I have no idea what I was doing with this, but I hope it can stand as a one shot


september 22, 2009

When his soul was trapped in the Millennium Ring all those centuries ago he had thought it a curse. He'd gone through host after host so many times through the years that he'd lost count. They had all died unexpectedly and in mysterious ways and nobody ever expected the beautiful golden ring as anything other than what it seemed.

And the brutality of some of the crimes seemed inhuman and yet no traces of an animal had ever been found. Some of the bodies had been found with everything intact and not a mark on them while a few were even still breathing. Their eyes were so empty – as if their very souls had escaped (or perhaps stolen) and eventually they would succumb to death as well.

He'd only killed them in self-defence, using the magic the Ring had bestowed upon him. He'd been able to seal their souls within parts of the Ring he'd never have to venture into. The rest…the brutally murdered…that had been the Ring too, but he couldn't remember what had happened.

The Egyptian Ring seemed to only draw out the worst in a human soul it seemed, for as soon as the spirit was found within the metal, he was taken advantage of. The acts of cruelty and violence that he had been forced to endure – he'd have rather been locked back within the darkness of the item then to be a slave.

However this time was different. This host was different. Instead of a full-grown being, greedy and full of bitterness, the Ring had stumbled upon a soul so innocent that the aura hurt the spirits eyes. Despite the pain, the spirit thought the being was the most beautiful he'd ever seen – and he'd never forget the first words spoken to him without malice, without command.

"My name's Ryou, what's yours?"

And when he told the child – because that's what this human was – that his name was whatever the child wanted it to be, the boy had laughed. And for the first time in perhaps ever, the laughter was not mockery.

"I want your name to be whatever your mama gave you!"

And so the spirit had been given back his name, as well as his freedom. He was still bound to the Ring and the Ring was still within the possession of Ryou, but the boy did not force him to do anything against his wishes. He did not force the spirit within the darkness of the item anytime, the spirit was free to come and go as he pleased.

"Bakura!" The voice of his host of seven years now, called from the front hall, "I'm going to the store to get some creampuffs, do you want any?"

He'd been trapped within a vicious cycle of abuse, torment and confinement. He'd be freed, hurt, and then locked up again. Now with Ryou in his life, Bakura wanted to break the circle. For good. He wanted to stay with Ryou as long as the boy would allow him to.

The spirit left the room he'd been in, calling after the boy, "Wait up Ryou, I'm coming with you!"

He no longer thought of himself as cursed. He'd been blessed.