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Extra note: Contrary to this chapter, L and Light are not a couple. This chapter takes place while they are still chained together.

Now, without further ado and enough rambling, I give you…

Tears In The Cradle

By Pain's Disciple

Chapter One: One Night Together




The sound of the rain beating against the window was in rhythm with the teen's heart beat that night. He was uneasy, nervous and a little bit scared. Ryuzaki barely brushed his lips against the teen, giving him every chance to push him away and put a stop to this, but Light, seventeen year old Light, wanted it more than anything. He wanted the older man. He needed him for so long.

His admiration for his lifetime idol had grown into much more than a crush. Light was feeling a raw burning in his chest every time Ryuzaki would speak to him, every time he laid eyes on him, every time they accidentally brushed hands together. And now here they were: laying on Ryuzaki's bed, Light underneath the older man, and both knowing that Watari could see it all from the security cameras and neither caring.

The handcuffs had been removed. Ryuzaki had used the key to unlock and slide them off of the teen's wrist along with his own, uncarnig for the first time as the chain fell to the floor with a rattling clink.

Instead of pushing him away as he knew he should do, Light allowed entirely free fingers to brush at the collar of Ryuzaki's shirt, tilting his head and parting his lips. The boy's warm tongue darting out to brush over the man's lower lip.

Ryuzaki returned the gesture, trailing the tip of his tongue along Light's lips, dipping it inside to taste and tease as it dragged along Light's tongue. Then breaking away from the boy's mouth, he trailed a slow line of kisses and licks down Light's throat, intrigued at the mewling noises he coaxed from the boy as he gently bit at the pulse point before continuing.

He shifted slightly, pressing a bit of his weight on to Light as his hand drifted under the boy's loose shirt, nimble fingers delighting in the shift and play of muscles as they explored. His fingers closed gently on one sensitive bud and he heard a gasp and felt hands flexing on his collar.

One hand trailed into Ryuzaki's hair to encourage him as he continued to trail kisses back to Light's lips, the other drifting down and starting to unbutton the older man's shirt, darting teasingly across each new bit of skin that was exposed as they continued as far as they could reach down the line of buttons.

When Light had Ryuzaki's shirt open and started to push it from his shoulder, Ryuzaki shifted, pulling it off and tossing it to the floor.

Returning to kiss Raito, he balanced carefully on his knees so he could use both hands, running them up Light's sides, trimmed nails barely scraping, bringing a gasp and a moan from the teenager. He pulled the shirt up and over Light's head, tossing it to the floor to lie with his own before kissing him again with something almost like desperation, twining their fingers together above their heads, pinning their hands to the bed.

Ryuzaki brought one leg up, laying it between Light's thighs as he shifted his weight, settling his hips against the boy who moaned softly, feeling his own erection growing harder.

Ryuzaki suddenly broke the heated kiss, dropping his head next to the teen's ear and struggled to catch his breath. Light lay beneath Ryuzaki, his hands still twined with Ryuzaki's above his head, the weight of the other man heavenly where it pressed against him. He lay still for a moment, feeling Ryuzaki's harsh breath on his ear and fought the urge to thrust his hips against the man where they were pressed together. He could feel Ryuzaki's erection digging into his hip, he could tell he wanted him, and he did not understand why Ryuzaki had stopped.

Light began to wonder if he were wrong, that it wasn't him Ryuzaki wanted, that this was nothing more than a reaction to a warm body so close after a long period of loneliness. He swallowed past the sudden lump in his throat and tried to take a deep breath, cutting it short as it pressed bare skin closer together and Light had to stifle a moan. "R - Ryuzaki?" He whispered, angry with himself at weak and almost childlike he sounded. "Light. I want you. But - but if you want me to stop, I will."

The older man's husky, sex starved voice in his ear was harsh and sounded choked. Light lay still for a moment longer, and then shifted his hips up, rubbing his erection against Ryuzaki's hip as he flexed his hands against Ryuzaki's and moaned.

"No, please... Don't stop. I want this, I want you, Ryuzaki, please."

The last words were almost screamed as Ryuzaki turned his head, teeth, tongue and lips immediately resuming their exploration of Light's throat as he ground his hips against Light.

He moved quickly down Light's throat to nibble at his collarbone before seizing one taut nipple between his lips, teasing it with his tongue and thoroughly enjoying the way Light writhed and moaned helpless under his control.

Finally releasing their hands, he trailed his fingers down Light's strong, tanned arms. He gently scraped his nails down Light's rising chest, then allowing them to dig lightly into the ribs, before his hands settled at the boy's hips, one hand reaching for Light's belt, dipping down to brush teasingly at the trapped erection while he worked the belt loose and started on the button of Light's loose pants.

