DaiNoins large sea-green eyes grew larger even more. "B-B-but Master Skywalker I-I would never—"

"We know, young one. It was only a vision," Obi-Wan interrupted gently. Anakin glanced at him.

"Really, Master?"

But Obi-Wan stayed silent, not looking over. Anakin huffed, and looked away.

"Tell us more, you should, Skywalker," Yoda said, watching Anakin carefully.

Anakin walked away, nodding. "Very well." Anakin stopped, but had his back to the crowd. "I saw something close to my vision right before the end of the Clone Wars, when I saw Palpatine in his true nature. But this time, it was all because of a little girl-DaiNoin. Palpatine…well," Anakin turned to Obi-Wan, "you saw that part, didn't you?" Obi-Wan nodded. "How would you put it?"

Obi-Wan hesitated, "Well, it was…almost like he was alive…He…was in a cloned body, so to speak….It's really hard to explain."

Anakin continued, "Well, he came to her, told her the lies he told me. Soon, she was following him like a god, worshiping his every move. He got close to her, and learned every secret she came to have. Then, she came to me, and told me everything he had told me before. I threatened her to stop, but she wouldn't have it. So I went to the Council, but they didn't believe me. They-"He shook his. "I eventually joined them-Palpatine and DaiNoin, that is-and we wreaked havoc on the galaxy. We killed everyone that didn't follow us, even our family."

Luke and Leia looked nervously at each other. "But you wouldn't do that? Right, Dad?" Leia asked.

"No, sweetheart. I will never hurt my family." Anakin looked over at Yoda. "What are we going to do?"

"Hmm." Yoda looked grave. I haven't seen him that grave since the start of the Clone Wars Anakin thought. "Meditate on this, I will." Yoda walked out with Windu by his side.

Anakin watched him go, and then walked over to Obi-Wan. "Is the Council going to kick DaiNoin out?" he questioned in a hushed whisper.

Obi-Wan matched his tone. "No, I don't believe so. They don't kick people out just because of vision." He looked pointedly over at Anakin. "Or is this all a dream, and we'll wake up in the middle of the war?"

Anakin smiled sheepishly. "Maybe?"

Obi-Wan snorted. "Are you going to talk to her?"


"DaiNoin!" Obi-Wan replied a bit too loudly.

"Yes, Master Kenobi?" She asked, looking up from Leia, Luke and Fori.

"Um…Anakin wishes to speak to you," he said, blushing furiously. He stared heatedly at Anakin. "Go ahead, laugh it up."

Anakin replied all too eagerly. "Nice going, Master. I think the whole Temple heard you."

All the kids joined in Anakin's laughter. "Glad to be of amusement," Obi-Wan growled.

Anakin put on a straight face, but his mouth was twitching. Anakin bowed deeply, mockingly. "No, dear sir. It is us who thank you-"

Obi-Wan grunted, and beckoned to Fori, who was still laughing. "Come, I wish to speak with you." Fori, still chuckling, sprinted forward and walked out with Obi-Wan.

Anakin watched them go, and then turned to his children. "It's almost diner at home. Why don't you get your stuff, and meet me at the speeder? I'll catch up in a few minutes." Luke and Leia nodded. "All right, get going then." The raced off, struggling for the lead. Anakin turned to look at DaiNoin, the only being still in the room. Anakin walked out, thinking DaiNoin'll follow.

He was right. Not five seconds later, quick footsteps were heard, and DaiNoin came to his side. Anakin didn't speak for some time, waiting to see what she would do. Anakin reached out to the Force, and it came eagerly, surrounding him. He nudged DaiNoin, and sensed her impatience. And, he also noticed, her presence was strong.

He almost spoke, but he decided to let her speak first; he wanted to see how long her patience would last.

It didn't take long. Only five minutes had passed before she spoke. "Did you really want to speak to me?"

Anakin admired her bravery, not many younglings he knew would stand up to a Jedi higher than their rank. "Not really, no."

"Oh." Her face fell, but she didn't slow her pace, nor argue. DaiNoin was impressing Anakin more and more. He played with the idea of taking her as a padawan. He liked the idea, but was cautious of what he saw. But then, he had that vision of himself turning, and he didn't so maybe….? Anakin mentally shrugged. He would think about it later.

"I'm sorry," Anakin said, stopping. DaiNoin stopped too, and looked him in the eye. The stared at each other a long time, not speaking. They felt the Force flicker between them, nudging them in every direction, telling them that their destinies were involved with each other.

Finally, DaiNoin looked away, speaking. "I wouldn't turn, Master Skywalker. I don't think I could. I don't think I would," she said softly. She looked back up. "You felt the Force; you know it's urging you. Urging us."

She didn't beg, didn't plead. Only stated the facts. Still, Anakin was hesitant. He walked away, leaving a stricken padawan in his wake. "Tomorrow. I'll speak with you tomorrow."

"Yes, Master Skywalker." Her face fell, and she walked in the opposite direction, towards the dining hall. She had a bad feeling that Anakin wouldn't take her as his padawan.


Obi-Wan walked alongside Fori, listening to the boys' talk on machines. "I don't know much but-"Fori stopped and looked at Obi-Wan. "Are you even listening?"

Obi-Wan stopped. "Yes. Why?"

"Well, not everyone does. They get bored easily. I think I talk about machines and whatnot too much," Fori replied.

Obi-Wan smiled gently. "I don't think you do."

Foris' face lit up with happiness. "Thank you Master Kenobi."

Obi-Wan bent down to look Fori in the eye. "I would prefer, if you would only call me 'master'." He held out his hands. "Fori Del, if you agree, I take you as my Padawan learner."

Fori hesitated. "But, what about-"

"Eliza is going to get another master."

Fori grinned broadly. "Then I gladly accept. Master." He leaped into Obi-Wans' arms, hugging tightly. "Thank you," he whispered.

Obi-Wan smiled. "You're welcome."

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