't going to listen to him. He figured he would let Nick be happy. Lacroix flew back to The Raven, and went to sleep. Nick was very happy. he had his true love, and he was going to be a father. What more is there to make a vampire happy?