Author's Note: My first ever fanfiction with a romantic feeling, EVER!!! And saying 'it' in the legend, I'm not trying to be mean, I put it their to replace his/her. So please be nice, review, alert, and enjoy :D

Prologue – Legend

~~ Dove, Wolf and Hyena~~

A small young boy was sitting in his bed, exited that is his dad was going to tell him a family legend.

"What story do you want to hear?" The father asked the young boy. The child didn't care, he loved all of the stories he heard before. "Ok, did you hear of the one with the Dove, Wolf, and Hyena?" The boy shock his head. His father smiled, got his son's bed, and put him on his lap. "Ready for the story?" The boy nodded.

Once there was a beautiful dove who was searching for love. The swan of the forest assigned the dove to work with the loyal wolf, at the time they were distrustful, to find a new source of food for the forest clans. As they searched they ran into outlaw animals, their leader the hyena thought the wolf was beautiful and the hyena lusted with love. They started fitting and the hyena had the dove corned until the wolf took a hit for the dove. The dove and the wolf retreated and found shelter in a old bear cave. As the dove took care of the wolf, the dove realizes that it loves the wolf. They finally found out they loved each-other but the hyena wasn't pleased, the hyena poisoned the dove, and kidnapped the wolf to have some fun with it. The dove was found by a old turtle who took the poison out of the dove and into itself. The dove now healthy goes to rescued it's love, who was tortured. After the dove rescued the wolf, the dove fought against the hyena. The hyena was captured alive and the dove promised the wolf nothing like this was never going to happen again.