E/O Challenge drabble - word = Jaw

Just a little brotherly conversation that could have taken place any time....

T rating for one swear word


"Man, the bible is full of some serious mixed-up shit," Dean announced, slamming the lid of his laptop shut.

"And they say our family's dysfunctional! Joseph's brothers throw him down a well, Cain kills Abel with the jaw-bone of an ass…"

"That was Samson," Sam interrupted his brother's rant.


"The jaw-bone of the ass was Samson, not Cain."

"Samson killed his brother too?"

Sam looked up from his research in exasperation.

"No, he killed his enemies….don't think he had a brother."

"A big hairy dude called Sam killing bad-guys with a bone. Cool."

Pause – "Who's that remind you of?"