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I shot him once.



A fourth time and a tear rolled down my cheek.

I didn't even turn when Bella entered the pracitce room running.

"Ali! We got something!"

I shot up and dropped my gun, staring at my sister anxiously. She took a look at the dummy with a cut out of my Jazz's head pasted on it and sighed.

"Ali..." she just stopped and shook her head before pulling me out of the room and into the living room that we made our meeting room since we arrived in Alaska.

I sat down and crossed my legs in the chair, bouncing anxiously as I usually did when I was myself.

Rose chuckled a bit at me, one of the only joyful things she had done over the past two weeks since we left.

Bella had on a half smile as she spoke. "Rose and I spent a week and a few days looking for ways to avoid killing...them. And yesterday we stopped, deciding to look for another angle so we gathered all the files we could and found the reason as to why they are subject to be killed."

My eyes lit up and I began to smile. "Go on!"

Rose chuckled again, her tone becoming business-like. "We found out that the company wants to kill them to force their fathers to give them back an expensive piece of equiptment. Medical equiptment that cost millions and they suspect they stole it to sell it to get some weapons or explosives as there's another very expensive one on the market and there is reason to believe they'd want it to get revenge because our coorporation killed one of their Edward Sr.'s brothers who was really close to him as he refused to give hem information they needed."

Bella continued. "But, in interoggation all of their fathers claimed that it was stolen last year. So our guts are telling us it's true."

I finished, relief and joy seeping into my voice for once, a bit hoarse from being unused. "So all we need to do is find the equiptment and find the people who stole it and turn them in." I jumped up squealing.

Rose actually laughed and smiled a bit.

Bella chuckled and got that starry-eyed gaze. "We get to go back."


I hung up again. No answer. I could still feel the buzz of the coffee, knowing I'm far from crashin anytime soon. Jasper came back with a Starbucks bag. We weren't giving up.

Where is Emmett? I thought refilling my huge thermos with coffee.

Jasper plopped on the couch and sipped his coffee, dropping our receipt on our receipt pile that was almost 3 feet high. We've been running on the stuff for almost 2 weeks now. Ever since the girls left with our everything. Now we were robots running in a pattern and searching for nothing, waiting for something to jump out at us as to where they are staying, are going to or even when they last bought orange juice.

Just as I was about to call Emmett, he entered, not looking well at all -but which one of us did- but putting down his cellphone. "Our dad's want to see us."

"Tell them it's not a good tim-" Jazz started.

"Tried that. It's urgent." Everything joyful or playful about Emmett got sucked out when Rose left.

I sighed and got up, a mute from not seeing my Bella.


I walked into dad's office staring at the ceiling. Edward and Jazz trailing behind me, looking like the zombies I anialate on some game I used to play. I don't remember the name...or care for that matter.

"Dad, I told you we were doing something important. This had better be good, you know. I don't like that you just called us in off call or without warning or anything," I huffed.

"What could be more important than me, babe?"

My head snapped to where the voice came from and saw her perched on the edge of my dad's desk, her skirt slit exposing her stunning mile long legs. Her hair freshly done, golden blonde flowing down to her chest. Her face a bit worn but wearing a huge smirk. She looked tired and stressed but she was still my beautiful Rosie.

I felt my eye bulging but I didn't control what I did next. I ran to her and picked her up, kissing her, desperately and needily. And the heavens heard my joy when she kissed me back with the same feeling. When I finally pulled back, feeling a bit guilty because neither Bella or Ali were here to the other guys but that didn't make me let go of her and she didn't let go of me either. Then I noticed my dad, smirking. My dad peering at me looking quite amused.

I was about to explain when the door opened and Edward Sr. and Mr. Whitlock being excorted in by the pixie herself.

I never saw Jasper move that quickly to hug anyone in my life.

I saw Edward's eyes light up in hope Bella's coming next but after waiting a few minutes I saw the heartbreak in his face before he looked back down at the rug.

Rosie didn't seemed phased by his reaction.

"Everyone please have a seat," My dad said as everyone took a place at the large wooden table -Rosie's seat being my lap- and he called for his secretary to bring the files and in entered the awaited.

And Eddie talked to me about PDA.