Written by: TwilightobsessedfreakBree

I don't own Twilight

Summary: Bella has had a bad past and bad history in her hometown of Manchester, England which led her to become an assassin in the United States. Edward and his friends….main target. Will she hit the bullseye or will she fall short? Having his life, Edward thought it was perfect until he falls for his bittersweet future…Rosalie, heartless accomplice to Bella on her mission refuses to believe in love, will that change? Alice…assassin and Bella's little sister hides happiness behind her a mask of cold and cold heartedness as is her sister. They all go through pain and suffering and try to resist the annoyingly curious, sexy, alluring, perfect rich guys in which they're to take down. Boys want what they can't have and they want their keys to death…or life?