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Dedicated to Josiy, because she's a special lady. 8D

Prompt: 2 a.m.

Wings, feathers, gentle fingers, and soft lips - these were the only things that Dean can think about.

He groans loudly as those lips latch on to his neck in a sucking bite, teeth and flesh meshing together in a beautiful mixture of pain and pleasure, and Dean just knows that he's going to have a serious hickey there tomorrow - exactly when did Cas get so good at this whole pleasure thing anyways, he wonders.

Cas' body crawls up and down his with a measured grace, and gentle hands, slightly calloused, slip beneath his dirty tee. Dean feels like he's in Heaven - except, you know, minus the dick angels - and if the whole world came crashing down on them right this instant and demons came rushing through the door, Dean doesn't think he'd really be inclined to give a damn as long as Cas was there doing that incredible thing with his mouth.

It's 2 a.m. in a motel room somewhere in Massachusetts, and Dean doesn't want to be anywhere else.