Ryuzaki's fingers lowered the zipper and he slowly pushed the black pants and boxers down Light's almost too-thin hips and legs, then letting Light push them off the rest of the way with his feet as Ryuzaki trailed his mouth and hands from Light's chest in a meandering, wandering line downward. Ryuzaki felt hands in his hair and reached up with one hand to gently grasp Light's wrists one at a time, guiding his hands up and away. He continued to kiss his way down Light's body, pointedly ignoring the straining erection in front of him and Light's moaning pleas.

Settling on his knees between Light's legs, he nudged them further apart, guiding his knees up and out, nearly moaning aloud himself at the sight of Light spread open for him, erection bouncing lightly with his heartbeat, head thrown back as he thrust up with his hips, trying to encourage Ryuzaki again to touch him.

Ryuzaki smiled, completely unaware of how evil the expression looked as he leaned forward, bringing his lips to Light's knee and slowly following the line of his inner thigh, leaving a line of cold wetness from his tongue. Light moaned his name and he swore if it weren't for the deep breath he took and held for a moment, he would have came right there. Ryuzaki took a deep breath and quickly leaned over to open the drawer in the nightstand, quickly taking out the small tube of clear gel he kept there, dropping it to the side on the bed before returning to Light. One hand working the button and zip of his baggy jeans, he let the other trail down the inside of Light's thigh while his mouth wandered down the other leg.

He watched Light buck his hips upward again, keeping his hands fisted in the sheets at his sides, pleading for Ryuzaki to touch him.

"Please." The boy panted as he finally released the tension in his throat enough to speak. "Please, Ryu-Ryuzaki."

Ignoring the beautiful, seductive teen begging for him and working his pants and boxers down with one hand wasn't an easy task, but Ryuzaki managed, getting them down just far enough to be out of the way before turning his head and taking Light's cock in his mouth all at once, nearly gagging as Light suddenly thrust up into his mouth, screaming. He settled his hands on Light's hips, forcing them to stay pressed against the bed as he worked his mouth over Light, wanting him close to the edge. Ryuzaki could feel himself rock hard and thrusting mindlessly at the air, and he needed Light to be just as close as he was, since he doubted he'd last long at all. He'd seen to his own needs, of course, but fucking his own hand and thrusting into a warm, willing body were two completely different things.

Hearing a change in the pitch of Light's moans, he pulled back, removing his mouth from Light and quickly grabbing the tube of gel. He spread the gel on his own cock and positioned himself at Light's entrance, taking a deep breath and holding it as he began to slowly press inside, praying for just enough control to hold off his release until he was fully sheathed. Light had been at the edge, ready to plunge off into orgasm when Ryuzaki pulled back and he whimpered, struggling to open his eyes and raise his head, wanting to know why in creation Ryuzaki had stopped. He gasped as he felt something large and hard pressing into him and closed his eyes tightly, throwing his head back.

He wasn't used to this, and the sensation of being filled this way was different. There was a bit of pain, but as Ryuzaki paused, Light found himself feeling frustrated. He could handle a little pain, since what was replacing it was so much better. He lifted his legs, twining them around Ryuzaki's hips and shifting his own hips, pulling Ryuzaki further inside him with a deep, low moan leaving his lips as Ryuzaki slid in to the hilt. Ryuzaki buried his head for a moment in the crook of Light's neck, just below his ear, breathing deep and trying to control the urge to thrust, fast and deep and send them both over the edge in just a few seconds. He pressed a kiss to Light's naked throat as he slowly pulled out, then thrust slowly back in, angling his hips to hit the spot that would make Light scream for him. The sound that greeted his ears nearly broke his control and he lifted himself carefully on one arm, balance precarious as he reached between their bodies and began to pump Light's cock with the rhythm of his thrusts.

A few more seconds were all it took, and as Light threw his head back and screamed, his cock spewing white streams across his stomach and his walls tightening, Ryuzaki had all he could take and collapsed on top of Light, shouting his own release into the curve of Light's neck beneath him. After a few minutes, Ryuzaki shifted, freeing his legs from his jeans and boxers which hadn't made it past his knees before. Then lying next to Light and pulling the trembling teen close, he wrapped his sweaty, slick arms around the boy's frame and pressed a kiss to the top of Light's warm forehead.

Light didn't speak a word, only snuggled closer. Ryuzaki felt the goose pimples break out across Light's back and pulled the edge of the bedspread over them both. He closed his eyes as he felt the teen sigh softly on his skin. When he felt Light's rising and falling chest slip into a calm rhythmic pattern, he bent over the side of the bed picking up the discarded chain, and snapping it back onto Light's wrist, deciding that later would be soon enough for all his apologies.

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